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The Nigerian military has reportedly retaken control of Gombi, Pelia, and Hong in northeastern Nigeria. The communities were taken by Boko Haram last week. The National Emergency Management Agency estimates that 700,000 people have been internally displaced by the terrorist group.

A mob beat a suspected suicide bomber to death at a bus stop in Gombe City before the man could carry out an attack. Some politicians have declared the country's state of emergency in the volatile northeast a failure, as the legislature is set to vote on a bid to extend the measure.

Global terror attack deaths rose sharply in 2013, says report

President Goodluck Jonathan will request an extension of a state of emergency in three northern states grappling with Boko Haram. Nigeria has been ranked fourth in the Global Terrorism Index due to the activity of the jihadist group.

A female suicide bomber detonated in a market in Azare in Bauchi state, killing at least 12 people; a similar bombing in Azare on Nov. 7 killed 13 people. Boko Haram is suspected in both attacks. Borno state is planning to use civilian JTF forces to provide security for schools. The military claimed to have retaken Chibok in Borno from Boko Haram.

Boko Haram has reportedly retaken Chibok, site of the infamous kidnapping of more than 200 school girls in April. A Nigerian Air Force helicopter crashed in Yolo, Adamawa State, killing all three crew members. A coalition of Nigerian Army, "local hunters, and civilian vigilantes" are reported to have recaptured the towns of Mubi and Maiha from Boko Haram.

Is Nigeria's Boko Haram moving toward governing?

A female suicide bomber detonated explosives near a government college in northern Nigeria, injuring at least three people. The US State Department responded to criticism by the Nigerian ambassador about a lack of military assistance in the fight against terrorism, stating there had been "a great deal" of aid, while acknowledging that attack helicopters had been held back due to local inability to use them.

The Nigerian ambassador to the US blasted the US for refusing to sell arms to support his country's fight against Boko Haram. The jihadist group is urging residents of Mubi to return after its takeover of the eastern town; 13,000 residents are reported to have fled into Cameroon.

Suicide attack at Nigerian school kills at least 48 students

In the wake of a new video release by Boko Haram, the jihadist group is suspected of launching a deadly suicide bombing at a school in northeastern Nigeria.

A suicide bomber dressed in a school uniform killed at least 48 and wounded 79 at a high school in northern Nigeria. Unknown gunmen abducted the brother of the former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Adamawa state, "one of the states worst hit by the Boko Haram insurgency." Boko Haram took over the town of Malam Fatori, and 315 Nigerian troops are reported to have fled to Niger.

Inside the Vigilante Fight Against Boko Haram

At least 16 civilians and potentially "dozens of militants" were killed when Boko Haram attacked and eventually took Malam Fatori in northeast Nigeria; the group also killed two people and razed churches in Whitambaya village, also in Borno state. Boko Haram renamed the captured town of Gwoza to Darul Hikma (House of Wisdom). The governor of Adawama fears the jihadists will overrun his state after the group has taken over five local governments. The Nigerian military and police are advancing on Mubi in an attempt to retake the town from Boko Haram.

Over 2,000 prisoners have escaped jails in the country over the past five years, primarily as a result of jailbreaks conducted by Boko Haram. The jihadist group has renamed the recently captured town of Mubi as Madinatul Islam (City of Islam). Boko Haram raided a cement plant in northeastern Nigeria and stole truckloads of dynamite.

Nigeria reveals wave of jailbreaks

A suicide bomber targeting an Ashoura procession of Shiites killed at least 29 people in northeast Yobe state. In central Kogi state, 132 inmates are at large after militants blew their way into the prison with explosives; one inmate died, eight were recaptured, and four surrendered. Boko Haram is suspected in both attacks. Upcoming elections are imperiled after the government's false declaration of a ceasefire with the jihadist group, and former Vice President Atiku Abubakr declared "the insurgency 'a crisis of leadership' by the federal government."

Five military commanders were arrested for abandoning Mubi in the face of a Boko Haram assault last Wednesday; 350 children are "feared missing" after the attack. The UK Minister of State pledged "support" for Nigeria, but stressed that "it is for the Nigerian authorities to resolve the matter."

Boko Haraam leader Abubakar Shekau has denied the government's previous announcement of a ceasefire or any pending agreement to release girls kidnapped by the group in April. He also said the girls have been converted to Islam and "married ... off" and threatened to kill a German hostage. A car bomb killed at least 23 people and injured scores more in the city of Gombe in northeast Nigeria. A report claims that 41 members of Boko Haraam were beheaded by militia in the Gur area following a failed attack.

Boko Haram 'forcing girls to take part in operations'

Explosions at Nigerian bus station kill 23, wound scores more

Boko Haram is suspected of bombing a crowded bus station in Gombe in northeastern Nigeria.