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Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat banned in Pakistan: Report

US Predators killed 13 "militants" in a strike in South Waziristan. The Taliban killed seven Pakistani soldiers in North Waziristan and a tribal militia leader in Arakzai, and threatened the military and government if Osama bin Laden's widows are not freed from prison. Prime Minister Gilani named the new chief of the ISI.

IDF kills head of Popular Resistance Committee in Gaza strike

Pakistani School Takes Hands-Off Approach To Combating Extremism

Pakistan names new spymaster

In secret deal, ISI allows US drone war to resume

Hostage tragedy: Nigeria is in danger of turning into a blood-soaked African Pakistan

No plan for anti-drug raids in Afghanistan: Russia

Osama bin Laden's '2004 house in Pakistan' back on the market

Taliban demand release of bin Laden's wives, kill 7 Pakistani troops

"We will carry out suicide bombings against security forces and the government across the country," a Taliban spokesman said. The Taliban also threatened two female Pakistani activists who have worked for the well-being of women and children in Pakistan.

US drones kill at least 13 in South Waziristan strike

Today's strike is the first in Pakistan's tribal areas in 14 days, and just the eighth this year.

Bin Laden widows charged for illegal stay in Pakistan: Malik

Drone strikes are attack on Pakistan's sovereignty: Gilani

Pakistan - Taliban in talks to end 'serious differences'

Afghanistan - Mafia groups threaten trade with Pakistan: ACCI

Afghan Air Force Probed in Drug Running

ISAF captures 2 IMU leaders in northeastern Afghanistan

The two Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leaders are responsible for suicide attacks in northern Afghanistan.

Pakistan possesses up to 110 nuclear weapons, report says

Bigger plot: 'HuT has formed a shadow govt for Pakistan'

The Taliban killed a child in a bombing in Peshawar. China said that fighters from the East Turkestan Islamic Movement continue to train in Pakistani terror camps.