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Gunmen from the Supreme Security Committee militia who took over the main prison in Tripoli threatened to release all the prisoners. Staff at the state TV station are on indefinite strike due to harassment by militias. A lawyers' group called for protection of human rights and prosecution of those responsible for attacks on Sufi shrines.

After Benghazi, Marines approved for crisis response force

Libyans try to rebuild community after holy Sufi site destroyed

Libya security problems persist

A senior assistant to Prime Minister Zeidan was kidnapped at a checkpoint outside Tripoli. Zeidan condemned an attack on the Justice Ministry, blamed the attack on the Tamarhind military airbase on cross-border smugglers, and dismissed reports of "large convoys" of smugglers. Unknown attackers bombed the courthouse in Derna; the judiciary suspended work there in December citing security concerns.

Al-Qaeda eyes Tunisia front

A large number of gunmen attacked the Tamahind military base near Sabha, about 500 miles south of Tripoli. A military spokesman said the assailants, who were Libyan, killed two officers and injured three more. Security forces have cleared 36 buildings in Tripoli that were used by illegal battalions.

A major Sufi shrine, the Al-Andlusi mausoleum in Tajura, was destroyed in a bombing attack by suspected Salafists. A Defense Department official denied that there are plans for the release of four Christians arrested for proselytizing.

After rioting in prison, 50 inmates escaped in Sabha; nine have been recaptured and 36 remain at large. One guard was killed and two were injured during the jailbreak. An unknown assassin fired 30 rounds at a senior member of the Thunderbird special forces outside his home in Benghazi, wounding him in the legs. Over 20 security officials have been assassinated in Benghazi over the past year.

Libya becomes an international weapons bazaar

Thousands of Libyan missiles from Qaddafi era missing in action

Libya - Why I resigned - interview with Hassan Al-Amin

New terror threat to Tunisia

Drone base in Niger gives US a strategic foothold in West Africa

"Unknown assailants" shot at members of the Tripoli Central Police Station and also shot the police chief as he sat in his car. Two policemen in Benghazi were injured by a car bomb. Tripoli Military Court sentenced seven members of the Al-Awfia brigade to prison for a June 2012 attack on Tripoli airport; 12 others were sentenced in absentia.

Libya closed its embassy in Cairo because of recent Copt protests at the embassy against persecution of Christians in Libya. In its first prisoner exchange deal since the revolution, Libya signed an agreement with Iraq for prisoner swaps and judicial cooperation.

The UN Support Mission in Libya warned of the lack of safe storage facilities for the "huge amount of weapons and unexploded ammunition of all sorts that threatens public security and is at risk of falling into the wrong hands." More allegations surfaced that Islamist militias tortured Christians in Benghazi. The main Coptic church in Benghazi was severely damaged after being set on fire by "unknown" attackers; hardline Islamists attacked the priest and his assistant at the same church on Feb. 28.

Benghazi suspect fled to Pakistan, recently detained in Libya

Al-Chalabi-Faraj.jpgA Libyan named Faraj al Chalabi has been detained in connection with the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi. It is "unclear" what role he is suspected of playing, but he fled to Pakistan afterwards. Muammar Qaddafi's regime previously said he worked for al Qaeda.

The EU delegation in Tripoli stated its "deep concerns about the continued detention and the treatment of persons held on alleged charges of proselytism in Libya." Reports, including video, have surfaced of Ansar al Sharia militiamen arresting and assaulting Egyptian Coptic Christians in Benghazi. An independent congressman who has spoken out against armed gangs and militias resigned after receiving death threats.

Insight: Islamist inroads in Mali may undo French war on al Qaeda