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Algeria Tightens Niger Border Security

Terrorists, traffickers forge unholy alliance

'Butcher of Gao' in custody

Belmokhtar empire based on crime

Mali's Kidal still waits for resolution

MUJAO spokesman reported killed in French airstrike

Mali's Kidal Still Waits for Resolution

Insight: Revival of Islamists in Mali tests French, UN nerve

Terrorist Financing in West Africa

Kidal, a lawless outpost in Mali's desert north

Multi-national troops strike back against Mali terrorists

Al Qaeda group led by Belmokhtar, MUJAO unite to form al-Murabitoon

Morocco takes down al-Qaeda cell

Extremists exploit Sahel unrest

Drones in Niger Reflect New US Tack on Terrorism

Niger's Bad Dream Approaches As Islamists Set Sights On Niamey

Terrorist threat looms over Mauritania

'Inside help' behind deadly Niger terror attack

Nigerian Islamist militants return from Mali with weapons, skills

Global impact to Sahel terror