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Libya universities face security issues

Renewed clashes in Benghazi

Prime Minister Zeidan denied rumors that Ansar al Sharia Tunisia was involved in recent clashes in Benghazi, but a spokesman for state security in Benghazi said the attacks on government-affiliated barracks were "organized and professional" and noted that the attackers did not leave any of their dead behind. Zeidan promised to bolster security in Benghazi. A human rights activist was kidnapped at Tripoli airport. Suspected Salafists gunned down a senior judge outside the Derna courthouse.

Due to security problems in Benghazi, Congress postponed the vote on a successor to President Magarief. Unidentified congressmen said the new president is likely to come "from the east," where Benghazi is located. The public prosecutor who had been held by Tripoli's Supreme Security Council was released. The commander of the Libyan Shield militia was killed in an ambush by another militia on June 14; three of the attackers were also killed.

Libya strengthens ties to Tunisia

Gunmen in civilian clothes stormed an army base in Benghazi and stole weapons, set a police headquarters on fire, and clashed with special forces soldiers at another Benghazi base, killing six. The gunmen also attacked a military intelligence headquarters and other security facilities in the city. Benghazi airport was briefly closed for security reasons. A bomb exploded outside a Benghazi TV station yesterday.

In Libya Anarchy Reigns and International Engagement Is Sorely Needed

An expert on Libyan security alleged that Islamist militants, including Mokhtar Belmokhtar's group, have taken refuge in southern Libya; a Tuareg member of parliament from the region denied knowledge of any terrorists there. In addition to al Qaeda-affiliated militants, Shiite proselytzers affiliated with Hezbollah have begun setting up shop in the region. Libyan security forces raided several such cells earlier this year.

Hezbollah emerges in Libya

Libya Doesn't Need More Militias

Security forces in Tripoli found a bomb attached to the undercarriage of an Italian diplomatic car. University students in Tripoli went on strike to protest poor security on campus, where attacks by armed men have increased. Reporters Without Borders condemned the rising number of attacks on journalists in Libya. The government has asked to buy two C-130J-30 Super Hercules transport planes from the US.

Mali manual suggests al-Qaida has feared weapon

Being Hashim Bishr, head of Tripoli SSC

Following clashes in Benghazi over the weekend between militias and government forces in which 31 people were killed and over 100 wounded, the head of the Libyan army, General Yussef al-Mangoush, resigned. Congress is demanding a plan for the integration of all militias into the armed forces. Libya is seeking to recover more than $1 billion in Gaddafi regime assets before they are moved out of South Africa.

About 200 armed protesters attacked the headquarters of the "Shield of Libya" militia coalition in Benghazi in an attempt to dislodge the group from its barracks. At least 25 people have been killed and dozens wounded in the fighting. An army spokesperson called the Shield Brigade "a reserve force under the Libyan army."

Hezbollah fighter tells of Syria battle

Al-Qaeda swaps Mali for Libya

Extremists Setting Up Shop In Libya

The government ordered Libya's National Oil Corporation, Libyan Airlines, the Libya Company for Insurance, and the Internal Investment Company to move to Benghazi. Hanan Al-Newaisery, a human rights lawyer and activist, was assaulted and beaten in a Misrata courtroom, as was her father, who required hospital care after trying to protect her from the attackers. Onlookers stood idly by during the incident, and no arrests were made. Al-Newaisery said she had been threatened repeatedly before the attack.

Protesters from the Cyrenaica separatist movement took over local council offices in Beida, and put up posters in Benghazi calling for rallies against federalism. Cyrenaica National Council chief Ahmed Zubair al-Senussi declared the autonomy of the oil-rich eastern region on June 1, saying that it would start to run its own affairs as "a federal territory within the framework of the Libyan state."