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ISIS praises slain commander who fought in Iraq, Libya, and Syria

Abu Abdullah al Libi fought against US forces in Iraq, the Ghaddafi regime in Libya, and against Bashir al Assad's regime before being killed in Syria in September.

Ansar al Sharia battles security forces in Benghazi

For the past few days, Ansar al Sharia has been battling Libyan security forces in the city of Benghazi. More than one year after the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the US mission, the al Qaeda-linked Ansar al Sharia remains a potent force.

A Tunisian Salafist with links to Ansar al Sharia in Libya and Tunisia denied that Tunisian passports seized at Ansar al Sharia's Benghazi base belonged to the group's Tunisian branch. A Derna-based militant from Ansar al Sharia threatened in a televised interview on Nov. 25 that the group would "fight people who seek democracy, secularism, and the French" and kill anyone who did not obey sharia law, and he called the government and military "apostates." A judge survived an assassination attempt in Derna. A convoy of 10 Ansar al Sharia "technicals" was prevented from traveling to Benghazi yesterday from its Derna base. Another Islamist extremist group in Derna, the Army of the Islamic State of Libya, resumed its nighttime patrols.

At least nine people were killed and 49 were injured in clashes between Ansar al Sharia and government forces in Benghazi. All of Ansar al Sharia's bases in Benghazi have reportedly now been destroyed, and the group is said to have "disappeared" from Benghazi. An Ansar al-Islam clinic is treating Ansar al Sharia casualties. An officer in Benghazi's special forces was seriously injured by a gunman yesterday; his father is an army commander in Sirte. Ansar al Sharia has a camp outside Sirte.

A government official admitted that the militias recently told to leave Tripoli were allowed to take their weapons with them. An Iraqi professor was kidnapped in Derna. Militias have been given until Dec. 31 to vacate their Tripoli bases, including prisons; break up as a military unit; and, as individuals, join the security forces or have their wages terminated.

The Supreme Security Committee and the Zintani al Qaqaa brigades handed over their Tripoli bases to the army. A car bombing aimed at a colonel in Benghazi's police force seriously injured his brother. A spokesman was appointed for Benghazi's Joint Security Room, the third in four months. Gunmen trying to kill the deputy head of Derna's Military Council injured him seriously. Derna's power plant and the local branch of the Ministry of Social Affairs were bombed. The US plans to train up to 8,000 Libyan soldiers at a base in Bulgaria.

The head of military intelligence in Ajilat was assassinated. A 200-member unit of LHOR militia, as well as the majority of the Misratan militias, left Tripoli. A temporary media silence was imposed on the Benghazi Joint Security Room.

Rumours abound in Tripoli

A bomb attack on the convoy of Benghazi's security chief killed one bodyguard and injured another. Three people were arrested after a shooting at a Benghazi checkpoint. Libya's intelligence chief and his assistant escaped from their kidnappers at a checkpoint south of Tripoli. An army unit reportedly abandoned its base in Tajoura, allowing an armed group from Misrata to move on to Tripoli. Misrata shura and city council leaders said that Misrata militia brigades and Libya Shield units will leave Tripoli within three days.

Mustafa Nuh, the deputy chief of intelligence, was kidnapped near the airport in Tripoli. Two days of clashes between militias and Tripoli residents have left 43 people dead and some 500 wounded. Prime Minister Zeidan said no more forces should enter the city.

Libya urges judicial protection

Clashes between militiamen and Tripoli residents left at least 27 dead and over 235 wounded; the head of Tripoli's Local Council had called for a peaceful protest by residents demanding that armed militias leave the city. A Benghazi special forces officer was shot dead at a checkpoint in Benghazi. Prime Minister Zeidan refused to reveal the identities of those who are causing violence in eastern Libya, saying it would not help the situation.

Benghazi attackers reportedly knew location of ambassador's safe room

Ansar al Sharia released photos of its members patrolling in Benghazi, and complained that its Facebook account was shut down for the 10th time. An imam who was a former top security official was killed by a car bomb in Benghazi. A number of embassies in Tripoli are said to be "extremely upset" by last week's violence; at least two hotels housing embassies were hit, and guests, including senior diplomatic staff, were terrorized and robbed. The Turkish and Italian embassies were among those affected. Members of a brigade charged with guarding stores of yellowcake uranium in Sebha have gone on strike over unpaid salaries.

By a slim majority vote, the congress authorized the Libya Revolutionaries Operation Room, which briefly kidnapped the prime minister last month, to continue providing security for Tripoli. The National Oil Company is sending a tanker to Tobruk to try to lift the blockade from eastern oil and gas export terminals. Protests at the Mellitah gas complex and the Zawia oil refinery resulted in a cutoff of gas to Italy. Two former security officials in Derna were injured by car bombings. Prime Minister Zeidan continued his efforts to dismantle militias by threatening to stop wages for non-registered fighters, and calling for former rebels to turn in their weapons and join the security forces.

Bloody militia clashes rock Tripoli

Italy's foreign minister said Libya is "absolutely out of control" and noted that ENI, Libya's biggest foreign oil partner, has threatened to close wells. "Protesters" have closed all of eastern Libya's export terminals. Only hours after a Libyan military "show of force" in Benghazi, an officer in the municipal guard was shot and killed. A legal adviser to the Benghazi Defence ministry was kidnapped two days ago. The general prosecutor for the Jebel Akhdar region was killed by a car bomb in Derna, which currently has no security forces or government.

The Army of Islamic State of Libya: Derna's mystery militia

Accounts Differ to FBI and CBS on Benghazi

Heavy fighting erupted in east Tripoli after reports that the leader of the Misrata Nosoor Battalion had been killed at a checkpoint; two people have been killed and 21 wounded. A central Tripoli hotel has been hit in the ongoing clash, and guests are being evacuated. A Benghazi security official narrowly escaped being killed by a bomb inside his car. A 3,000-man group called the Army of the Islamic State of Libya, under the command of Yousef bin Tahir, announced its formation in Derna, in a statement on a Qatar-backed TV station.