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Morocco, Spain combat terror threat

Islamist militia says it guards US Embassy in Libya

Recent Libya fighting 'unprecedented in gravity,' warns outgoing UN envoy

Libyan raids herald bolder Arab action as US wavers

Libya Jihadists Urge Islamist Unity as Lawmakers Fight Back

Libya's Islamist militias claim control of capital

Slain Hamas commanders among Israel's most wanted

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Benghazi's many faces

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Libya's Wissam Bin Hamid: From mechanic to warlord

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Up to 10,000 Egyptians stranded at Libya-Tunisia border

Fighting is renewed in Libyan capital as shells continue to fall

ISIS woos Ansar al Sharia in Libya

Tunisia Can't Cope with Massive Libya Refugee Influx

Huge blaze out of control in Tripoli battle as Libya slides into chaos

Libya violence ramps up as foreigners instructed to flee