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'Unprecedented' amounts of arms being smuggled into Egypt from Libya: source

Crime, terror converge at Tunisia frontier

Egyptians fear Islamist militants gathering on Libyan border

US military Africa chief: Chaos in Libya is destabilizing the region

Belmokhtar plots new attacks from Libya base

Benghazi attack suspect has been talking to US interrogators: officials

Dutch Islamist radicals becoming elusive 'swarm

Benghazi attack suspect 'compliant but not cooperative' in federal custody

US intervention in Libya now seen as a cautionary tale

Islamist attacks mar Libya vote

As Libya teeters near chaos, US keeps hands-off policy

Libya legislature moves to tense Benghazi

Libya suspect Abu Khattala, suspected in killing Americans, was shadowy figure among militants

Capture of Benghazi attack suspect conjures mixed feelings in Libyan city

Exclusive: Benghazi suspect fighting anti-Islamist general before US raid

Ahmed Abu Khattala: Nabbed Benghazi suspect lived openly in city

ISIS menaces al Qaeda in Libyan city of Derna

US spy agencies heard Benghazi attackers using State Dept. cell phones to call terrorist leaders

Libya chaos 'systematic'

Libyan Turmoil Threatens Tunisian Security