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Reports have emerged that 11 planes, said to be passenger aircraft, disappeared during recent clashes at Tripoli airport. Due to security concerns, Egypt has banned all flights from Libya, and Tunisia has banned flights originating from Mitiga, Misrata, and Sirte, which are not under government control. In coordination with US naval forces in the Mediterranean, the air forces of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, and Malta will participate in a joint military exercise that includes simulations of intercepting civilian or military aircraft piloted by terrorists. The town of Tarhouna announced its support for the Islamist coalition Libya Dawn. Fighting between Islamists and government-linked forces is continuing in Tripoli, where the airport has been closed for a month, and in Benghazi.

ISIS Pressed for Ransom Before Killing Journalist

The Shura Council of Islamic Youth publicly executed an Egyptian man in a Derna football stadium filled with applauding spectators; the al Qaeda-linked group similarly executed two men in Derna on July 27. Clashes between Islamists and pro-government forces continued in Benghazi, where Operation Dignity sources said reports that Benina Airport had fallen were false, and claimed that Ansar al Sharia is forcing Buatni residents from their homes. Fighting continued for the fifth week in Tripoli, where shells fell in residential areas. Awlad Suleiman tribesmen tried to prevent the Sebha Municipal Council from announcing Sebha's support for the Islamist coalition Libya Dawn. Rumors emerged that Sudanese mercenaries have flown into Kufra en route to Benghazi to support Ansar al Sharia.

Obama Holds to Afghanistan Withdrawal Deadline

Libya calls for regional security alliance

Islamist militias continued to clash with pro-government forces in Tripoli, where airstrikes reportedly targeted militias that had not agreed to the government's order for a ceasefire. The Revolutionary Shura Council of Benghazi, which includes Ansar al Sharia, Libya Shield, and other Islamist groups, denounced the newly formed Shura Council of Benghazi, which is led by Muslim Brotherhood figures. Two state-owned TV stations that had been taken over by Islamists were shut down at the government's request. Members of Parliament will be housed temporarily on a ship while they hold session in the coastal city of Tobruk.

Operation Dignity forces conducted airstrikes against Islamist targets in Tripoli, reportedly killing five people and wounding 30 more. Both Libyan and NATO forces denied reports that their aircraft were involved in the strikes. The commander of Operation Dignity's air forces warned that there will be similar attacks on Islamist fighters in the coming weeks "in Sabratha, Gemenis. Ajdabiya, Derna and Sirte." Clashes between Operation Dignity and Islamist militias also erupted in Bengzhazi. Ansar al Sharia released photos of its followers distributing appliances in Derna and watching AQAP videos in Benghazi.

A sergeant in Operation Dignity's forces in Benghazi was killed and decapitated. Saiqa forces were said to be pushing out of their Benina airbase stronghold in Benghazi, which has been under attack by Ansar al Sharia; Operation Dignity forces claimed to be trying to abide by the ceasefire ordered by Parliament. Benghazi University rejected the Islamists' offer of protection.

Benghazi's many faces

Nuri Abu Sahmain, former president of the GNC, claimed on Misrata TV that he is still in charge, and refused to recognize the authority of the new Parliament. Attacks on journalists covering the new Parliament have cut the flow of news from Libya. A delegation from the UN and the EU visited Misrata Municipal Council to try to resolve the current crisis in Libya. Islamist protesters rallied in Tripoli, Misrata, and Benghazi against the new Parliament.

Tripoli University has closed due to continuing insecurity in the capital city. Ansar al Sharia ignored the Parliament's call for an unconditional ceasefire in Benghazi and Tripoli. Operation Dignity forces bombed a boat allegedly carrying fighters and weapons from Syria as it approached the port of Derna on Aug. 11; Islamist fighters in the city tried to hit the Operation Dignity plane with anti-aircraft missiles. On Aug. 11, Ansar al Sharia released photos of its anti-aircraft defenses in Derna. France, Germany, Italy, the UK and the US issued a joint statement condemning the fighting in Libya and urging all parties to recognize the authority of Parliament.

Fighting escalated in Tripoli, and the Islamist Misratan forces shelled the largely Zintani-supporting neighborhood of Ghut Shaal. Suspected Islamist gunmen yesterday assassinated Tripoli security head Colonel Mohamed Al Suwaisi, a supporter of Operation Dignity. In Benghazi, Ansar al Sharia forces have deployed to a new checkpoint within striking distance of the Saiqa Special Forces base at Benina Airport; Operation Dignity claimed that the Saiqa forces have serious internal problems. The Parliament voted to dissolve all armed brigades in the country, and asked the UN to intervene immediately "to protect civilians and state institutions in Libya."

Chief of Staff Abdulati Al-Obeidi told Parliament that the Libyan Army is close to collapsing and that he cannot control of it. Despite calls from Parliament and the UN for a ceasefire, clashes between Islamist and government-allied militias continued in Tripoli and Benghazi. Several staff members of a Libyan TV station recently taken over by a Muslim Brotherhood leader quit, citing antigovernment bias in the station's reporting. Despite a warning from Operation Dignity that Benghazi's port would close to prevent the shipment of arms to Islamist forces there, the port was said to be operating normally today.

Libya crumbles as the United States looks the other way

Operation Dignity forces claimed to have killed 70 Islamist fighters from Ansar al Sharia and the Benghazi Revolutionaries Shoura Council with airstrikes as they advanced towards Benina airbase, and to have captured 17 more. Islamist Misratan fighters reportedly retook Camp 27 outside Tripoli yesterday. Clashes spread from Tripoli west towards Zawiya, the site of a large oil port. Two kidnapped lawmakers were released in Tripoli. One of them, from Benghazi, disappeared after being freed; his son was killed by kidnappers.

Demonstrators in Misrata protested against the new government. The commander of Operation Dignity's air forces confirmed its support of the new government, noting that a number of its jets are based in Tobruk. Prime Minister al Thinni and the head of US Africa Command agreed to try to speed up training of Libyan military forces. The Benghazi Revolutionary Shura Council, the extremist coalition that has taken over much of Benghazi, has posted photos of weapons taken at bases they claim to have captured. Irish-Libyan former Syrian rebel commander Mahdi al-Harati was declared the new mayor of Tripoli, after the final results of the May 17 election were announced.

Libya's Wissam Bin Hamid: From mechanic to warlord

In its first resolution, the House of Representatives ordered an unconditional ceasefire in Tripoli and Benghazi. In Tripoli, a rocket strike killed 18 Sudanese nationals, and firefighters reported progress in getting four fuel tank blazes under control. The Grand Mufti and the former president of the GNC called the new Parliament illegal. About 50,000 Egyptians fled Libya over the past month.

Tunisia Fears Attacks by Citizens Flocking to Jihad

A joint Warshefana and Zinanti force took Camp 27, a military base that had fallen into the hands of Islamists, from the Libya Shield, in an attack that left eight fighters dead and 60 wounded. The joint force yesterday destroyed a base in Janzour used by the Fursan Janzour Brigade, which is allied with the Islamist forces. Suspected Ansar al Sharia militants abducted five TV crew members who had been covering the opening of Parliament in Tobruk. Despite an Islamist boycott of proceedings, lawmakers elected Ageela Salah Issa Gwaider from Guba in eastern Libya as the new head of the House of Representatives. Egypt recently said immediate international intervention may be necessary in Libya as Islamist "statelets" in the east are threatening Egypt's security.