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Heavy fighting erupted in east Tripoli after reports that the leader of the Misrata Nosoor Battalion had been killed at a checkpoint; two people have been killed and 21 wounded. A central Tripoli hotel has been hit in the ongoing clash, and guests are being evacuated. A Benghazi security official narrowly escaped being killed by a bomb inside his car. A 3,000-man group called the Army of the Islamic State of Libya, under the command of Yousef bin Tahir, announced its formation in Derna, in a statement on a Qatar-backed TV station.

After three days of debate, the GNC still has not decided on the fate of the Libya Revolutionary Operations Room. Shaban Hadia, the head of the LROR, denied pressuring the GNC in its deliberations, but did admit that the LROR deployed at the GNC yesterday and "are just protecting it" from an unspecified "threat." A commander of the Misrata Nosoor battalion was injured in a clash at a Tripoli checkpoint. A major in Benghazi's General Intelligence unit died after his car was bombed. A bomb failed to detonate outside Benghazi hospital.

Defense minister Al-Thini said a new military governor is being appointed for Benghazi and that the Benghazi Joint Security Room has been reorganized. Congress voted to disband the Libyan Revolutionaries' Operations Room, which had briefly kidnapped Prime Minister Zeidan last month. Last week the BJSR reported that some 400 armed vehicles with LROR members had arrived in Benghazi from the west to help secure the city; some sources claimed they were Islamist revolutionaries. Ansar al Sharia released video of its charitable operations in Derna and Benghazi. Government militias clashed in Tripoli.

Fifteen inmates were wounded in a riot in Benghazi's biggest prison; gunmen firing from outside wounded a guard. A soldier was killed by a mine in Benghazi. A member of the government-financed February 17 brigade was killed in a car bombing in Benghazi, along with his wife and two children. A Benghazi restaurant popular with women was bombed. Prime Minister Zeidan said Italy will start conducting aerial and electronic surveillance of Libya's borders, from Owaynat, in the southeast near Sudan, all the way to the Libyan-Tunisian-Algerian border in the northwest.

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Terrorism escalates in Libya as election approaches

U.S. military commandos fought in Benghazi

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Social Media Jihad: Ansar al Sharia Libya's new Twitter feed

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An assistant to the commander of Benghazi's Rapid Intervention Security Force was murdered by gunmen outside a hospital, and an officer in the Benghazi Security Directorate escaped an assassination attempt as he drove to work. Masked gunmen killed two people and seriously wounded five more outside a Benghazi hotel in an attack on Ubaidi tribesmen who were calling for an investigation into the 2011 murder of Major-General Abdel-Fattah Younis. Algerian officials say Libya's nearly 1,000- kilometer border with Algeria is guarded by some 14 Salafist Tuareg militias, not by Libyan soldiers.

Suicide bomber strikes in Tunisia

A suicide bomber blew himself up in the coastal city of Sousse earlier today. According to Tunisian officials, the bombing was part of a planned wave of attacks. No group has claimed the attack, but it comes after weeks of escalating violence between Ansar al Sharia and the Tunisian government.

US commandos were poised for raid to capture Benghazi suspect

Benghazi witnesses grilled in secret on Capitol Hill

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After GNC president Abu Sahmain abruptly changed the agenda by eliminating requests to disestablish the Libyan Revolutionaries Operation Room, which is accused of kidnapping Prime Minister Zeidan, to investigate Sahmain's support for LROR and other brigades, and to reverse his assumption of the post of Commander in Chief, 94 members of the GNC stormed out of the chamber in protest. A wedding and events hall was bombed in Benghazi. A border guard militia in Tobruk seized a shipment of 2,000,000 tablets of the opioid analgesic Tramadol being smuggled in from Egypt.

Assailants tried to kill the deputy head of crime prevention in Benghazi and wounded his brother; the two men are cousins of the city's recently assassinated military police chief. A kidnapped Benghazi immigration officer was murdered. An explosion in front of a Benghazi school being used as a training center for election workers destroyed several of the workers' cars and blew out windows in the school. Two bombs were defused in Benghazi on Oct. 24.

Former Guantanamo detainee was on ground in Benghazi during terror attack, source says

Analysis: UN adds Benghazi suspect to al Qaeda sanctions list

The UN added Muhammad Jamal al Kashef to its al Qaeda sanctions list on Oct. 18. The US government previously designated Jamal on Oct. 7. The UN noted Jamal's ties to the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, whereas the US government's announcement did not. Jamal's network continues to plan attacks.

A militia commander in Sabha claimed he recently turned down al Qaeda's offer of $1 million for some Libyan weapons; he controls a major part of an abandoned arsenal said to include 4,000 surface-to-air missiles and thousands of barrels of uranium yellowcake. Some Libyan weapons are thought to have been sent to Syrian rebels. Benghazi's Joint Operations Room reportedly claimed that a number of suspects were arrested in Benghazi for links to the assassinations of security force members; the suspects are said to be African, with the majority from Chad. Responding to a May request from Prime Minister Zeidan for advice on rebuilding Libya's defense institutions, NATO agreed to establish a small Brussels-based advisory team.