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Sources: US weapons stolen in Libya raids, fueling Special Forces pull-out

What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria

Takfirists behind Benghazi assassinations, former official says

Why gunmen have turned off Libya's oil taps

A powerful car bomb detonated outside the Benghazi offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, injuring two guards and destroying the front of the building. The blast, which occurred on the one-year anniversary of the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, involved such a large quantity of explosives that the bomb vehicle was destroyed and two nearby buildings were also damaged. Prime Minister Zeidan blamed the attack on "a force that wants no state and to turn Libya to a battlefield of terrorism and explosion." He said a similar bomb had been found and defused yesterday outside the Foreign Ministry in Tripoli.

Dismantling Weapons Poses Logistics, Security Challenges

A retired colonel was assassinated and his son critically injured by a car bomb in Benghazi. Two government ministries closed on Sept. 8 after a "polite request" by protesters entering their offices, who said they should stop working. Libya is working on boosting military ties with Sudan. The National Security Committee said that the UN embargo on arms to Libya must be lifted in order for the country's borders to become secure.

Syria backs chemical weapons plan, bombs Damascus

Libya Thwarts Arrests in Benghazi Attack

US Marines moved closer to Libya as 9/11 anniversaries approach

Gunmen ambushed a military vehicle near Sirte, killing two soldiers and injuring a third. Gunmen in Benghazi killed two special forces soldiers in separate drive-by shootings; a special forces major was injured in an unsuccessful assassination attempt. Police are looking for an armed group of Islamist militants who attacked a checkpoint in the eastern coastal town of Sousa on Sept. 6; a guard and two militants were injured in the clash. Over 600 Egyptians who recently arrived in Libya with forged visas are being repatriated. Prime Minister Zeidan said the Libyan Brotherhood is giving "[o]nly moral support," not logistical help, to its counterparts in Egypt.

A grenade was thrown into the security force compound in Mitiga. A former intelligence officer escaped an assassination attempt in Ajdabiya; there have been 68 assassinations in Benghazi over the past two years. Former Ansar al-Sharia militia leader Ahmed Boukhtala, who has been charged by the US for the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, remains free in Libya. Sufi graves and shrines were desecrated in Mizda. The Communications and Informatics Ministry said that government websites and Facebook pages had been hacked on numerous occasions, and a fiber optic cable in Derna had been sabotaged; no suspects were named.

An armed gang forced the Egyptian consul out of his car in Tripoli yesterday and stole it; there have been a number of carjackings of diplomatic vehicles in the capital recently. The GNC's Energy Committee said Libyan oil production is at a standstill due to armed strikers at the facilities. A man was killed in clashes between armed groups, including Ansar al Sharia, in Sirte; last month Derna jihadists said they would move to Sirte after their leader, Ahmed al-Tir a.k.a. Abu Ali, the al-Farouk brigade commander whom al Qaeda recently named as emir of Sirte, was fatally wounded there.

Prime Minister Zeidan said that about 50,000 people are needed for a new intelligence agency. Authorities denied rumors that police in the eastern city of Marj had clashed on Aug. 25 with Islamist fighters from a 15-vehicle convoy bearing al Qaeda flags. Egypt's interim prime minister asked Libya to step up prevention of arms smuggling into Egypt, as smuggled weapons are said to be going to rebel tribesmen in Sinai or across into Gaza, and to provide more protection for Egyptian diplomats in Libya. The head of an NGO involved in clearing old munitions said funding is drying up, and that 32 of 43 bunkers near Misrata remain to be cleared.

US consults oil experts as it weighs action against Syria

Prime Minister Zeidan denied rumors that "foreign troops" in 1,500 vehicles were heading to Brega and the south. Libya plans to send hundreds of soldiers, including former revolutionaries, to Turkey, Italy, and the UK for military training. Masked gunmen assassinated Benghazi's top bomb-disposal expert on Aug. 23. The spokesman for Benghazi's Joint Security Room said he thought the long string of assassinations in Benghazi was made up of just "random incidents."

Security forces arrested three men suspected of involvement in a string of car bomb assassinations in Benghazi. A Benghazi prison guard was murdered. Guards foiled an attempted prison break in Tripoli; up to 12 people were injured in the clash. A two-stage rocket and gun attack on the main police station in Sebha injured 12 people; the attackers escaped. More than 10,000 Syrian refugees have fled to Libya since 2011.

Libya thinkers blacklisted online

Ansar al Sharia in Libya criticizes Muslim Brotherhood

Benghazi security forces arrested an armed group that had 14 bags of TNT explosives at a farm in the area. An armed group attacked the vehicle of a Congolese diplomat in Tripoli and injured his driver. Prime Minister Zeidan refused a demand by a minority of the congress that he resign.