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Coup leader? CIA asset? Mystery surrounds Libya's rogue General Haftar

Wanis Bukhamada, the head of special forces in Benghazi, said his forces are allied with General Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army in fighting against Islamists; commanders of the Cyrenaenica federalists and the Tobruk air force base made similar statements. Haftar's forces claimed to have suspended the GNC. The Islamist-leaning GNC head Nouri Abu Sahmein ordered hardline Islamist forces to Tripoli to fight Haftar's forces. The al Qaeda-linked Lions of Monotheism group vowed to help Ansar al Sharia battle Haftar's forces. A 40-kilogram bomb was found near Benghazi's Benina airport. Saudi Arabia pulled its diplomatic staff from Tripoli, where fighting has spread. Authorities deported 161 Egyptians with fake entry visas.

Security concerns delay NATO assistance to Libya

Gunmen loyal to retired General Khalifa Haftar stormed the GNC. Fighting in Benghazi between Islamist militants and Haftar's Libyan National Army left scores of people dead and wounded. The army announced a no-fly zone over Benghazi, reportedly to prevent Haftar's forces from using air power against Islamists there. A bomb destroyed Ansar al Sharia's radio station in Benghazi. The violence has caused the closure of Benghazi airport.

Libyans weigh in on Ansar al Sharia

At least 12 people were killed and over 50 injured in clashes in Benghazi after Libyan irregular forces shelled bases of Ansar al Sharia and another Islamist group. Yesterday in Benghazi, gunmen assassinated two special forces members and an imam described as moderate. Ansar al Sharia eulogized him as "a great symbol among the symbols of jihad." In Derna, assailants forced a constitutional assembly candidate from her car and drove off with it. A bomb damaged the Ajdabiya courthouse. The government agreed to pay 25% of this year's Haj expenses for 8,000 Libyans.

Text of Sisi interview with Reuters

Gunmen abducted 250 Egyptian drivers, taking them to Ajdabiya, where they are being held as their captors demand the release of Libyan convicts from prison in Cairo. Clashes in Sebha left one person dead and 12 injured. In the second such incident in a week, a historic tomb was bombed in Derna. The port in Sirte shut down indefinitely due to repeated attacks and the absence of security forces.

Benghazi bloodshed escalates

Acting Libyan Interior Minister's accusations astound Europeans

Kidnapped Jordanian ambassador Fawaz al-Itan was freed by his Islamist captors in exchange for Jordan's release of jailed al Qaeda militant Mohamed Dersi; Libya recently signed an extradition agreement with Jordan on Dersi, who is now in Libya. A Libyan diplomat was kidnapped in Derna. The senior appellate court judge in Derna was shot in an attempted assassination. Judicial police went on strike for better security after five officers were killed last week in Warshefana. Armed attackers in army uniforms blew up a factory in Sebha.

The Army Chief of Staff ordered the February 17 Brigade to leave its Benghazi headquarters, following clashes in which four people were killed and at least 20 injured. In three separate shootings in Benghazi, four security officials were assassinated, including a top officer, and another was wounded. Vandals destroyed a new telecommunications station near the western city of Mizdah.

A protest in Benghazi outside the headquarters of the February 17 Brigade, an Islamist militia, turned deadly when three protesters were shot dead and 20 others were injured. Security forces raided a black market "petrol souq" in Ghat.

Syria jihadists turn on each other

Najia Muhammad Al-Taib, a heroine of the revolution in Benghazi, was injured by gunmen. Protests and violence continued in Benghazi. Gunmen beat up the manager of a Tripoli mobile phone company. Libya signed a memorandum of understanding with Jordan in negotiations to secure the release of the kidnapped Jordanian ambassador. An Islamic library opened in place of the old public library in Gharyian.

CIA's plan to retrench in Afghanistan worries US military

Colonel Ibrahim Senussi, the head of intelligence for the eastern region, was assassinated in Benghazi. Two days ago he stated on TV that Ansar al Sharia was responsible for much of the city's violence, that 58 young men who had secretly returned from Syria were planning suicide attacks, and that one of the returning jihadists had carried out the April 29 attack on the Saiqa special forces base. Bombs blamed on Islamists detonated at a mosque and at a university in Derna. Reporters Without Borders said it is "alarmed by the constant threats to journalists in Libya," particularly from militant Islamist groups such as Ansar al Sharia.

Libya reacts to bloody Ansar al Sharia assault

The GNC appointed Ahmed Maetig as prime minister, after he received one vote over the required 120. A Benghazi TV employee who had been reporting on the fighting between Ansar al Sharia and the Saiqa special forces survived an assassination attempt. In Derna, the offices that dispense pay for the army and police were bombed, and a group called Shabab Al-Muslimin (Islamic Youth) took over a former governmental building, saying it will be turned into an Islamic court and will have judges brought in from outside the country.

Ahmed Mitig, a Misrata businessman backed by Islamists, was named prime minister, but the president of the GNC instructed current prime minister Abdullah al Thinni to remain in office as Mitig lacked the requisite number of votes. Gunmen in 20 vehicles stormed an intelligence office in Tripoli on May 3, killing two people. Also on May 3, gunmen kidnapped a former Zintani GNC member in Tripoli, and shot at the Joint Security Room chief in Benghazi. Blackouts are expected from Mistata to Benghazi due to protests at oilfields.