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Some reports claim that jihadists allied to the Islamic State are in control of the city of Derna; about "300 of the 800-strong force" of local IS are believed to have fought with the group in Iraq and Syria. "Sporadic clashes" between pro-government forces and Libya Dawn continue southwest of Tripoli. Libya Dawn is reported to control the northern half of the town of Kikla, while pro-government forces occupy the rest. The number of internally displaced refugees in Libya is nearing 400,000. Islamist militias and pro-government forces have agreed to a 12-hour UN-brokered ceasefire in Benghazi.

Four people were reported killed and 10 wounded in fighting between Libya Dawn and pro-government forces near Mitiga Airport in Tripoli. Omar al-Hassi, the head of the Islamist regime based in Tripoli, has rejected negotiations with pro-government forces. Libya was ranked 15th on the most recent Global Terrorism Index.

Mitiga Airport closed down after fighting between unknown factions broke out in Tripoli. "Medical sources" claim 356 people - over 200 of them pro-government fighters - have been killed in the past month of fighting in Benghazi; the Libyan parliament has declared the city "a disaster area."

A pair of car bombs detonated near the closed Egyptian and UAE embassies in Tripoli, causing no injuries but some damage. The UAE blamed Libya Dawn and Ansar al Sharia for the attack. Ansar al Sharia released a video showing the beheading of a Libyan soldier who was fighting among General Khalifa Hiftar's pro-government forces in Benghazi.

Turkey's role in Libya adds to pro-Islamist perception

Two car bombs exploded in the pro-government strongholds of Tobruk and Labraq in eastern Libya, killing at least 13 people and injuring over 15. A third car bomb exploded in Benghazi, causing "damage" but no casualties. The Libyan Army reportedly conducted airstrikes against Islamists in Derna who are aligned with the Islamic State; four people were killed.

UAE emerges as quiet, potent US ally

Three human rights activists were beheaded in Islamist-controlled Derna, where factions recently swore allegiance to the Islamic State. A UN envoy met with the speaker of the Libyan General National Congress to discuss stabilization of the country. The jihadist group Ansar al-Sharia may soon be added to the UN terror list.

Three car bombs exploded on Nov. 9 in the eastern city of Sharat, where the prime minister was set to meet a UN envoy. Three security officers and two journalists were wounded in the attack; two suspects from the city of Derna were arrested. Jihadists controlling Derna have recently pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. Libya's parliament reconvened despite being ruled invalid by the country's supreme court; the body in turn voted to dissolve Libya's top religious authority after its mufti denied the legitimacy of the parliament. Residents of Tripoli have been protesting the rule of the Islamist Libya Dawn in the city, resulting in some clashes. A pack of baboons have escaped the Benghazi Zoo and are now "running riot" in the streets, as fighting continues between Islamist militias and pro-government forces.

How a Libyan City Joined the Islamic State Group

The US is considering sanctions on warring parties in Libya to discourage the conflict. The Libyan parliament has rejected the supreme court's ruling dissolving it. Pro-government and Islamist forces continue to battle in Banghazi; a pro-government spokesman claims that Islamist militias "are now surrounded in the fish market and the port areas."

Almost 400 people have been killed in the past three weeks of fighting in Benghazi, in Kikla near Tripoli and in southern Libya. New fighting between Islamists and pro-government forces in Benghazi killed 30 in the past three days. The El Sharara oil field was seized by an armed group. The Libyan supreme court declared the elected parliament unconstitutional, adding to the country's destabilization.

Dozens of residents have fled, a ship was damaged, and at least 13 people were killed as fighting between Islamist militias and pro-government forces in Benghazi continued near the city's port. A Libyan National Army airstrike targeting an Islamist convoy heading to Benghazi from Sirte killed an unknown number of militants and destroyed "weapons and vehicles." "A local doctor" said 142 people have died and 518 have been injured in Kikla in western Libya during the past two weeks of fighting between the army and the Islamist group Libya Dawn.

A medical official estimated yesterday that over 210 people have been killed in the past two weeks of fighting between Islamist militias and the forces of General Khalifa Haftar in Benghazi. Pro-government forces "recaptured military positions that the Islamists ... had seized in July" over the weekend and now claim to hold all of eastern Benghazi; the Libyan Army is urging civilians to evacuate the central Assabri district in preparation for an offensive today. Labraq Airport, east of Benghazi, has been closed due to rocket fire. A Libyan Army colonel was shot and killed while traveling to Islamist-held Derna for his brother's funeral; a hotel cafe in the city was bombed Sunday morning. On Oct. 31, "around 50 young people" in Derna reportedly pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

Qatar pares support for Islamists but careful to preserve ties

Ten people were killed when rockets struck a residential neighborhood in Benghazi as fighting continued between Islamist militias and the pro-government forces. Amnesty International states that rival factions have committed war crimes via indiscriminate shelling. A car bomb exploded in front of the security headquarters in Tobruk on Tuesday, killing one person.

UK government can be sued over rendition claims, judges rule

Militants target civil activists in Libya

Egypt's foreign minister warned that Islamist militias are close to seizing Libya's oil fields. Heavily-armed militias have surrounded Niger's embassy in Tripoli. Pro-government forces have called for residents to evacuate the Sabri district as heavy fighting continues in Benghazi. Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani has accepted a Sudanese proposal for peace talks. A UN special envoy charged with driving political accommodation declared the country "very close to the point of no return."

Fighting between jihadists, Haftar's forces escalates in Benghazi

The fighting in Benghazi has escalated in recent days after the former Libyan general Khalifa Haftar made a renewed push to rid the city of jihadists. The Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council, however, seems to be pushing back.