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Hafiz Saeed to protest against US drone attacks in Islamabad today despite ban

Pakistan: Khar to seek UK help against drone raids

Pakistani Taliban Turn to Kidnapping to Finance Operations

Pakistan - Despite ban, JuD, ASWJ chiefs reach Rawalpindi for rally

Afghan peace: Taliban willing to talk are killed or arrested, says Karzai

Stumbling Afghan peace talks need re-think: advisor

Thirty-four Taliban fighters, four soldiers, and four militiamen were killed during fighting in Khyber and Arakzai. The death toll in Friday's suicide attack in Kurram has risen to 39. Police said they arrested the "mastermind" of the March 2011 suicide attack on the ISI headquarters in Faisalabad.

Talks With Taliban Without Afghan Input Would Fail, Former Spy Chief Says

NATO mistakes strengthen Taliban: Karzai

Pakistan - Parachinar bombing exposes TTI-TTP peace accord

Pakistan - Torkham gate closure irks traders, labourers

Aghan army resorts to tough measures to combat Taliban infiltration

A Taliban suicide bomber killed 21 Shia at a market in Kurram. Five Taliban fighters and three soldiers were killed during fighting in Khyber.

Pakistan won't support US attack on Iran: Zardari

Hamid Karzai confronts Pakistan leadership

Pakistan: Security forces open fire on crowd protesting suicide bomb in Parachinar

Afghan Girls Are Penalized for Elders' Misdeeds

'Good Taliban' leader Fazal Saeed Haqqani kills 39 civilians in Kurram suicide attack

Bin Laden in Abbottabad: Commission struggling in pinning blame

US express concern over Hafiz Saeed's public appearances