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US sanctions seen as warning to nations backing cyberattacks

South Korea: North Korea has cyber army of 6,000

Countering Cyberattacks Without a Playbook

US firm finds malware targeting visitors to Afghan government websites

Hamas and North Korea in secret arms deal

Christians persecuted at alarming rate in Iran, Arab world, US report says

North Korea believed to be readying new nuclear tests

Port dubbed 'Cathedral of the Mafia' to host transfer of Syria chemical weapons

As search for Malaysian plane continues, the Pentagon showcases presence in the Pacific

North Korea denies role in tanker loaded with crude at rebel-held Libya port

Panama to release most of crew of North Korean ship

Nuclear Materials Report Shows Better Safekeeping

North Korea denied supplying war equipment or pilots to its ally Syria to aid the Assad regime. Various foreign media reports over the past few months have alleged that North Korea has sent helicopter pilots and military advisers as well as gas masks and small arms to the war-torn country.

No Morsel Too Minuscule for All-Consuming NSA

The Long Road to Cybersecurity

Panama: Weapons in N Korean ship are operational

North Korea said it had stepped up attack readiness and warned of "disastrous consequences" after the US moved a group of ships into a South Korean port in a routine exercise. South Korean intelligence confirmed that North Korea has restarted its Yongbyon nuclear reactor to produce both plutonium and enriched uranium.

The Yongbyon nuclear complex, which was shut down in 2007, appears to have started up again, according to a US research institute. In the past, North Korea has used the reactor to produce enough plutonium for as many as 12 atomic bombs.

Panama Canal Authority fines detained North Korea ship smuggling Cuban arms

Netanyahu Is Said to View Iran Deal as a Possible Trap