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The Taliban killed a child in a bombing in Peshawar. China said that fighters from the East Turkestan Islamic Movement continue to train in Pakistani terror camps.

Top Qaeda operative Ilyas Kashmiri still alive

Pakistani Taliban deputy Faqir Mohammad demoted

Faqir claims he was not notified of his dismissal and said the Taliban have supported negotiations with the government.

Ousted deputy leader of Pakistan Taliban favors talks with govt

Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable Hatf missile

The Afghan Response to the 2012 Koran Burning Incident

Pakistan Asks Taliban to Negotiate with Afghan Government

US-Afghan Talks Falter on Detainee Transfer

Terror's new weapon: Capsule bomb

Pakistan - Emboldened Taliban

A suicide bomber in Charsadda killed a policeman and a woman in an attack that targeted the former interior minister. Foreign Minister Khar said Pakistan has abandoned the concept of strategic depth.

Benazir Bhutto murder case: Another witness points toward Baitullah Mehsud

Taliban 'offer every assistance' to al Qaeda, says terrorist leader

Pakistan Builds Web Wall Out in the Open

Pakistan - Mysterious backlash: Team asked to investigate missing containers finds their names in FIR

Pakistan - Police bar Ahmadis from entering worship centre

Fifty-five Pakistanis, including 10 soldiers were killed in fighting and a suicide attack in Khyber. The Taliban killed an intelligence officer and a Chinese woman in Peshawar.

55 Pakistanis killed in violence in Khyber

A suicide bomber killed 22 people outside a mosque, while 10 Pakistani soldiers and 23 Lashkar-e-Islam fighters were killed in a clash at a military checkpoint.

Osama bin Laden hid terror codes in two copies of the Bible

Pakistan - Minorities voice concern for their rights