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Porous borders threaten Tunisia

Two more congressmen resigned; some GNC members reportedly have received death threats telling them to resign. Reports that explosives were found at the GNC yesterday were denied. Men in military uniforms abducted a newspaper editor in Tripoli. Two people were killed and another two were injured in a house explosion in Benghazi yesterday, and an air force officer was assassinated outside a military building in the city. The OPCW said nearly 850 tons of chemical weapons precursors remain to be destroyed in Libya. Video of the US' Oct. 5 capture of wanted al Qaeda operative Anas al Libi in Tripoli was made public.

Former Attorney General Abdulaziz Al-Hassadi was murdered in Derna yesterday, and a judge in the city escaped an attempted assassination. The local council office in Adjadbiya was torched by a petrol bomb attack. Two bombs in Benghazi destroyed a restaurant and eight cars; one explosion took place near a congressman's house. A Salafist imam said to have been part of Ghaddafi's external intelligence force was murdered in Benghazi on Feb. 7. The outage at the Sarir power plant, which has continued since attacks there on Jan. 20, is putting the Libyan electricity grid at risk. Libya has sent 5,000 troops overseas for training, but critics say the process of building an army is taking too long.

Despite Signs of Progress, Security Issues Rise in Tunisia

Officials in Tripoli and Benghazi warned citizens not to participate in protests against the extension of the GNC's mandate today. More than 80 armed attackers tried to storm the offices of Libya Al-Ahrar TV in Benghazi early yesterday. The staff of another Benghazi TV station closed their office after threats and the kidnapping of their director. Both stations have been critical of Ansar al Sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood. A National Forces Alliance party official who survived an assassination attempt in Tripoli said the attackers were members of the General Staff. The National Forces party wants to dissolve the GNC; some say the General Staff is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, which does not. Two kidnapped Italian workers were freed.

A car bomb wounded a political activist in Benghazi, and last night the office of two TV stations in the city was bombed. The body of a special forces member who had been tortured was found near a Benghazi cemetery. Water pumps are being installed to address water shortages in Benghazi due to clashes and damage to the Sarir power plant. Prime Minister Zeidan urged Congress to repeal Ghaddafi-era laws against the Libyan royal family.

The army said it has not been ordered to move against forces blockading the eastern oil ports. Qaqaa Brigade commander Abu Othman Milaiqtah set off gunfire in front of the Congress building because he had to wait for a meeting with President Abu Sahmain. Foreign Minister Abdelaziz announced the destruction of all of Libya's usable chemical weapons, including 517 artillery projectiles, eight mustard gas bombs, and 45 bomb components. Libya still needs to destroy its Category 2 chemical precursor agents; the deadline is December 2016. In Benghazi, a TV station was hit by an explosion; a bombing at a school injured 12 children; gunmen attacked a hospital yesterday, injuring several patients; an official escaped an assassination attempt in Gwarsha; and Salafist sheikh Rafah Abdullah Al-Hadar was shot and seriously wounded. Niger called for a Western intervention against terrorists in southern Libya.

Kidnapping sparks Benghazi bloodshed

Libyan and US officials said all of Libya's remaining chemical weapons have been destroyed during a secret US-led operation over the past three months at a site in the Libyan desert. The French foreign ministry denied reports that US commandos are operating in southern Libya to eradicate al Qaeda forces there. In Derna, an air force colonel was assassinated and a businessman was murdered.

Authorities said 55 inmates escaped from Tripoli's Bawabat Al-Jibs prison after overpowering the five guards on duty. The jailbreak reflects the instability plaguing the country; in July over 1,000 prisoners escaped from al-Kweifiya prison near Benghazi. A Maltese ferry company filed a claim for financial damages resulting from extended laytime during the evacuation of US personnel in Libya in February 2011.

Tunisia, Libya in AQIM crosshairs

A retired Libyan colonel was assassinated in Benghazi yesterday, and the son of another Benghazi security official died from gunfire wounds received a day earlier. A driver for the military police was wounded in a separate attack yesterday. Two soldiers were kidnapped in Benghazi, and the body of a man who had been shot in the head was found in the city. Members of the 427 Brigade, traveling in 32 armed vehicles, fired Grad missiles into the Al-Shola oil facility and the Sarir power station, injuring two people and hitting electrical turbines and setting workers' housing on fire.

The son of a colonel in Benghazi's special forces was shot dead and a friend was injured by gunmen; the attack follows the kidnapping of the son of the commander of Benghazi's special forces yesterday. One man was killed and two injured in clashes between Benghazi's Special Forces and the 17 February Brigade after yesterday's kidnapping. A Benghazi pilot died from injuries received in an assassination attempt.

The son of Benghazi's special forces commander was kidnapped in Benghazi. Following the kidnapping, clashes broke out in the city, including at a checkpoint in Gwarsha controlled by Ansar al Sharia. France has denied reports that it plans to intervene militarily in southern Libya. Regional militias secured Sebha airport.

Gunmen in Tripoli attacked the armored car of Deputy Prime Minister and acting Interior Minister Sadiq Abdulkarim Abdulrahman, but he escaped the attempted assassination. Gunmen in Benghazi kidnapped an engineer and tried to murder a pilot on Jan. 27. A cameraman was wounded by gunfire during clashes in Kufra yesterday. The UN Mission in Libya expressed concern about deteriorating security in the Warshefana area. Army troops and revolutionaries claimed to have recaptured a Sehba airbase from pro-Ghaddafi forces; the latter have attacked a local castle.

France revises counter-terrorism strategy in Africa

Saudi MSC in Jerusalem fighter fought in Libya, sought to join 'mujahideen' in Somalia

Saudi national Adi Saleh Abdullah al Fudhayli al Hadhli, who died in June 2012 in an attack against Israel, had originally sought to join the "mujahideen" in Somalia. In 2011, he traveled to Libya to fight in the Libyan civil war.

Libyan Revolutionaries Operation Room head Shaaban Hadia Al-Zway, who was freed in a prisoner swap for five kidnapped Egyptian diplomats, is awaiting repatriation from Egypt; authorities said he had been detained because his Egyptian residency had expired, not for al Qaeda links. A Benghazi media activist escaped an attempted car bombing. Gunmen assassinated the head of the local council in Reyayna and injured another man. International flights in and out of Sirte airport have been suspended. The government still has not provided troops to quell fighting in Sebha, and said the reason reinforcements have been kept in Jufra is "classified."

Tough road for Sahel security

Five kidnapped Egyptian diplomats, as well as Libyan Revolutionaries Operations Room head Shaban Hadia Al-Zway, who was arrested two days ago in Alexandria on suspicion of links to al Qaeda, were reportedly freed after kidnappers holding the five diplomats gave Egypt 24 hours to release him. As a precaution, Egypt had evacuated staff from its embassy in Tripoli and consulate in Benghazi yesterday. Sebha is now said to be calm, but 99 people have been killed and 139 wounded in recent clashes; promised government forces never arrived. Schools and universities in Janzour, a few miles west of Tripoli, were closed due to ongoing clashes.