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Suicide bombers sold for Rs2m, says Pakistani minister

US General Says Closure Of Pakistan Supply Routes Complicates Afghan Pullout

Afghanistan - Bracing for mass evictions from Pakistan

Majid Khan Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Plots in Military Court

Key Al-Qaida Witness: Hamburg Islamist to Stand Trial in Germany

Foiled Delhi blast: Homegrown jihadis Lashkar's latest weapon

A court acquitted Lal Masjid cleric Maulana Abdullah Aziz of two counts of treason for supporting the Taliban in South Waziristan and inciting against the military. The Lashkar-e-Islam killed a woman and a child in a bombing in Khyber. NATO aircraft reportedly violated Pakistani airspace over South Waziristan.

Taliban claim CIA 'fabricated' truce letter from Mullah Omar

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan issued a formal denial of a letter calling for a ceasefire that was purportedly signed by Mullah Omar. Instead, the Taliban vowed to "intensify its operations against the Americans, their allies and their despicable internal supporters and [to] continue unabatedly with its sacred Jihad."

Jundallah kills 18 Shia travelers in northern Pakistan

The Pakistani terror group is closely tied to al Qaeda and the Taliban, and has attacked Shia worshipers in Pakistani mosques in the past.

"Gunmen" opened fire on a bus in Kohistan, killing 18 Shia passengers. Four Pakistani soldiers and 10 Taliban fighters were killed during a clash in South Waziristan.

'SalamWorld' to be Facebook for Muslims -- but much cleaner

Wikileaks: Pakistan army officials 'knew of Bin Laden house'

Analysis: Somali reform rush may be militant lifeline

Stratfor: Osama bin Laden 'was in routine contact with Pakistan's spy agency'

Britain begins preparations for Afghanistan withdrawal

OBL was in contact with members of Pakistan's spy agency: Report

The Taliban killed seven people in a car bombing in Nowshera and rocketed a police outpost in Peshawar. Helicopter gunships killed six Lashkar-e-Islam fighters in Khyber. An "al Qaeda hitman" may be released from prison after witnesses withdrew their testimonies.

Taliban suicide bomber kills 9 at Jalalabad Airfield

The Taliban claimed credit for the suicide attack that killed six Afghan civilians, two security guards, and a soldier.

Pakistan - Paradigm shift: In political vacuum, JI stands at crossroads

US Army officers killed by Afghan policeman linked to Pakistani madrassa