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Pakistani aircraft killed 20 Taliban fighters in Arakzai. A package containing anthrax was delivered to the home of Prime Minister Gilani. Foreign Minister Khar dismissed a leaked NATO report that said Pakistan aids the Taliban as "old wine."

NATO report implies Pakistan's ISI supports al Qaeda as well

NATO Plays Down Report of Collaboration Between Taliban and Pakistan

Afghan Taliban deny they're ready to talk peace

Video: Pakistani Taliban execute 15 Frontier Constabulary personnel

Warning: The video of the Pakistani Taliban executing the 15 Frontier Constabulary personnel who were captured late last year is extremely graphic.

Pakistan condemns NATO leak on Taliban support

Taliban "poised to retake Afghanistan" after NATO

Bolstering Afghan Supply Line, US Waives Ban on Aid to a Neighbor

US Confirms Possible Taliban Gitmo Release

Shocking! Pakistan supports the Taliban, NATO says

Ten Pakistani soldiers and 25 Taliban fighters were killed during fighting in Kurram. President Obama admitted the US is conducting drone strikes in Pakistan, and said that civilian casualties are low.

Barack Obama confirms unmanned drone programme

Saudi Arabia cautious on possible Afghan talks

Lashakr al Zil strong in Afghanistan-Pakistan border region

Pakistan - K-P jails now army detention centres for militants

India - Jailed Pak terror suspect too 'pricey' for Vizag cops

Afghan Officials Consider Separate Talks With Taliban

Civilian Deaths Due to Drones Are Few, Obama Says

A suicide bomber killed an Ansar-ul-Islam leader and three others in Peshawar. Police said they killed the Taliban's leader for Dera Ismail Khan. One security official was killed in an IED attack in Tank.

Pakistan - Report on journalist's killing ignored ISI despite 'strong indications'