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Despite yesterday's bombing and the kidnapping of 60 additional women and girls by Boko Haram on Oct. 22, an official with Chad's foreign ministry has asserted that the deal between the terrorist group and the government of Nigeria to free the 219 girls kidnapped in April will go forward.

Despite a reported ceasefire brokered between the Nigerian government and Boko Haram that would include the release of 219 school girls kidnapped in April by the terrorist group, an explosion killed 5 and wounded 12 near a bus station in northern Nigeria today. On Oct. 22, Boko Haram raided Waga Mongor and kidnapped an additional 45 girls.

Nigeria Truce Is Shaky, No News of Abducted Girls

Boko Haram suspected in deadly attacks after Nigeria cease-fire to free schoolgirls

Ceasefire announced between Nigerian government and Boko Haram

Boko Haram and the government of Nigeria announced an agreement that includes the possible return of the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls.

The government said it repatriated 82 foreigners for "nefarious activities that could undermine the security of Nigeria." The military claimed to be conducting operations based on "active intelligence on Boko Haram positions" obtained from "a newly established intelligence sharing mechanism."

Boko Haram fighters beheaded seven people in Ngambu in Borno state. A prominent Catholic priest said that Boko Haram has burned down 185 churches and displaced more than 190,000 people from their homes during their recent campaign in Borno and Adamawa. Niger, Cameroon, and Chad said the countries would create a multinational force to battle Boko Haram.

Nigeria: Grisly Claim by Boko Haram

Boko Haram denies emir Shekau killed, releases video

Boko Haram released a new video purporting to show leader Abubakar Shekau dismissing reports of his death; the Nigerian military said it is studying the video but maintains that Shekau is dead. In proceedings closed to journalists, the High Court in Lagos sentenced three Boko Haram members each to 25 years in prison for terrorism offenses; 14 other suspects arrested with them last year have been released.

The military claimed it killed more than 40 Boko Haram insurgents in clashes in Damboa, Konduga, and Beneshek in Borno state over the past three days. The Boko Haram fighters attempting to take Konduga yesterday arrived in a dozen trucks, but were repelled. The military said 11 soldiers were killed and three were missing after the operations, which also included a raid in Shindig. A presidential adviser indicated that Russia may supply logistics and equipment to support Nigerian operations against Boko Haram. A former US ambassador to Nigeria said there is not much "hard intelligence on the internal dynamics of Boko Haram's leadership."

The Nigerian military claimed it killed Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau's 'impersonator.' The military also claimed that 223 Boko Haram fighters surrendered in Biu and Yadi, and another 45 were captured in Mubi. Boko Haram killed 20 people, including a pastor, in an attack on the villages of Shaffa and Shindiffu in Borno.

Security forces are investigating reports that Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau was killed by Cameroonian military forces on Sept. 17 in northern Nigeria. A number of Boko Haram fighters surrendered after clashes with the Nigerian military in Konduga that reportedly left some 50 insurgents dead. Boko Haram has been negotiating since August with government and International Red Cross Officials about releasing kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls.

Nigeria - Boko Haram kills scores at Borno market

The Army claimed to have repelled another Boko Haram attack on Konduga in Borno state and killed several insurgents; three vehicles and an armored personnel carrier were captured, as well as weapons. A bomb went off and gunfire was heard at a teacher training college in Kano city; multiple casualties are feared. Gunmen described as suspected Fulani herders attacked three villages in Kaduna state, killing at least 32 villagers and burning down houses, after first ambushing an army patrol and killing a soldier and wounding several others. Last month the military quietly retired Maj. Gen. Abubakar Mohammed, the commanding officer in Maiduguri who was attacked by mutinous troops in May; 12 soldiers have been sentenced to death for the attack.

The head of a Lagos megachurch whose guesthouse suddenly collapsed on Sept. 12, killing at least 44 people, said he had been threatened by Boko Haram and accused the group of causing the building to collapse. About 130 people, mainly women, have been rescued from the rubble of the building. Speculation continued as to the whereabouts of a Nigerian military jet that disappeared in Adamawa state on Sept. 12.

A Nigerian Air Force jet with two pilots aboard went missing in Adamawa state on Sept. 12; the jet had been involved in fighting Boko Haram. That same day, hours after battling the Army in Konduga, about 50 Boko Haram militants stormed the village of Ngom, 12 miles outside of Maiduguri, and killed a number of residents before being repelled by vigilantes and soldiers. A pastor of a megachurch whose multistory guesthouse collapsed in Lagos on Sept. 12, killing 19 people and injuring over 100, said a small plane had circled over the building for about 30 minutes just before it suddenly collapsed and then the plane had disappeared.

A Boko Haram commander known as Amir was reportedly killed by Nigerian troops in Konduga, outside Maiduguri; the Army is claiming that some 200 Boko Haram militants have been killed, including a photojournalist for the group and a suicide bomber. The Army is said to have deployed 400 troops to intercept the militants. A Sept. 11 statement on operations around Maiduguri said only that security has been upgraded to defend against any planned attack.

The military claimed to have killed as many as 150 Boko Haram fighters who had tried to storm Konduga, about 12 miles outside of the Borno capital of Maiduguri, repelling an advance by "hundreds" of militants. Four soldiers were injured in the three-hour battle, and vehicles, weapons, and ammunition were seized from the militants. The military also claimed that coordinated air and ground operations are underway to "stabilize" villages in the northeast recently seized by Boko Haram.

Elders warned that Boko Haram has surrounded the Borno capital of Maiduguri in preparation for an attack. Residents of Bama said the military's claim to have regained control of the city is false, and that Boko Haram still holds it. Boko Haram stormed two more Christian towns in Borno and killed retired military personnel there. Vigilantes claimed to have killed 80 Boko Haram fighters in Adamawa state.