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The real scandal - Why are the Benghazi killers still at large?

Pentagon's hands tied on hunting down Benghazi attackers, transcripts show

Rewards offered for Maghreb terrorists

Gunmen fired 20 rounds into the Congress chamber yesterday. In the past 48 hours in Benghazi, a policeman and a special forces officer were assassinated in separate attacks, another special forces officer escaped an assassination attempt, and police station was targeted in a grenade attack. In Janzour, a councilor who also served as an imam was kidnapped. A 4x4 rally was postponed due to insecurity in Sebha. The son of Defense Minister Al-Thinni was released by kidnappers after four months' captivity. Libyan officials have announced the implementation of sharia law throughout the country.

The Deputy Minister of Industry, Hassan Al-Darole, was assassinated in Sirte. Ongoing clashes between members of the Awlad Sulieman clan and Tebu tribesmen in Sebha have killed at least 19 people and wounded 45. The former head of security in Wadi Shati near Sebha was shot dead in Tripoli yesterday. In Benghazi, an army colonel was murdered yesterday, a criminal investigations officer was critically injured by gunmen on Jan. 9, and a car bomb exploded yesterday while another bomb was defused.

Al Qaeda seeks Libya foothold

Libya Chaos Worsens

State Department designates 3 Ansar al Sharia organizations, leaders

The State Department has designated three Ansar al Sharia organizations. Two of them were involved in the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya and the third was involved in the Sept. 14, 2012 assault on the US Embassy in Tunis, Tunisia. The State Department says Ansar al Sharia Tunisia is "tied" to al Qaeda's affiliates, including al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

Georges Nasr, the head of the Benghazi office of the UNSMIL mission, died suddenly at his home in Lebanon. The kidnapped son of a Benghazi newspaper editor was freed. An explosion in Derna destroyed shops and a cafe. A prolonged shootout ensued in Sebha when gunmen attacked soldiers who were guarding the main hospital. The navy intercepted an unauthorized Lebanese cargo ship in waters near Tobruk.

Prime Minister Zeidan warned that Libyan forces would target any tankers trying to take oil from the blockaded eastern terminals without first coordinating with the national oil corporation. About 100 protesters besieged the Congress building yesterday, demanding that lawmakers vote the prime minister out of office; they left after negotiations. Former National Transitional Council head Mustafa Abdul Jalil set out the proposals of the National Dialogue Group for achieving stability and good governance. Two people, including a militia member, were murdered in Benghazi. Extra security forces have been deployed to Benghazi amid rumors that Tunisian and Algerian militants in the city are awaiting orders to take it over.

Al-Qaeda hasn't gone away, and is gaining

The tortured body of a female lawyer who was kidnapped in August was found dumped by the roadside in Tripoli. The Libyan navy intercepted a Maltese-flagged oil tanker trying to enter Libyan waters near the Sidra export terminal, which is officially closed. In the northeastern oasis town of Jalu, the local council is digging a deep trench around the town for security reasons.

The head of the Zawia Security Directorate was kidnapped outside the Prime Minister's office and held for several hours in Tripoli, then was released after intervention by the first deputy prime minister and the acting interior minister. A 77-year-old man and the young son of a newspaper editor were kidnapped in separate incidents in Benghazi. A bomb damaged a courthouse in southern Benghazi and seriously injured two security guards. New Zealand refuted reports that arrests were made in the killing of a New Zealander and a Briton in Sabratha.

The New Zealander woman killed in Sabratha has been identified, and four arrests have reportedly been made. Protesters blockading the Foreign Ministry have departed. The blockade of three eastern oil terminals continued due to the presence of armed groups.

The Congress denied reports that its head, Nuri Abu Sahmain, has been arrested. A military intelligence officer and a special forces soldier each survived assassination attempts in Benghazi yesterday. The UK Foreign Office identified the Briton killed near Sabratha as Mark De Salis, an engineer and resident of Tripoli.

A British man and a New Zealander woman were found shot dead outside the Mellitah oil complex in western Libya. Authorities in the UK and New Zealand are investigating; the two victims reportedly were teachers. The Libyan army detained two American basketball players from the campus of Benghazi University. Sebha police are investigating the murder of an athlete who played for the Al-Ahly Benghazi football team.

A senior official at Benghazi University confirmed that its Kufra campus has been closed for the past two weeks due to security threats and damage to the buildings. Defense Minister Al-Thinni agreed to the demands of protesters, including Tuaregs asking for Libyan identity numbers, who have blockaded the Sharara oil field since October.

Ansar al Sharia Tunisia denies emir was captured by US forces in Libya

Media reports claimed that Ansar al Sharia Tunisia leader Saifallah Benhassine, a.k.a. Abu Iyadh, was captured today in Misrata along with several other people. The terrorist group and the US military both dismissed the reports. In Benghazi, gunmen fired on a passport official, and a Free Libya Martyrs Battalion commander lost his hand when a bomb exploded under his car. Protesters seized the Foreign Ministry on Dec. 29, calling for the reopening of oil ports, the removal of armed militias, and an end to violence in the east, particularly in Benghazi.

The New York Times whitewashes Benghazi