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The Taliban assaulted a prison in Bannu and freed nearly 400 inmates, including Adnan Rasheed, who was involved with an assassination attempt of president Pervez Musharraf. Two soldiers were wounded in a suicide attack in South Waziristan.

Pakistan - DPC vows to stand firm against resumption of NATO supplies

Taliban launch coordinated attacks in Kabul and 3 provinces

Suicide bombers and assault teams struck in the capital and in Nangarhar, Paktia, and Logar.

Pakistani Taliban assault prison, free nearly 400 inmates

Among those freed is a former Pakistani Air Force member who was associated with Amjad Farooqi, the Pakistani jihadi who attempted to assassinate Pervez Musharraf at the behest of al Qaeda.

Militants attack Pakistan jail, over 300 escape: police

Death rains on Shias in Quetta

Pakistan - Creation of Seraiki province

Pakistan - Weapon infiltration: Alert sounded on mobile phone guns

Afghan government names son of slain ex-leader as Peace Council head

Al Qaeda battles to create safe haven in Yemen

US officials: Drone strikes will go on in Pakistan

Over 181,000 have fled recent NW Pakistan fighting: UNHCR

Revisiting foreign policy: US ready to talk - but end to drone strikes unlikely

Action against militants urged, 'India amenable to Kashmir talks'

Pakistan calls for end to US drone attacks

Pakistan: Forced conversions spark anger

Pakistan Demands an End to CIA Drone Strikes

Afghanistan - NDS Quashes Rumours it Accused Local Media of Pakistan, Iran Ties

Turkmenistan Will Deliver Gas to Afghanistan for 30 Years

IMU facilitator killed during night raid in Afghan north

Ammar Sahib, an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan facilitator, was in Afghan custody in 2006 for murdering two members of a Provincial Reconstruction Team and two civilians, but spent only six months in jail before being released.