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Pakistan - Hatred material spoiling schoolchildren

Pakistan - DPC warns govt against reopening NATO supply routes

Security forces killed a leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Baluchistan during a raid in Karachi. The Taliban launched rocket attacks on an army base and a school in North Waziristan.

Thaw in Pak-Afghan ties: Bilateral Taliban negotiation strategy to be revived

Haqqanis part of Taliban: Mullah Sangeen

Despite Possible 'Reset,' Pakistan Keeps Afghan Border Closed To NATO

No comment on Mullah Omar's claim: US

Karachi's new terrorist groups

Pakistan's Slow-Motion Coup

Taliban prisoner release: a premature, dangerously naive move

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan executed 15 Frontier Corps soldiers who were captured late last month in Tank, and freed 17 hostages who crossed the border from Afghanistan. Security forces arrested a Taliban commander and three fighters who are accused of conducting attacks in Karachi.

F-16 supply to Pakistan to continue, says US

50% drop in drone strikes as Pak-US ties plunge

Afghan Leader, Karzai, Warily Accepts US-Taliban Talks

Pakistani Taliban execute 15 Frontier Constabulary personnel

The 15 troops were captured on Dec. 22 after the Taliban overran a fort in Tank. The execution was carried out to avenge the death of a senior Taliban leader who was killed in Khyber last weekend.

Pakistan - Army's militant rehabilitation programme hits snags: PIPS report

Finland to close embassy in Pakistan

White House denies deal to release Taliban leaders

Are the top 2 Pakistani Taliban leaders 'at each other's throats'?

Taliban U-turn : Will keep attacking Pak