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A spokesman for Khalid Haftar's "Operation Dignity" forces said the Libya Shield militia, which conducted surveillance of the home of slain activist Salwa Bugaighis prior to her murder, was probably responsible. A gardener injured in the attack has died under mysterious circumstances, apparently after torture. Saiqa Special Forces freed a kidnapped man in Benghazi. The bodies of a slain former Air Force colonel and another man were brought to a Benghazi hospital. The Benghazi Joint Security Room ordered the evacuation of Jalaa hospital, which Ansar al Sharia seized from the BJSR following clashes in Benghazi's port last week. Suspected Islamists firebombed a coffee shop in an upscale Tripoli neighborhood. Two RPGs were fired at the Sudanese Embassy in Tripoli on June 27.

Benghazi attack suspect 'compliant but not cooperative' in federal custody

US intervention in Libya now seen as a cautionary tale

Islamist attacks mar Libya vote

Suspected Islamist gunmen broke into the Benghazi home of prominent rights activist and lawyer Salwa Bughaigis yesterday and murdered her, kidnapped her husband, and shot a gardener. A large car bomb exploded in Beida near the headquarters of the Constitutional Assembly, injuring several people. Two Tunisian diplomats abducted this spring have been freed; their kidnappers, a Tunisian militant Islamic group called Shabab Al-Tawhid, had demanded the release of two Libyans imprisoned in Tunisia. Two Turkish employees of Turkey's Summa Construction company disappeared in Tripoli.

As Libya teeters near chaos, US keeps hands-off policy

Turkey is evacuating 420 of its citizens from Misrata and another 140 from Labraq today. Ansar al Sharia assumed security at Benghazi's Jalaa hospital after Benghazi Joint Security Room forces left it unguarded. Six people were injured when Benghazi's Egyptian Market was set on fire. Four of five hostages held by Ansar al Sharia managed to escape their captors. A Tebu candidate in Sebha was murdered.

Libya legislature moves to tense Benghazi

The spokesman for Khalid Haftar's "Operation Dignity" forces ordered Turks and Qataris in eastern Libya "from Sirte to Musaid" on the Egyptian border to leave the country within 48 hours, referring to Turkish and Qatari intelligence operatives disclosed by captured al Qaeda members in Benghazi. A major firefight broke out at Benghazi's port yesterday after a large shipment of hashish was discovered on a ship arriving from Malta. Murders and disappearances continue in Benghazi, where two security force members were assassinated, and a severed head was recently found. A senior "Operation Dignity" official said Haftar's forces will continue to inderdict the shipment of weapons to Ansar al Sharia and the Libya Shield, and claimed that Ansar al Sharia still maintains a huge stockpile in the Jabal Al-Akhdar area.

Libya suspect Abu Khattala, suspected in killing Americans, was shadowy figure among militants

Islamist gunmen attacked Benghazi's port after the forces of Khalid Haftar's "Operation Dignity" bombed two ships that were carrying weapons to Derna, destroying one of them. The weapons, from Misrata, were said to be destined for the Ansar al Sharia-linked February 17 Brigade. Haftar's forces continued to bomb Islamist targets in Benghazi, and claimed that Ansar al Sharia and allied groups fired rockets at Tobruk Airbase and Benina Airport. The Supreme Council of Libyan Revolutionaries (SCLR) vowed to stay in Benghazi and called for armed groups, including the Libya Shield brigades and the Libyan Revolutionaries' Operation Room (LROR), to join forces with Libya Shield No. 1 Brigade, 17 February Brigade, the Omar Mukhtar Brigade, and Ansar al Sharia in the fight against Haftar's forces. The SCLR also urged LROR and Libya Shield to begin taking over oilfields.

Capture of Benghazi attack suspect conjures mixed feelings in Libyan city

Exclusive: Benghazi suspect fighting anti-Islamist general before US raid

The Justice Ministry demanded that the US turn over Ahmed Abu Khattalah a.k.a. Ahmed Bukhatallah, an Ansar al Sharia leader linked to the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi. Khalid Aftar's "Operation Dignity" denied any knowledge of or involvement in the US' capture of Khattalah. A plane carrying the constitutional delegation to a meeting in Kufra made an emergency landing at an oilfield airstrip after a caller threatened that the plane would be shot down if it tried to land at Kufra airport. Haftar's forces bombed the Teka airstrip, 20 kilometres west of Benghazi, on June 15 to prevent Islamist forces from flying in weapons and ammunition.

US captures Benghazi suspect, but most attackers remain free

Ahmed Abu Khattalah is the first suspect in the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi to be held by the US. Most of his accomplices remain free.

Ahmed Abu Khattala: Nabbed Benghazi suspect lived openly in city

US officials said that Ahmed Abu Khattala, the alleged ringleader of Ansar al Sharia's deadly September 2012 attack on the US mission in Benghazi, was captured by US commandos during a raid near Benghazi on June 15. Khalid Hafter, head of the "Operation Dignity" forces, warned foreign militants to leave Libya or be killed there; he also accused Qatar and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group of backing a recent unsuccessful Ansar al Sharia attempt to assassinate him. Hafter said his forces are receiving no foreign funding, but claimed that 80 percent of the Libyan army, navy, and air force is with Operation Dignity. Militants murdered two people in Derna.

ISIS menaces al Qaeda in Libyan city of Derna

The forces of Khalid Haftar's Libyan National Army attacked Islamist bases in the Sidi Faraj and al-Hawari districts of Benghazi; residents fled. Haftar's forces reportedly surrounded Ansar al Sharia fighters in Sidi Faraj and took control of the district. Electricity is out in much of Benghazi. A special forces member and another man were assassinated in Benghazi. A Marj imam who was a member of Dar Al-Ifta, Libya's top religious authority, was tortured and killed. The offices of Al Jazeera in Tripoli and Benghazi closed after attacks following the publication of an audio clip in which a leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Hussein Jazwi, along with Ajdabiya Local Council head Salem Subhi, is heard asking Al Jazeera's former Libya bureau chief, Iraqi Abdel-Azeem Mohamed, to get funding from Qatar to help them defeat Haftar's forces. Al Jazeera and Qatar called the clip a fake, but Haftar said it was authentic, and accused Qatar of supporting Islamist forces in Libya. The al-Battar Brigade, a Syria-trained Libyan militia affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) and Ansar al Sharia, threatened to avenge the death of an emir who was killed in Derna by the rival Abu Slim Martyrs Brigade, which is linked to al Qaeda's Syrian branch, the Al Nusrah Front.

Abdulhakim Belhaj, a co-founder of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and former leader of the Tripoli Military Council, claimed to be against terrorism and announced that the LIFG had dissolved before the beginning of the revolution, but said he was opposed to Khalid Haftar's Libyan National Army "Dignity Campaign" that seeks to rid the country of Islamist extremists. Belhaj denied allegations that during a recent visit to Sudan he had organized the shipment of military supplies, and that the supplies had been sent from Sudan to the Mitiga Airbase. A spokesman for Haftar's forces has claimed that 270 weapons cargoes have been shipped from Sudan to Mitiga for Islamist forces over the past three years. Haftar's forces have denied rumors of a ceasefire. The Interior Ministry said its forces would provide security at Tripoli petrol stations. Deputy Prime Minister Sadiq Abdulkarim is said to be living under heavy protection in Malta; he fled Libya in March after the GNC sacked former prime minister Ali Zeidan.