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African leaders demand action in Libya

Islamic State looks to usurp AQIM

1 French commando and 20 militants killed in Mali, 9 Nigerien troops killed in Niger

The firefights in both Mali and Niger represent a sharp increase in violence since the beginning of this year.

Algeria Tightens Niger Border Security

French troops edge closer to Libya border to cut off Islamists

Algeria siege inquest: 'Bloodshed threat' before attack

Terrorists, traffickers forge unholy alliance

'Butcher of Gao' in custody

Crime, terror converge at Tunisia frontier

Belmokhtar plots new attacks from Libya base

Belmokhtar empire based on crime

Tunisia, Libya in AQIM crosshairs

Tough road for Sahel security

BP faces pressure over Algeria gas plant attack

Al-Zawahiri unveils Maghreb strategy

Report: Lack of preparation aided Algeria gas field attack

Chaos, Islamist threat plague Libya's lawless desert south

Al Qaeda-linked group claims credit for kidnappings in Algeria

Mokhtar-Belmokhtar.jpgA terrorist group headed by Mokhtar Belmokhtar has claimed credit for the raid on a natural gas field in Algeria. Belmokhtar is a longtime Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb commander, but split from the group last year. Belmokhtar's spokesman has said that he still answers to al Qaeda central.