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Jihadist ultimatum sparks Christian exodus from Iraq's Mosul

World should help 'generous' Kurdistan: UN refugee chief

ISIS in control of 60 percent of Syrian oil: sources

Top Kurdish spy chief says French jihadists fighting in Iraq

ISIS recruits Kurdish youth, creating a potential new risk in a peaceful part of Iraq

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Turkey paying price for jihadist highway on border

Iraqi Kurdistan makes first oil sale amid exports row

Kurds could opt out of Iraqi government

Iraq's Kurds dig trench to block militants

Iran's one-stop shop for US Army gear

Syrian Kurds blame Iran, Turkey for ISIS attacks

Syrian Kurds, rebels find common enemy in ISIS

Syria's 'third force' Kurds may emerge stronger from conflict

Kurdistan's "Islamic" parties seek to downplay Islam

Special Report: Amid Syria's violence, Kurds carve out autonomy

Syrian Kurds celebrate war-torn country's first civil marriage