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Benghazi, Libya, has become training hub for Islamist fighters

A bomb exploded outside the offices of the election committee in Derna yesterday, and today a bomb damaged the Derna offices of the Justice & Construction party, the only political party offices left in the city. Responding to criticism that it was not cracking down on criminals, the Justice Ministry claimed it was doing its job but that the police and army were not; the Ministry said criminals who escaped during the revolution are still free because the National Transitional Council had issued an amnesty for most cases.

Ali Zeidan on Libya's Struggle

A suspected arson attack destroyed a store of tank ammunition at the Brak airbase in Wadi Shatti. An official from the Sirte passport office was assassinated. The leader of the Barqa Political Bureau, the militia mainly responsible for the shutdown of Libya's oil terminals, said the terminals will reopen on Dec. 15 if the government agrees to conditions regarding distribution of oil revenues. A human rights group charged that after 32 killings in Benghazi and at least 46 in Tripoli over the past six months, authorities have not detained, interrogated, or identified any suspects.

A car bomb at the funeral of a Benghazi intelligence official yesterday killed one person and injured six others; it is thought to be the first time a car bomb has targeted a terror victim's funeral in Libya, although the tactic is common in Iraq. Ansar al Sharia criticized the GNC's recent declaration that sharia is the "only source for legislation in Libya" and "above the constitution"; the al Qaeda-linked group called the statement a "manouevre" designed to confuse sharia supporters and appease a public demanding its imposition. Yemen released three Libyan prisoners, Fuad Masaud Ali Wadi, Essam Ali Rahil Salem, and Riyadh Mahmoud Andel-Jalil Assabri, to Libya.

Britain trains Libya's army in its fight against warlords and al Qaeda

Niger's president says Libya risks becoming like Somalia

US efforts stall in capturing suspects in 2012 Benghazi attacks, officials say

Ronnie Smith, a US citizen who taught chemistry at an international school in Benghazi, was shot dead in the city. Gunmen in Benghazi also shot and killed an Army cadet and a special forces soldier. The head of Benghazi's Presidential Guards lost a leg when his car was bombed.

A General National Congress vote made sharia law the basis for all legislation and all state institutions. Protesters calling for the withdrawal of armed militias from Derna drove Ansar al Sharia militants from their headquarters in the city and set a jihadist radio station on fire. Ansar al Sharia denied firing on protesters. Car bombs in Derna destroyed the vehicles of an activist and a city councillor. Militiamen kidnapped five soldiers from a desert checkpoint southwest of Kufra near the Sudanese border. Prime Minister Zeidan is seeking to enforce the ban on militias in Benghazi.

Gunmen injured four people in an attack on protesters in Derna who were demanding security and the departure of armed militias from the city. Mahoud Al-Barasi, the Ansar al Sharia commander in Derna, claimed that the protesters did not represent the public. A member of Benghazi's Preventative Security force was shot dead outside his house. An Ansar al Sharia clinic in Benghazi that had allegedly been treating patients affected by "black magic" was bombed. The owner of a Tripoli radio station was shot dead. King Abdullah of Jordan expressed his country's "total and continuing" support for the Libyan people's aspirations toward a stable democratic state.

US plan for new, Western-trained Libyan force faces obstacles

Authorities sent back 360 Egyptians with forged visas who landed in two flights at Misrata. The British Embassy temporarily suspended operations after the Zintani guards in its Tripoli building refused to relinquish their duties to Interior Ministry personnel. An Air Force officer was shot and killed in Benghazi while taking his young son to school. Three members of the Saiqa Special Forces brigade and a policeman were murdered in Benghazi on Nov. 29. About 50 inmates escaped from Sebha central prison during a jailbreak. Border guards in the eastern coastal city of Tobruk seized a car carrying 900 kilograms of explosives, including antitank mines, as it traveled west on a desert road; the driver was arrested. The second-largest foreign oil company in Libya has suspended onshore production due to the blockade of export terminals on the coast.

Analysis: Al Qaeda seeks to spin capture of top operative

Adam Gadahn, an al Qaeda propagandist and spokesman, has released a video denouncing the capture of top al Qaeda operative Abu Anas al Libi. While calling for vengeance, Gadahn tries to portray al Libi as an innocent who was wrongly detained.

The UN Security Council approved plans to deploy an armed force of up to 235 including support staff to protect the 200 members of the UN Mission in Tripoli. An official in Benghazi asked for a special force to guard antiquities due to the absence of security in sensitive areas.

Ansar al Sharia has regrouped in Benghazi and attacked at least three army checkpoints, including a headquarters, injuring three soldiers. Two marines were murdered in Benghazi. More than 40 people have been killed in an explosion at an arms depot near Sabha southern Libya; civilians had reportedly stormed the depot. The bodies of three murdered men, including two soldiers, were found in Derna; the city council head resigned to protest the lack of security. A historic shrine in Tripoli was blown up by suspected Islamic extremists. The UK Navy's flagship arrived in Tripoli on Nov. 26 for a visit.

Ansar al-Sharia threatens Benghazi

ISIS praises slain commander who fought in Iraq, Libya, and Syria

Abu Abdullah al Libi fought against US forces in Iraq, the Ghaddafi regime in Libya, and against Bashir al Assad's regime before being killed in Syria in September.

Ansar al Sharia battles security forces in Benghazi

For the past few days, Ansar al Sharia has been battling Libyan security forces in the city of Benghazi. More than one year after the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the US mission, the al Qaeda-linked Ansar al Sharia remains a potent force.

A Tunisian Salafist with links to Ansar al Sharia in Libya and Tunisia denied that Tunisian passports seized at Ansar al Sharia's Benghazi base belonged to the group's Tunisian branch. A Derna-based militant from Ansar al Sharia threatened in a televised interview on Nov. 25 that the group would "fight people who seek democracy, secularism, and the French" and kill anyone who did not obey sharia law, and he called the government and military "apostates." A judge survived an assassination attempt in Derna. A convoy of 10 Ansar al Sharia "technicals" was prevented from traveling to Benghazi yesterday from its Derna base. Another Islamist extremist group in Derna, the Army of the Islamic State of Libya, resumed its nighttime patrols.