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Young German Jihadists Fight on Side of Rebels in Syrian War

Some 170 detainees escaped from Sebha prison yesterday; some have returned voluntarily to their cells, but a large number have disappeared. Rogue militias calling for the passage of a law barring former Gaddafi regime officials from holding office continue to blockade the Foreign and Justice Ministries in Tripoli. The UN called for dialogue.

Armed gunmen in 20 vehicles blocked the Foreign Ministry, demanding that Gaddafi-era officials be banned from government positions. The militants also called for the closure of a number of embassies.

A bomb damaged a police station in Benghazi. Gunmen attacked a security battalion headquarters in Derna, killing one person, and a car bomb was discovered nearby. A bomb threat in Tripoli halted a movie festival.

FARC links with Al-Qaeda?

Security problems persist in Tripoli

A massive car bomb destroyed much of the French embassy in Tripoli and wounded two guards. The Foreign Ministry said a French-Libyan team would investigate the "terrorist act." On April 19, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb threatened to retaliate against France for its military mission in Mali. A soldier was shot in Benghazi, and the brother of a prisoner who died in an ambush of a prisoner-transfer convoy tried to blockade Tripoli airport.

A lawyers' human rights group said recent amendments to the interim Constitutional Declaration are "alarming." The latest amendment, adopted on April 9, allegedly violates citizens' rights and the principle of separation of powers.

Armed gunmen in three cars attacked a police vehicle that was transferring prisoners from central Tripoli to Tajoura. The attackers, who managed to escape, seriously wounded two guards, killed one prisoner, and took another prisoner away with them.

Congress named the constitutional election law committee. The UN Support Mission in Libya warned of a fraudulent Facebook page. A Tripoli prosecutor said alcohol and drug smugglers should be executed and those who or use drugs should be whipped. A conservative women's group aiming to help build Libya as an Islamic state held its first meeting.

Sufyan bin Qumu, a former driver for Osama bin Laden and ex-Guantanamo detainee, is said to have been shot in the Islamist stronghold of Darna. He has been linked to the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi last fall that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens. Libyan media said a colleague of Qumu's was shot in a failed attempt to assassinate Qumu, who is a founder of Ansar al Sharia in Libya. Another Ansar al Sharia commander was killed in Sirte last week.

Unknown assailants stormed into a Tripoli hospital firing weapons, causing staff and patients to flee; units from the SSC militia, which is linked to the storming of Jadaida prison on April 1, "arrested a number of the attackers." The central bank confirmed that $2 billion given to Egypt was a "deposit," not a loan; Egypt recently arrested and extradited members of the Qaddafi regime.

Unknown assailants attacked Sebha security forces for the second time in two weeks, killing three security force members and wounding four more. Twenty attackers were arrested, and weapons and stolen cars were seized. Border police arrested some Libyans who were allegedly entering the country from Egypt with pro-Qaddafi material.

In a prisoner swap deal, Libya released four Egyptian Christians who have been held for proselytizing. Libya reportedly gave Egypt a $2 billion interest-free loan. In a separate case, a South Korean Christian held for proselytizing has been released. The head of the National Oil Corporation said foreign security personnel will not be allowed to help secure Libya's oil sector; BP is reviewing the security situation. A teacher at a Benghazi girls' school was stabbed. A Qaddafi-era official in Derna was assassinated as he left a mosque.

Rogue militias challenge Libyan state security

Libya arms fueling conflicts in Syria, Mali and beyond: U.N. experts

700 Special Ops vets call for Benghazi committee

Some 23 armed militants from Ansar al Sharia stormed into the lab at the Benghazi hospital on the pretext that out of date materials were on the premises; the lab was closed for three hours as a result. Gunmen also stormed into a Tripoli hospital and killed two patients. The air force targeted a six-truck convoy of fuel smugglers near Ghadames on the Algerian-Tunisian border, killing 13 people, only two of whom were Libyans.

On a visit to Libya, US Senator John McCain dismissed rumors that the US plans to put troops on the ground to help with security, but said the US would help with training and equipment if so requested by the Libyan government. He also said that the spread of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is a "fact."

Gunmen from the Supreme Security Committee militia who took over the main prison in Tripoli threatened to release all the prisoners. Staff at the state TV station are on indefinite strike due to harassment by militias. A lawyers' group called for protection of human rights and prosecution of those responsible for attacks on Sufi shrines.