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US, Pakistan heading towards collision

Hafiz Saeed still using Pakistan for 'hate India' campaign: SM Krishna

Obama Increases Pakistan Drone Strikes as Relations Sour

Islamic militants threaten war on Pakistan over Kashmir

Pakistan - DPC warns against restoration of NATO supply routes

ISAF kills Taliban's deputy shadow governor for Nuristan

Jamil ur Rahman was killed just one week after ISAF captured a liaison to the Peshawar Shura who also served as a facilitator for the Taliban's shadow governor in Nuristan.

Iran, Pakistan out to weaken Afghanistan, MPs told

Pakistan - LeT threatens to blow up Attari Integrated Checkpost

Insufficient evidence to arrest Hafiz Saeed: Gilani

India's PM, Hillary share Pak terror concerns

Pakistan dragging its feet on Mumbai mastermind: Clinton

Pakistan - Saeed asked to keep low profile, says aide

Deposed Maldives president says coup has fueled radical Islam

Pakistan doesn't support terrorists...

Pakistan - Give me more security, my life is in danger: Hafiz Saeed

Pakistan - DPC vows to stand firm against resumption of NATO supplies

Action against militants urged, 'India amenable to Kashmir talks'

Pakistan wants 'concrete evidence' on Mumbai suspect sought by US

Pakistanis burn US flags at bounty protests

'We do jihad,' says Lashkar-e-Taiba emir Hafiz Saeed

Saeed's sermon calling for jihad against the US was delivered the same day Pakistani officials claimed that Saeed was involved with "de-radicalization and rehabilitation of former jihadis" in Pakistan's Punjab province.