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ISAF captures al Qaeda's top Kunar commander

Abu Ikhlas al Masri served as al Qaeda's Kunar operations commander before he was captured in a special operations raid in Kunar in December 2010. Kunar remains an al Qaeda haven.

US troops defeat Taliban assault on base in Nangarhar

A Taliban force of 25 fighters attacked Forward Operating Base Fenty in Nangarhar province, but was routed by US troops guarding the base.

Pakistan handles Islamic extremism with kid gloves

India and Pakistan to co-operate in Mumbai attack probe

India and Pakistan to establish counter-terrorism hotline

Hafiz Saeed, the founder and chief of the Lashkar-a-Taiba and Jamaat-ud-Dawa, said Pakistani terror groups have a "right" to fight in Jammu and Kashmir to "teach India a lesson." He also said that US involvement in South Asia has set back the fight in Kashmir.

Spy game: The CIA, Pakistan and 'blood money'

Hushed deal frees CIA contractor in Pakistan

LeT founder criticises Pak govt for freeing Davis

A shooting in Pakistan reveals fraying alliance

Pakistan's Islamist parties challenge weakening government

Lashkar-e-Taiba plot to attack cricket stadiums unearthed

Mumbai attack: US links cover for ISI chief to Davis case

The CIA and Pakistan's ISI: on the high ground

Afghan intel links Jalalabad bank attack, other suicide attacks to Pakistan

Jalalabad-Taliban-terror-assault.JPGThe Taliban fighters involved in the Jalalabad bank attack spoke to their handlers over the phone during the operation.The NDS linked that and other suicide attacks to the Taliban in Pakistan.

Clinton sees Pak-US ties in limbo; urges reforms

US anti-terror official warns Pakistani group Lashkar-e-Taiba could strike in Europe or US

Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed threatened to attack India if it does not quit Kashmir, and said the US is on its way out of the region, strengthening the hand of jihadists. "If freedom is not given to the Kashmiris, then we will occupy the whole of India including Kashmir," he said. "As the US is fleeing from Iraq and Afghanistan, we will get Kashmir this year."

'LeT supplied grenades for 7 terror attacks in Bangladesh'

Terror threats to embassy in Kabul are real, says Krishna