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Al Qaeda-linked groups increasing contact with Salafi groups in Nile Delta and Sinai

Egyptian officials are worried that they are seizing only a fraction of the weaponry entering the Sinai Peninsula from Libya. In addition, al Qaeda-linked groups are said to be increasing contact with Salafi groups in the Sinai and Nile Delta.

Extremists attacked a Coptic church in Benghazi on Feb. 28 and assaulted the priest and his assistant. Earlier in the week, 50 to 100 Copts were arrested on charges of proselytizing and deported to Egypt; Coptic authorities said the Copts were tortured while in Libyan detention. On Dec. 30, attackers bombed a Coptic church in Misrata, killing two people.

Anxious Whispers in Tripoli

European Obstruction: NATO Reforms Moving at 'Snail's Pace'

Ansar al Sharia has re-emerged in Benghazi, maintaining a checkpoint at the western entrance to the city and controlling the road to Tripoli. Although its security role is unauthorized, the group is negotiating a deal allowing it to turn over detainees to the government. Members of another Islamist group, the Rafallah al-Sahati battalion, are also reassuming positions in the city.

Prime Minister Zeidan said a number of government officials have been sacked and replaced. A new police chief was appointed for Benghazi after protesting policemen demanded that the former chief be dismissed and the penal code be made compliant with sharia law. A prosecutor was beaten up and detained for five days in Benghazi. A terrorist cell in Bani Walid was dismantled after an explosion killed its leader, a member of the "Khamis Brigade."

Jihad mafia kills Tunisian youths

Qaddafi had 'massive' plan to destabilize Saudi Arabia: report

Libyan and US officials discussed the possible provision of US technical support to Libya's Air Force. The UK is sending a warship to Libya in April to showcase security equipment.

US officials denied access to 'Nasr City Cell' suspects

American officials have not been granted access to senior al Qaeda-linked terrorists detained in Egypt. One of them has ties to the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

A security official escaped an assassination attempt in Benghazi. Thousands protested in Benghazi demanding better security; neither government officials nor Ansar al Sharia and other Islamist groups attended the protest. Four foreigners were arrested in Benghazi on suspicion of distributing Christian books and proselytizing. The military deployed 25 armored vehicles to the east.

At Pentagon, 'pivot to Asia' becomes 'shift to Africa'

Libya asks: where are the binmen and police now its people are free

Maghreb jihadists flock to Syria

Security in Libya holding up archaeological breakthrough

Kidnappers in Tripoli seized the chairman of the Arab Contracting Union and his driver. On Feb. 10, an armed group kidnapped the deputy head of the national Fire Service and Civil Protection agency from his office in Tripoli. A car bomb exploded outside a Derna hotel. A fire started by a petrol bomb destroyed a Pepsi-Cola sugar warehouse in Tripoli. Libya's land borders with Tunisia and Egypt will be closed Feb. 14-18.

Militant Threats Test Role of a Pentagon Command in Africa

A Terror Leader Emerges, Then Vanishes, in the Sahara

Tunisia's recent turmoil exposes failings of country's young democracy

Communications with Ayman al Zawahiri highlighted in 'Nasr City cell' case

The Egyptian press has reported on two letters written by Muhammad Jamal to Ayman al Zawahiri. Jamal's trainees reportedly took part in the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. The letters do not deal with the Benghazi assault, but one of them was written less than one month beforehand.