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Morocco dismantles Syria recruitment cell

Police announced the dismantling of a terrorist cell involved in funneling Moroccan fighters to al Qaeda-linked forces in Syria, including the Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, and Sham al Islam. The cell members, who operated in a number of Moroccan cities, are being held while the investigation continues.

Moroccan jihadist leader dies in Syria

Former Guantanamo detainee killed while leading jihadist group in Syria

Ibrahim Bin Shakaran, a Moroccan who spent more than three years at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility before being freed, has been killed while leading Sham al Islam in Latakia. Bin Shakaran had run a recruiting network for Abu Musab al Zarqawi after being released by the US.

Moroccan king attends prayers led by reformed Salafi-jihadist

Foreign jihadists recruit Maghreb youth

Searching for Al Qaeda in Lebanon (I): Coming of Age

Security forces have dismantled a terrorist criminal network in Fez and Sefrou that used fraud and forgery to finance al Qaeda activities in Syria. The network was headed by an al Qaeda recruiter and included two known terrorists.

Maghreb to tighten noose on Syria-bound jihadists

Extremist trend troubles Morocco lawmakers

Western Sahara: An Unlikely Key to American Strategy in Africa

Morocco, EU partner against terrorism

Morocco has begun requiring visas for visitors from Libya as a "security precaution," following the recent arrests of more than 105 Libyan visitors with fake passports; most of those arrested were not Arabs, and some had previously been banned from entering Morocco. The parliament is considering legislation that would criminalize takfir and incitement to violence, after Salafist imam Abdelhamid Abounaim issued a fatwa denouncing a politician as an "apostate" and his party as "infidels."

Morocco to punish takfirists

Morocco to open Islamic banks

Moroccans assess Benkirane government performance

Moroccans mobilize against takfirists

The public prosecutor referred to 45 recently arrested members of the terrorist group Sham al-Islam, which was formed by Brahim Benchekroune and Mohamed Maz to recruit and train Moroccan jihadists for combat in Syria and attacks in Morocco. Other Moroccan Salafists, including former bin Laden bodyguard Abdellah Tabark, are also thought to have gone to Syria to fight. Since the May 2003 suicide attacks in Casablanca, Moroccan authorities have foiled 266 terrorist plots and dismantled 114 terror cells. Prosecutors are investigating Salafist cleric Abdelhamid Abounaim, who had distributed a video denouncing an opposition party leader as an apostate.

Authorities announced results of the Dec. 25 arrest of 18 members of a terrorist cell that sent fighters to Syria. One of the detainees admitted to preparing a bomb for a terrorist attack in Morocco. Bombs, swords, knives, gas masks, and military uniforms were found in the homes of the detainees along with al Qaeda tapes and letters for the jihadists' families. The latest arrests were preceded by the arrest of a national coordinator for the terrorist network.

The Interior Ministry said security forces dismantled a terrorist network and arrested a previously detained suspect who coordinates operations nationwide, including recruitment of militants and fundraising. Earlier this month Morocco and France agreed to further develop their counterterrorism cooperation.