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Nigeria Boko Haram attack causes over 15,000 to flee

Nigeria's free-wheeling media fears crackdown over Boko Haram battle

Boko Haram kills more than 100 in Nigerian town: activist

France's Hollande warns of Islamist threat in West Africa

Suspected Boko Haram gunmen attacked and burned the town of Damboa in Borno state, killing "scores" of residents. The military had left Damboa unprotected after a July 6 Boko Haram attack on a police station and army camp in the town. Witnesses said a Christian clergyman who was shot during a Boko Haram attack in the Borno village of Dille on July 14 was butchered by the attackers, and his wife and children are missing. Gunmen tried to kill National Conference delegate Jeremiah Useni in Plateau state.

Suspected Boko Haram militants killed over 27 people in Sabon Gari in Borno state. Police arrested Mohammed Zakari, 30, a top Boko Haram operative and self-professed "chief butcher," along with other insurgents fleeing counterterrorism operations in Balmo forest in Bauchi state. Aminu Ogwuche, a key planner of the Boko Haram the bombing at Nyanya, was extradited from Sudan; born in the UK, Ogwuche had served in Nigerian military intelligence before deserting in 2006. President Jonathan is seeking a $1 billion loan to upgrade military equipment for the battle against Boko Haram. The Adamawa state assembly impeached former governor Murtala Nyako for gross misconduct.

Boko Haram leader fires back at Twitter campaign

In a new video claiming responsibility for recent attacks, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau mocked the campaign to bring the kidnapped girls back, while threatening local leaders and calling for the release of Boko Haram members currently held in Nigerian prisons. A Nigerian military airstrike attempted to counter the latest Boko Haram attack in Borno state.

Police announced the discovery of a Boko Haram plot to bomb motor parks in Abuja, the capital city. Boko Haram issued a video taking credit for recent bombings in Lagos that the government had blamed on gas leaks, mocking attempts to rescue the kidnapped schoolgirls, and stating support for the leaders of the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and the Taliban. Education activist Malala Yousafzai plans to visit Nigeria to campaign for the release of the kidnapped schoolgirls. Boko Haram bombers destroyed an important bridge on the MaiduguĀ­ri-Damboa-Biu Road in northern Nigeria. Information Minister Maku noted that over the past two years terror attacks appear to have been timed to detract from positive news about the Jonathan administration.

Recent attacks on more than seven villages in Kaduna state by suspected "Fulani herdsmen" have killed at least 160 people and displaced over 24,000. The military claimed that during "mopping up operations" in Balmo forest it has discovered underground Boko Haram armories containing weapons, explosives, and military uniforms.

The government has begun investigating links between several politicians and terrorist activities in the Balmo forest in Bauchi and Jigawa states, where security forces conducted a clearing operation over the weekend. Two former military heads of state met with President Jonathan and Adamawa governor Murtala Nyako and in an effort to stave off impeachment proceedings against Nyako, who has refused to recant the accusation that the government is conducting genocide in northern Nigeria and using the military campaign against Boko Haram to kill northerners.

More than 60 Nigerian schoolgirls escape Boko Haram abductors

Some 200 heavily armed Boko Haram heavily gunmen stormed Damboa in Borno state yesterday, killing at least 12 soldiers, four policemen, and four civilians, and destroying the police headquarters as well as homes and shops. Security forces and aircraft responded to the attack, reportedly killing 50 terrorists. Boko Haram also carried out a suicide car bombing in Konduga in Borno yesterday, killing five members of a youth vigilante committee, and killed over 15 travelers in an ambush on the Maiduguri-Dikwa road. Following a botched suicide bombing by a female bomber in Gombe, authorities arrested three more suspected female Boko Haram members, including Hafsat Bako, who allegedly led a recruitment and espionage cell. A security source claimed that 486 recently arrested alleged members of Boko Haram, who have reportedly been quietly released, were northerners enticed by the All Progressives Congress to move to the south for voting purposes.

A suicide car bombing in Maiduguri in Borno killed over 50 people, including 16 vigilante youth, and wounded 68 others. A bombing in Asikolaye in Kaduna wounded two people and damaged shops and cars. Boko Haram fighters yesterday stormed the Borno village of Shani, bombing and torching the police station, homes, and shops. A member of the National Conference was warned that militants are planning a big attack in Abuja in the next day or so. Special forces arrested businessman Babuji Ya'ari, said to be a leader of the Civilian JTF vigilante group, who is suspected of serving as a spy chief for Boko Haram and involvement in attacks, murders, and the kidnapping of the Chibok schoolgirls. Two women were also arrested, including one who reportedly helped coordinate payment of Boko Haram salaries and another who served as an armorer; other members of the spy cell are said to be still at large.

How Boko Haram is beating US efforts to choke its financing

Boko Haram targets Christians in northeastern Nigeria

Over the weekend, Boko Haram launched several attacks on Christian communities in Borno state.

Boko Haram militants armed with explosives and guns attacked several churches in Borno state near Chibok, slaughtering "dozens" of men, women, and children, and burning at least three churches to the ground. The governor of Lagos state urged vigilance following a recent car bombing in Apapa. A witness to the June 27 bombing at a Bauchi hotel said the attackers wore military uniforms. A Bayelsa state commissioner said kidnappers who abducted his elderly mother as she returned from a church vigil have threatened to cut off her head. Raiding "Fulani" militiamen in Kaduna state have killed over 200 people and ransacked and razed a number of villages over the past week.

Goodluck Jonathan: Nothing is more important than bringing home Nigeria's missing girls

Suspected Boko Haram gunmen in military uniforms attacked a hotel in Bauchi's red light district last night, killing 14 people and injuring 28 more; one suspect was arrested. Police discovered 13 IEDs in a car parked in front of a mosque in Kano. President Jonathan admitted that the Boko Haram insurgency has curtailed his travels in the country.

The Nigerian city living in fear of Boko Haram

Living in 'total fear' of Boko Haram in Cameroon's north