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Russian Media Suggests Moscow 'Grand Theft Auto' Gang Linked To Islamic State, Central Asia

China urges central Asian neighbors to step up extremism fight

US vacates Manas base in Central Asia as Russia's clout rises

Analysis: Blowback from the Syrian jihad has begun

In well over a dozen countries, evidence has emerged that jihadists who trained or fought in Syria are engaging in terrorist activities in their home countries and elsewhere.

Boston bomber's widow cozies up to his mother in Kyrgyzstan

Authorities recently announced the arrest of six suspected terrorists in Osh on Feb. 14. Some of the suspects allegedly trained in international terrorist group camps in Syria and fought there before returning to Kyrgyzstan. The suspects were said to be planning attacks in Osh and Bishkek. Kyrgyz fighters are known to have traveled to Syria and some have joined the Al Nusrah Front.

Turkmenistan: The Achilles Heel Of Central Asian Security

Pentagon shifting Afghan logistics hub to Romania from Kyrgyzstan

A Kazakh national and two Kyrgyz citizens who recently returned from fighting in Syria have been arrested in the southern region of Osh on terrorism charges. Authorities say the three men had been dispatched from Syria by the Union of Islamic Jihad (IJU) to conduct terrorist activity in Kyrgyzstan.

A court in Bishek sentenced nine members of Jaishul Mahdi (Army of the Righteous Ruler), a mainly ethnic Kyrgyz terror group, to prison terms ranging from 22 years to life. The group was accused of several bombings and attempted bombings in 2010 and early 2011, including a plan to attack Manas Air Base.

Diary Of An MKO Rent-A-Crowd Demonstrator

The parliament voted 91-5 to terminate the US lease agreement for Manas Transit Center in July 2014, when it runs out. US operations at the base are slowing as the Afghan war winds down, and they dropped 30% in the first quarter of this year. The legislation is expected to be signed by President Atambayev, who has been against renewing the lease.

Conspiracy Theories in Kyrgyzstan: Accounts Tie Boston Bombers' Family to Mafia

The bodies of two US crew members from an Air Force refueling tanker that crashed near Chaldovar were found; a search is on for a third crew member. Officials said the plane appeared to explode in midair. At least 15 men from Kyrgyzstan are said to have traveled to Syria to fight with the rebels. Fighters from Chechnya, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Dagestan, and Russia are also said to have gone to Syria.

A US Air Force tanker used for refueling planes over Afghanistan crashed and burned shortly after takeoff from Manas airport. The status of the reported five-person crew remains unknown.

Families Fear Kyrgyz Sons Are Making Way To Syrian Battlefield

Mystery Swirls Around Boston Bombing Suspect's Trip To Daghestan

Kyrgyz Former Neighbors Talk About Tsarnaevs, North Caucasus Ties

Profile: Tamerlan And Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

After The Afghan Pullout, The Dangers For Central Asia