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The foreign minister said relations with the US are "on hold" as Pakistan reevaluates the relationship. The foreign ministry's spokesman said ties with the US will be restored soon. Pakistan snubbed the US's special envoy to the region by refusing him a visit.

Pakistan to re-open NATO route, Taliban talks falter

Exclusive: Pakistan-US ties on hold for "re-evaluation"

Reporter Dies in Pakistan, and Taliban Warn Others

From US boarding school to al-Qaida suicide bomber

JuD promises Imran Khan treat at Difa-e-Pakistan convention

Pakistan - Tribesmen fire at US drones

Mukarram Khan, Saleem Shahzad...who's next?

Air Force Finds Mixed Motives in Kabul Attack

Pakistan delays US envoy Marc Grossman's visit

Hakeemullah Mehsud: dead, or alive?

After Years of Decline, Polio Cases in Afghanistan Triple in a Year

Algerian court sentences ex-Gitmo detainee to 3 years in prison

abdelaziz-Naji.jpgAn Algerian court sentenced Nadji Abdelaziz, a former Guantanamo detainee, to three years in prison on Monday. Abdelaziz served both Lashkar-e-Taiba and al Qaeda, according to memos prepared by Joint Task Force-Guantanamo.

As US-Pakistani relations sink, nations try to figure out 'a new normal'

Pakistan - No talks underway with terrorists: Inspector General of Frontier Corps

Pakistan Supreme Court starts down the road toward a constitutional coup

Afghan War Reflects Changes in Air War

Hakeemullah Mehsud rumored killed in recent drone strike

Hakeemullah-Mehsud-3-thumb.jpgThe report is unconfirmed. Pakistani officials said radio chatter among Taliban fighters indicates he is dead.

Taliban sincere about talks with US: Zaeef

Pakistan - New terms likely for NATO supplies