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Gaza jihadist group praises Ansar Jerusalem fighters, calls for more attacks

MSC in Jerusalem praises 3 Salafi jihadists killed in West Bank

Hamas and Salafi jihadists reportedly seeking to 'normalize relations'

Posters from jihadist group threaten attacks on Eilat

MSC in Jerusalem video praises Palestinian fighter killed in Syria

Popular Resistance Committees calls on Hamas to stop arrests of 'mujahideen'

MSC in Jerusalem issues condolence for AQAP deputy leader

Ansar Jerusalem claims new rocket attack on Eilat

Salafi jihadist supporters hold 3rd public protest against Hamas this year

Salafi jihadists slam Hamas over arrest of Salafist preacher

Salafi jihadists warn of new Hamas arrest campaign

MSC in Jerusalem official eulogizes slain jihadist known for rocket expertise

Tensions mount between Salafi jihadists and Hamas

ITMC: Some Hamas elements are 'stained with the blood of the Salafi Mujahideen'

Slain MSC in Jerusalem member slams Hamas, calls on Muslims to partake in jihad

Hamas arrests more jihadists and deploys forces in effort to stop rockets

Salafi jihadist supporters continue public protests of Hamas

Ibn Taymiyyah Media Center returns to Facebook

MSC in Jerusalem claims Eilat rocket attack

47 Salafi jihadists on hunger strike in Hamas' prisons