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Two RPG missiles hit the offices of the Port Authority in Tripoli. An explosives-rigged car blew up near a hospital in Benghazi, killing nine people. A small bomb exploded outside a Benghazi police station. No suspects have been apprehended for any of these attacks.

In Benghazi, two police stations were attacked and a bomb exploded next to a military police camp. Gunmen killed an intelligence officer in Derna. BP followed the US, France, and the UK in pulling some staff out of Libya due to security concerns. Anti-militia protesters in Tripoli blamed Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood for supporting anti-government militias. The Justice Minister said an agreement had been reached with militiamen so they would relax their siege of the Foreign Ministry; in other reports he denied any such deal.

Scores of armed militiamen attacked anti-militia protesters in Tripoli, beating and kicking them and seizing a number of men including a Foreign Ministry official. Two police stations in Benghazi were bombed in coordinated attacks this morning; one person was injured. Britain evacuated some of its staff from the embassy in Tripoli due to ongoing security concerns. The US warned Americans to avoid non-essential travel in Libya, and a US military official said US forces in Europe are on alert due to deteriorating security in the country.

The Benghazi Scandal Grows

Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference

Militiamen continue to blockade the Foreign and Justice ministries. Prime Minister Zeidan said militiamen threatened him with a grenade and a gun during negotiations yesterday. Security forces evicted irregular brigades from 56 sites in and around Tripoli.

At Benghazi hearing, State Dept. officials challenge administration review of attacks

Diplomat Says Questions Over Benghazi Led to Demotion

Defense Minister Barghathi resigned but then withdrew his resignation after being asked to remain by the prime minister and others. The government issued a statement denying that any of the ministers had resigned. Militiamen continue their siege of the Foreign and Justice Ministries. A Navy officer was assassinated in Benghazi. US military officials say that Ansar al Sharia, which was implicated in the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, continues to operate freely in the city.

Maghreb fights narco-terrorism

Al Qaeda Headquarters in Libya

Egypt claims successes in operations against Gaza smuggling tunnels

Militiamen blockaded the Foreign Ministry again, after pressing Congress to pass a law barring Gaddafi-era officials from holding public office. The militiamen now demand the removal of Prime Minister Zeidan. The Zeidan government has rejected allegations by Chad and Niger that Libya is harboring Islamist terrorists recently driven out of Mali. A top Libyan intelligence official stated that three new training camps for al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb have sprung up in southern Libya in the past few weeks. Local sources claim that al Qaeda had also planned to attack the British Council in Tripoli immediately after bombing the French Embassy on April 23.

Militias surrounding governmental ministries relaxed their siege after the Congress overwhelmingly passed a law prohibiting Gaddafi-era officials from holding office. A female photojournalist was attacked in Benghazi.

An armed militia attacked and broke up a meeting of government supporters in Benghazi. Misrata militiamen in Tripoli thwarted the kidnapping of an anti-discrimination activist in Tripoli.

Both Canada and France denounced the continuing siege of governmental ministries in Tripoli by armed militias. Clashes erupted between supporters of the government and the militias. The armed militiamen "hit" the Electricity Ministry yesterday, after blockading the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Interior on Monday, and attacking the Finance and Justice Ministries.

Sources: 3 al Qaeda operatives took part in Benghazi attack

Young German Jihadists Fight on Side of Rebels in Syrian War

Some 170 detainees escaped from Sebha prison yesterday; some have returned voluntarily to their cells, but a large number have disappeared. Rogue militias calling for the passage of a law barring former Gaddafi regime officials from holding office continue to blockade the Foreign and Justice Ministries in Tripoli. The UN called for dialogue.

Armed gunmen in 20 vehicles blocked the Foreign Ministry, demanding that Gaddafi-era officials be banned from government positions. The militants also called for the closure of a number of embassies.