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Tuareg separatists protesting UN airstrikes claimed to have driven UN forces from an airfield in Kidal in northern Mali. A dutch helicopter fired on a car near the town of Gao, killing four rebels. UN forces repelled rebels who attacked them with a heavy machine gun near Tabankort.

Guinea will send 500 soldiers to aid the peacekeeping mission in Mali. The UN is overseeing negotiations between Tuareg MNLA separatists and the pro-government Arab Azawad Movement, which clashed in Tabankort over the weekend.

Jihadists attacked the town of Tenenkou in central Mali on Jan. 16, "killing at least three people" before withdrawing after a firefight with soldiers. Another attack on a UN peacekeeping base in northern Mali with car bombs and rockets killed one Chadian soldier and wounded another. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack. The European Union Foreign Affairs Council announced a plan to train and support Malian security forces.

Jihadists strike two towns in Mali, killing at least 4

An IED attack wounded seven Senegalese peacekeepers in the city of Kidal in northern Mali on Jan. 9. Mali's president named a new government after the prime minister was replaced three days ago.

Attack in northern Mali wounds 7 UN peacekeepers

Islamist militants killed a civilian and set fire to the town hall during an assault on the village of Djoura in central Mali. The country's foreign minister appealed for international intervention in Libya to stabilize the neighboring country and stem the spread of terrorism in the region.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb claimed responsibility for the assault on an army base in Nampala yesterday. Casualty figures from the attack have been updated to "at least eight dead."

Jihadists attacked an army camp n the town of Nampala in central Mali, killing two soldiers and routing the rest of the military force; at least five people were killed. Six UN peacekeepers were wounded when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb in northern Mali on Jan. 4. The mayor of Anderaboucane in Gao and his son were killed in an ambush on Jan. 3; two others were wounded.

Jihadists in Mali step up attacks, kill 7 soldiers

Despite a French-led counterterrorism operation in Mali and the Sahel, al Qaeda-linked violence continues to be a problem.

Mayor of Mali town killed as clashes and abuses spike in north

France wants action on Libya, stops short of African calls for intervention

African leaders demand action in Libya

The Malian government announced that it traded four prisoners to AQIM to obtain the release of French hostage Serge Lazarevic last week. France's defense minister said that "nearly 200 terrorists have been neutralized" by French forces in the Sahel region over the past year.

Serge Lazarevic: Mali confirms militants freed for French hostage

The French military killed Ahmed el Tilemsi, the co-founder of MUJAO, during a special operations raid in Gao in northern Mali on Dec. 11. France's current Operation Barkhane "is taking place across Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad and involves a total 3 000 French troops."

French troops kill MUJAO founder during raid in Mali

In a midnight raid in the Gao region of Mali, the French military killed Ahmed el Tilemsi. He had a long history of al Qaeda ties, and was wanted by the United States.

Serge Lazarevic, the last French hostage in Africa, has been freed. Lazarevic was kidnapped along with geologist Philippe Verdon by AQIM on November 24, 2011. Verdon was murdered by the jihadist group in July 2013.

Three Chadian peacekeepers were injured, one seriously, when their vehicle struck an IED close to the UN camp in Aguelhok on Dec. 2. Ten peacekeepers have been killed and 36 injured in northern Mali this year.

The Financial Times reports "[o]ne UN peacekeeper has been killed or wounded in Mali every four days on average since the organisation's 'blue helmets' operation was launched there 18 months ago." Jihadists have begun to use IED tactics honed in Iraq and Afghanistan.