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Al Nusrah Front, Suqour al Sham launch joint suicide assault in Syria

Al Qaeda's affiliate and a unit in the supposedly moderate Islamic Front executed a complex suicide attack and used three foreign fighters. One is rumored to be an American, although that report is unconfirmed.

Pakistani American indicted for supporting al Qaeda suicide bomber

Reaz Qadir Khan was arrested two days ago by the FBI and charged with providing material support for an al Qaeda suicide bomber who participated in a suicide assault in Lahore, Pakistan in May 2009.

Maldives bans dancing in public

Violent Protests Seize Maldives

Maldives president reneges on deal for early elections

Mohamed Waheed consolidates power in Maldives

Deposed Maldives president says coup has fueled radical Islam

'Dictatorship is coming back to the Maldives and democracy is slipping away'

Rise of Islamism in Maldives a cause of worry for India

Islamism Set Stage for Maldives Coup

Police revolt topples Maldives president

Lashkar-e-Taiba: Terror incorporated

Maldives Closes Hundreds of Resort Spas After Muslims Complain of 'Anti-Islamic' Activities

Maldives releases World Cup terror suspect

Maldives Afghan talks inconclusive

Afghan officials met insurgent representatives in Maldives

Would-be assassin of Maldives president a suspected Islamist extremist

First video of al-Qaeda in Maldives released

Al Qaeda in the Maldives

Ansar Al Mujahideen Targets the Maldives