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How Libya sends weapons to Syria's rebels.

Drones in Niger Reflect New US Tack on Terrorism

Syria claims discovery of enough chemical weapons to "destroy a country"

A former Gaddhafi regime security official was assassinated in Benghazi when his car exploded. International and national bodies involved in clearing Libyan mines, munitions, and unexploded ordinance are experiencing a funding shortfall of $18.5 million.

Hundreds of demonstrators from across the country gathered in Algeria Square in Tripoli to protest the influence of armed unofficial militias. The Interior Ministry is still under siege by a militia. The government is trying to lure militiamen into employment with the police and military, and plans to send 19,500 security force members for training to the US, France, the UK, and Italy. Oil field guards and "armed groups" are disrupting the export of oil at two key terminals.

Gunmen in Benghazi attacked a car carrying the honorary French consul and his wife but they escaped unharmed. The head of the federalist Cyrenaica Transitional Council's military wing was injured and two of his companions killed in an attack outside a Benghazi TV station. Revolutionary brigades closed a border crossing to prevent Mohammed Badie, head of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, from entering Libya; Badie was arrested by Egyptian forces near the border. The Libyan Muslim Brotherhood said asylum requests by Egyptian MB members should be honored. The Zintan council leader said his forces were in Tripoli to protect the government from those who would destabilize it, including former members of the Libyan Fighting Group. A British warship arrived in Tripoli to help survey Libyan waters.

Letter from Nasr City cell member posted by Ansar al Sharia Egypt

Ansar al Sharia Egypt posted a letter in June from Tariq Abu-al-Azm, a former major in the Egyptian air force who is accused of being part of the Nasr City cell. The cell has multiple ties to al Qaeda.

An armed group continued to occupy the Interior Ministry; the Justice Ministry said it is drawing up plans to disband militias. Two security patrols in Benghazi were targeted in coordinated attacks, one by a car bomb and the other by a gelatina. The car bomb injured four security force members seriously, and three others received minor injuries.

An armed group forced the Interior Ministry to close. A British Embassy spokesman in Tripoli dismissed as "factually incorrect" a report that hundreds of British soldiers are to be deployed to Libya to help train the Libyan military. The UK has offered to train 2,000 Libyan soldiers, but the location of the training would be outside Libya, the British government said. A British press report had described "secret" plans to deploy British soldiers for a training mission possibly in Libya; it also claimed MI6 is worried that large quantities of Libyan weapons have been obtained by al Qaeda-linked groups.

Sending Missiles to Syrian Rebels, Qatar Muscles In

Maghreb women fear regression of rights

A military intelligence officer in Benghazi was killed by a bomb in his car. Militiamen stormed the Yarmouk military base in central Tripoli, killing a soldier and a senior officer, and wounding two other soldiers. The head of Al-Ruiymi prison was assassinated in Tripoli. The headquarters of the Petroleum Facilities' Guards in Tripoli was attacked by guards from the Sharara Oil field in southern Libya; three PFG guards were injured.

Libya a key terrorism transit hub, warns African Union

Two officials of the Libyan National party face blasphemy charges that could lead to the death penalty for publishing certain cartoons during the 2012 elections. A car carrying four foreign engineers employed by a Swiss energy company was attacked by gunmen; the Libyan driver and a German engineer were wounded in the attack.

In Turnabout, Syria Rebels Get Libyan Weapons

Judicial Watch obtains State Dept. images of Benghazi terror attack

Chaos, Islamist threat plague Libya's lawless desert south

Libya universities face security issues

Renewed clashes in Benghazi

Prime Minister Zeidan denied rumors that Ansar al Sharia Tunisia was involved in recent clashes in Benghazi, but a spokesman for state security in Benghazi said the attacks on government-affiliated barracks were "organized and professional" and noted that the attackers did not leave any of their dead behind. Zeidan promised to bolster security in Benghazi. A human rights activist was kidnapped at Tripoli airport. Suspected Salafists gunned down a senior judge outside the Derna courthouse.