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Malaysia says it 'will not stop looking' for jet

MH370 Malaysia Airlines: Anwar Ibrahim says government purposefully concealing information

Malaysia Airlines crash: Suicide mission theory of MH370 investigators

As search for Malaysian plane continues, the Pentagon showcases presence in the Pacific

A Malaysian official said that MA flight MH370, which crashed into the ocean on March 8 with 239 people on board, was hijacked and that its communications systems had been deliberately turned off hours before it disappeared. A criminal investigation has been opened.

Malaysia Airline MH370: 9/11-style terror allegations resurface in case of lost plane

Malaysian plane presumed crashed; questions over false IDs

Malaysia churches pray to 'Allah' despite ban

Malaysian authorities seize bibles in 'Allah' row

UN official says Malaysia should reverse 'Allah' ban

In Malaysia the Hackers are Back

Malaysia Court Rules Non-Muslims Can't Use 'Allah'

Disqualified Malaysian beauty contestants apologize for insulting Islam

Rebel Rifts on Island Confound Philippines

Seyed Ramin Miraziz Paknejad, an Iranian suspected of running a human trafficking and fake passport syndicate, was arrested along with his wife over the weekend. Paknejad was detained in Thailand last year but jumped bail and fled to Malaysia; he is believed to have ties to terrorist groups, including those who planned bombings in Bangkok.

Malaysian Muslims ask Vatican to recall envoy over use of "Allah"

Foreign Minister Anifah said Myanmar needed to address the problems of its Muslim population, which has suffered persecution and worsening living conditions. At least 28,000 Royhinga Muslims have fled Myanmar for Malaysia in recent years. Anifah said the Organization of the Islamic Conference believes Muslim-majority nations should do more to help.

The ruling National Front coalition won its 13th consecutive election, but by its narrowest margin ever. The opposition Pakatan Rakyat coalition, which had pledged to impose a strict version of sharia law if elected, threatened to challenge the results.

Security is being beefed up after an improvised explosive device detonated and another was found at a political rally held by the incumbent Barisan National party in Penang. The opposition Pakatan Rakyat alliance plans to implement a harsh version of sharia law if it wins the general election on May 5. The BN party's lead has slipped in recent years.

Malaysia Vote May Rule on Racial Divide