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Exclusif : un repenti révèle le vrai visage de Mokhtar Belmokhtar

After GNC president Abu Sahmain abruptly changed the agenda by eliminating requests to disestablish the Libyan Revolutionaries Operation Room, which is accused of kidnapping Prime Minister Zeidan, to investigate Sahmain's support for LROR and other brigades, and to reverse his assumption of the post of Commander in Chief, 94 members of the GNC stormed out of the chamber in protest. A wedding and events hall was bombed in Benghazi. A border guard militia in Tobruk seized a shipment of 2,000,000 tablets of the opioid analgesic Tramadol being smuggled in from Egypt.

Assailants tried to kill the deputy head of crime prevention in Benghazi and wounded his brother; the two men are cousins of the city's recently assassinated military police chief. A kidnapped Benghazi immigration officer was murdered. An explosion in front of a Benghazi school being used as a training center for election workers destroyed several of the workers' cars and blew out windows in the school. Two bombs were defused in Benghazi on Oct. 24.

Former Guantanamo detainee was on ground in Benghazi during terror attack, source says

Analysis: UN adds Benghazi suspect to al Qaeda sanctions list

The UN added Muhammad Jamal al Kashef to its al Qaeda sanctions list on Oct. 18. The US government previously designated Jamal on Oct. 7. The UN noted Jamal's ties to the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, whereas the US government's announcement did not. Jamal's network continues to plan attacks.

A militia commander in Sabha claimed he recently turned down al Qaeda's offer of $1 million for some Libyan weapons; he controls a major part of an abandoned arsenal said to include 4,000 surface-to-air missiles and thousands of barrels of uranium yellowcake. Some Libyan weapons are thought to have been sent to Syrian rebels. Benghazi's Joint Operations Room reportedly claimed that a number of suspects were arrested in Benghazi for links to the assassinations of security force members; the suspects are said to be African, with the majority from Chad. Responding to a May request from Prime Minister Zeidan for advice on rebuilding Libya's defense institutions, NATO agreed to establish a small Brussels-based advisory team.

Anas al-Liby's Health Care During Terror Trial Could Gouge Taxpayers

Al-Qaeda eyes Gaddafi's uranium and missiles

Prime Minister Zeidan said Libya faces massive security challenges as its army and police forces have been "infiltrated" by persons and forces seeking to prevent its stability. He also claimed arrests have been made relating to the slew of assassinations, especially in the east, by persons who plan to "hijack the state," but said the government is not revealing their names at this time as such disclosure would put other people in danger. The government named Colonel Wanis Bukhamada as the new head of security in Benghazi; the past year has seen dozens of security officials assassinated in the city, where Ansar al Sharia is said to operate openly.

As many as 200 Egyptians taken captive on Oct. 18 by Islamist militiamen active in Benghazi were freed after their captors' demand that Egypt release 12 to 16 Libyan detainees, described variously as Libyan Muslim Brotherhood members or arms smugglers, was met. A Libyan Shield commander denied responsibility for the assassination of Libya's chief of military police, but admitted being on a list of 100 names allegedly given to the US by Prime Minister Zeidan. A former revolutionary commander was murdered in Emsalata, east of Tripoli. A car bombing seriously injured a member of the Zawia Martyrs Brigade in Sirte; the media speculated that the attack is due to "fast developing conflict in Benghazi between local tribes and Islamists." A cosmetics shop in Benghazi was damaged by an RPG.

Ansar al Sharia Libya honors Abu Anas al Libi

The Chief of Libya's Military Police, Colonel Ahmed Mustafa Al-Barghathi, was assassinated outside his home in Benghazi by masked gunmen. Two policemen were wounded in Tripoli after gunmen attacked a checkpoint; four members of a militia were arrested.

A local army commander was assassinated in Derna, considered one of the most dangerous places in Libya. A Benghazi Joint Operations Room spokesman claimed that an explosion near a police station actually targeted a plant nursery. A recent explosion that killed four Ansar al Sharia militants at a camp in Sirte is rumored to have been the result of a US drone attack.

Documents reveal NSA's extensive involvement in targeted killing program

Tripoli's Al-Ahly soccer team withdrew from the national league in protest after threats to its players and gun attacks on a player and the coach; security issues already prevent fans from attending soccer games, which are televised instead. The deputy spokesperson for the US Secretary of State disagreed with the notion that Libya was falling apart, but US businessmen have expressed concerns about growing instability, and a US Marine crisis response team was moved from Spain to Italy on Oct. 8.

Mayhem in Benghazi is being blamed on Ahmed Boukhtala, a militant leader with ties to Ansar al Sharia who is also suspected in the Sept. 11, 2012 on the US Consulate. Malta's consul in Benghazi left Libya after receiving a "credible threat" to his safety. A bomb killed a Benghazi policeman. Militants slit the throats of two soldiers in Benghazi. Four militants at an Ansar al Sharia camp in Sirte were killed while moving explosives; one of the dead militants was said to be an Egyptian, and two others were identified as Mohamed Mahmoud Al-Mashaiye and Adel Al-Forjani. Libyan professional soccer players in Tripoli are being threatened and attacked. A security official was assassinated in Zliten. Prime Minister Zeitan called the Libyan Revolutionaries Operations Room "terrorists" who want to bring down the government.

Gunmen shot and killed a senior officer in Benghazi; another senior officer in Benghazi was injured in a car bombing. A Benghazi imam also was injured in a car bombing. The Benghazi home of a Sirte commander was bombed yesterday. The Derna head of the liberal National Forces Alliance party survived an assassination attempt on Oct. 11. A fire broke out near the Foreign Ministry yesterday. Mohamed Sawan, who heads the Justice and Construction party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, called for the resignation of Prime Minister Zeidan.

The Inevitable Rise Of Al-Qaeda in Libya

Tripoli security official Abdelmonem Al-Said, who founded the Libyan Revolutionaries Operations Room militia in July, is suspected of involvement in a plot hatched a week ago to abduct Prime Minister Zeidan. The bodies of three men who had been tortured and killed were found outside the Tripoli suburb of Janzour. A car bomb damaged the joint Swedish-Finnish consulate in Benghazi. Abu Shaala, of Misrata, threatened to kill himself in Tobruk over the capture of Abu Anas al Libi.

Marines again moved to Italy as Libya falters