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A senior official at Benghazi University confirmed that its Kufra campus has been closed for the past two weeks due to security threats and damage to the buildings. Defense Minister Al-Thinni agreed to the demands of protesters, including Tuaregs asking for Libyan identity numbers, who have blockaded the Sharara oil field since October.

Ansar al Sharia Tunisia denies emir was captured by US forces in Libya

Media reports claimed that Ansar al Sharia Tunisia leader Saifallah Benhassine, a.k.a. Abu Iyadh, was captured today in Misrata along with several other people. The terrorist group and the US military both dismissed the reports. In Benghazi, gunmen fired on a passport official, and a Free Libya Martyrs Battalion commander lost his hand when a bomb exploded under his car. Protesters seized the Foreign Ministry on Dec. 29, calling for the reopening of oil ports, the removal of armed militias, and an end to violence in the east, particularly in Benghazi.

The New York Times whitewashes Benghazi

Congress, in bipartisan tone, disputes report Al Qaeda not involved in deadly Benghazi attack

Four US military personnel traveling in two SUVs were detained at a checkpoint near Sabratha, west Tripoli, and then moved to the Ministry of the Interior before they were released. One of the SUVs was reportedly set on fire. In Benghazi, a lieutenant colonel was kidnapped and an army guard was attacked yesterday, and a senior military officer was shot dead on Dec. 26. A Palestinian who was shot in Benghazi is being held under armed guard at the hospital. Over 40 prisoners escaped in a mass jailbreak in Ajdabiya; four were recaptured. The Sebha local council went on strike after gunmen attacked its offices and a grenade was thrown at a newspaper office. Protesters briefly blocked the entrances to the port of Tripoli and the Central Bank of Libya yesterday. The Libyan Muslim Brotherhood criticized Egypt's decision to designate the Muslim Brotherhood there a terrorist organization.

Tebu residents in Murzak protested against the lack of governmental protection for civilians in Ajdabiya. Two roads in Jebel Nafusa have been closed due to a lack of security. On Dec. 24 in Benghazi, gunmen killed a special forces officer, and a car bomb seriously injured a civilian. The senior body of Islamic scholars in Libya said that sharia law is supreme over the constitution and must be the basis of all legislation.

Tripoli residents reclaim their city

Five soldiers and a number of Sudanese shepherds who were kidnapped at the Alowianat checkpoint on the border with Sudan were released in exchange for two detained "smugglers"; there have been a number of kidnappings at the checkpoint. Clashes between Tebu tribesmen and Libya Shield militias in Ajdabiyia left at least one person dead, after gunmen attacked a government agricultural project north of Kufra. Last week the GNC passed a law criminalizing the possession of all kinds of weapons, including explosives.

Suicide bomber strikes security checkpoint near Benghazi, Libya

For the first time since the Libyan revolution, a suicide bomber attacked Libyan security forces. At least several Libyan soldiers were reportedly killed. No group has claimed responsibility, but the Libyan Army has blamed Ansar al Sharia.

Secret CIA testimony identifies real Lockerbie mastermind

A suicide car bomber detonated at a military base in Barsis, outside Benghazi, killing at least six people and wounding 15 more. Benghazi's newly appointed head of military intelligence was assassinated yesterday in Derna. The widow of murdered American teacher Ronnie Smith published a letter forgiving her husband's killers. Attackers stormed the Tripoli offices of two of Libya's Internet providers, forcing engineers to cut off services to all of western and southern Libya.

Police and military forces have been deployed in Tripoli to secure petrol stations, after 10 of them were vandalized and forced to close. A severed head was found in Benghazi, said to be that of the father of a senior Benghazi security official; the father was kidnapped weeks ago. The station manager for the state energy utility in Tobruk was assassinated by a car bomb; it is reportedly the first assassination in Tobruk since the Libyan revolution.

Young Tunisians Are Being Recruited to Jihad

A local council office and the car of a local leader were both bombed in Derna on Dec. 16, and a helicopter reportedly used by the military crashed into the sea off the coast of Derna, killing all aboard. The head of the Tripoli Local Council said the removal of militias is going so slowly that it has almost stopped, and that the presence of heavy weapons remains a problem. Gunmen shot a policeman in Tripoli yesterday.

Tunisia marks revolution amid security threats

CIA Benghazi team clash led to 'stand down' report

In one of the largest ever controlled demolitions in Libya, an international NGO in Misrata destroyed 50 tonnes of weapons and ammunition from bunkers damaged by NATO bombing during the Libyan revolution, including hundreds of high-explosive projectiles. Tunisia's ambassador to Libya said Tunisia still has no means to deal effectively with security issues along the Tunisia-Libya border.

Benghazi, Libya, has become training hub for Islamist fighters

A bomb exploded outside the offices of the election committee in Derna yesterday, and today a bomb damaged the Derna offices of the Justice & Construction party, the only political party offices left in the city. Responding to criticism that it was not cracking down on criminals, the Justice Ministry claimed it was doing its job but that the police and army were not; the Ministry said criminals who escaped during the revolution are still free because the National Transitional Council had issued an amnesty for most cases.