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Terrorism knows no border

Terrorist threat looms over Mauritania

Sahel ulema launch prison campaign

Mali donor conference focuses on terror threat

Ansar Dine spokesman Senda Ould Boumama, a Mauritanian, surrendered to Mauritanian forces near Bassiknou and has been transferred to Nouackchott for questioning. He had asked for extradition to his native country last month, saying he was the target of an assassination attempt.

Abdallahi Ould Mohamed Ghailani, a guard at the Salah Eddine prison, was sentenced to 10 years of hard labor for spying for al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb; he facilitated communications between Salafist prisoners and terrorists outside. Four university students were sentenced to five years in prison and fined for trying to send jihadists to Mali. Prosecutors asked that Canadian suspect Aaron Yoon, who tried to train with al Qaeda in Mali and to recruit other jihadists, receive a 10-year sentence.

Global impact to Sahel terror

Maghreb fights narco-terrorism

The UN reported appalling conditions at the Mbera camp for Malian refugees in the southeast corner of Mauritania, which currently shelters some 70,000 people. Canadian citizen Aaron Yoon, who was arrested in late 2011 while preparing to travel to Mali to join Islamist fighters, is serving a two-year sentence in Mauritania that was imposed in July. He told the court he had been recruited by an Islamist named Mohammed El-Hafed.

How do middle-class Canadian kids become international terrorists?

Key figures in al Qaeda's North African branch

Al-Qaeda eyes Tunisia front

Mauritanians react to new AQIM leader

The foreign minister announced the arrest of five armed jihadists who were attempting to enter Mauritania from northern Mali. He also said that other members of "armed Islamist groups active in northern Mali" had also been arrested "while posing as refugees." Mauritania has declared most of the regions along its shared border with Mali to be closed military zones to prevent infiltration by "terrorist elements."

Insight: Islamist inroads in Mali may undo French war on al Qaeda

Maghreb youth answer al-Qaeda call

Mauritanian ulema confront extremism

Mauritania mulls Mali deployment

Mauritanian Civil-Society Groups Combat Islamist Threat

US adds senior AQIM commander to terrorist list

Yahya-Abu-Hammam.jpgYahya Abu Hammam is al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb's emir for the Sahel. He fought with GSPC, conducted several deadly attacks in Mauritania, and served as AQIM's emir for Timbuktu.