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Pakistan - Pakistan wants civil nuclear technology: Gilani

India concerned over security of Pakistan's nuclear programme

Pakistani Taliban forcing Nuristan residents from homes

Taliban warn Pakistan lawmakers over NATO supplies

Taliban threaten Pakistani parliamentarians over possible reopening of NATO supply routes

NATO's supply routes through Afghanistan have been closed for four months, and the Taliban want to keep it that way.

Seven Pakistani soldiers and 22 Taliban fighters were killed during clashes in South Waziristan and Arakzai. The US said it would not discipline soldiers involved in the cross-border clash in Mohmand that resulted in the deaths of 24 Pakistani troops.

US Plans No Disciplinary Charges in Strike That Killed 24 Pakistanis

French fighters training in North Waziristan

Resurgence of Afghan Taliban not in Pakistan's interest: US general

US withdrawal from Afghanistan; Pakistan wants closer ties with Tajikistan

A suicide bomber killed five people at a Lashkar-e-Islam mosque in Khyber. The Taliban killed four soldiers and captured four more in an attack on a checkpoint in the Shirani district in Baluchistan province. The Taliban also killed a Frontier Corps trooper and his 10-year-old son in a bombing at a base in North Waziristan.

Pakistan - Tackling militancy: Plans for grand peace militia run aground

Pakistan - 'We hate NATO forces': JuD, JI protest potential reopening of supply routes

ISI still aiding rebels: Gen. Allen

Taliban suicide bomber targets Lashkar-e-Islam mosque, kills 5

The attack is the second suicide bombing at a Lashkar-e-Islam mosque in Khyber's Tirah Valley this month.

Neighboring Countries Scramble To Be NATO's Exit Route From Afghanistan

The name's Vinod, Agent Vinod: Pakistan bans Bollywood's James Bond

Mohammed Merah dead: Toulouse Al Qaeda fanatic had sick video of himself executing victims

Pakistan - 943 women 'killed for honour' in 2011: HRCP

US will respect Pakistan parliament's decision: Munter