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Al Qaeda releases photos of slain Khorasan commanders

AQ_Khorasan550.jpgA jihadist media outlet has released previously unseen photographs of slain top al Qaeda leaders Abu Laith al Libi, Abdullah Said al Libi, and Abu Abdullah al Shami.

Afghan intelligence captures 3 members of northern assassination cell

The Taliban cell is led by a commander known as Qari Abdul Rahim, who is based in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. The group is linked to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

Pakistan Tries to Take Part in Afghan Negotiations: Afghan Senators

US Sending General to Repair Ties With Pakistan

Abu Musab al Suri released from Syrian custody: report

abu-musab-al-suri.jpgA statement at a prominent jihadist forum claimed that al Qaeda strategist, military trainer, and ideologue Abu Musab al Suri has been freed from Syrian custody. The report has not been confirmed.

US Drone Strikes Are Said to Target Rescuers

US to elevate Special Operations forces' role in Afghanistan

The Taliban on al Qaeda, 1996-97

Military comeback a distant dream for Afghan Taliban

The Taliban killed a Pakistani soldier in an IED attack in Kurram. Police arrested a Taliban commander and three fighters in Karachi, and 18 suspected militants in Khyber.

US mulls citizenship for bin Laden informer

Pakistan - Bill seeks to 'rein in' intelligence agencies

Al Qaeda operative killed during clashes in Kurram identified

Aslamov-Zaur.jpgAslanov Zaur, an Azeri national and al Qaeda commander, was killed during Pakistani airstrikes in Kurram last week. He likely entered Pakistan with the aid of al Qaeda's support network in Iran.

Afghan Troops Should Not Enter Pakistan: Petraeus

Pakistan PM to Meet Qataris on Taliban Office

Afghanistan: 'This terrible war could have ended in a month'

Seven Pakistani soldiers and 18 Taliban fighters were killed during clashes in Kurrram; seven soldiers are said to be missing. The Taliban killed three people in a suicide attack on a tribal leader in Peshawar and bombed a girls' school in Dera Ismail Khan.

US asks citizens to avoid gatherings in Pakistan

Taliban, Al-Qaeda Sanctuaries in Pakistan: Afghan government spokesman

Pakistan was Aware of US-Taliban Talks, Pakistani Analyst Says