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Terror leader lives freely near Pakistani capital

First, take Nuristan: the Taliban's new Afghan plan

Pak judge conducting trial of 26/11 suspects transferred

Denmark - Terror attack accomplice found guilty in Chicago

We have the momentum in Afghanistan

Headley provided info about LeT leaders in Pak: US attorney

Ilyas Kashmiri wanted to create Laskhar-e-Osama, target embassies

US Predators strike 3 targets in South Waziristan

The strikes took place in areas controlled by Mullah Nazir. "Punjabi Taliban," Arabs, and Uzbeks are said to be among those killed. Al Qaeda commander Ilyas Kashmiri is also reported to have been killed in the same area just four days ago.

US likens LeT to al-Qaida in "strength and organization"

ISI's Major Iqbal sought progress report on Mumbai terror plot

Slain Pakistani journalist's Mumbai attack theories from beyond the grave

ISI scripted Mumbai attack, Qaida cleared it: Shahzad book

WikiLeaks: Pakistani intelligence 'continues to offer support to terrorist groups'

Cannot defend Hafiz Saeed in US lawsuit: Pak govt to court

In evidence: a terrorist's to-do list

Pakistani ISI 'S Wing' aids terror groups in South and Central Asia

Pakistani military worried about collaborators in its ranks, officials say

Hizbul Mujahideen chief: Pakistan allows terror group to run 'hundreds of training camps'

"Our mujahideen can come and go at their own will," the head of the Hizbul Mujahideen said. "There is no question that the army can stop us."

Pakistan-based LeT 'in same rank' as al Qaeda: US

Mysterious 'Major Iqbal' is Pakistan's latest albatross