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UK government can be sued over rendition claims, judges rule

Libya suspect Abu Khattala, suspected in killing Americans, was shadowy figure among militants

As Benghazi falls, so goes Libya

Analysis: Al Qaeda seeks to spin capture of top operative

Adam Gadahn, an al Qaeda propagandist and spokesman, has released a video denouncing the capture of top al Qaeda operative Abu Anas al Libi. While calling for vengeance, Gadahn tries to portray al Libi as an innocent who was wrongly detained.

The Inevitable Rise Of Al-Qaeda in Libya

'Core' al Qaeda member captured in Libya

Anas-al-Libi.jpgA senior al Qaeda operative, Abu Anas al Libi, was captured in Tripoli, Libya. Al Libi has served al Qaeda since the 1990s. According to a report published by the Library of Congress in August 2012, he was the "builder of al Qaeda's network in Libya."

Benghazi suspect fled to Pakistan, recently detained in Libya

Al-Chalabi-Faraj.jpgA Libyan named Faraj al Chalabi has been detained in connection with the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi. It is "unclear" what role he is suspected of playing, but he fled to Pakistan afterwards. Muammar Qaddafi's regime previously said he worked for al Qaeda.

Attack on Police Complex in Benghazi Kills Four

US-Approved Weapons Transfer Ended Up With Libyan Jihadis

How US Ambassador Chris Stevens May Have Been Linked To Jihadist Rebels In Syria

Political Islam and the Fate of Two Libyan Brothers

EXCLUSIVE: Senior al Qaeda figure 'living in Libyan capital'

Libyan militias melt into desert, wait for another day

Benghazi consulate assault was a 'terrorist attack'

Libya's first post-Gaddafi vote to test Islamists

As Libya holds post-Gaddafi election, Islamists' strength to be tested

Libyan official: US drones seeking jihadists in Libya

Libya's Belhadj quits military post for politics

Libyan Islamist quits militia to enter politics: aide

Libyan Islamist leader detained as tensions grow between rival factions