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Killing Lions, Buying Bombs

Authorities are investigating the cause of a fire at Nairobi's international airport yesterday that resulted in the temporary shutdown of the airport and the destruction of much of the international arrivals terminal as well as the offices of the Kenya Airports Police Unit, the National Airport Services, and the Immigration and Customs department. A Belgian and two Frenchmen who are linked to al Qaeda and Shabaab are seeking to be released from jail; they are wanted by Belgian authorities and are associates of terror suspect Hassan Kafi, who is in Belgian custody.

The Dutch embassy warned Dutch citizens in Kenya that it had received indications of a possible terrorist attack on Thursday or Friday; a large shipment of explosives destined for Mombasa was intercepted earlier this week. Abubakar Shariff Ahmed a.k.a. Makaburi denied allegations in a recent UN report that he is providing "operational direction and guidance," despite being incarcerated, to terrorist groups, including Tanzania's Ansar Muslim Youth Centre and Kenya's Al Hijra, both said to be affiliated with the al Qaeda-linked Shabaab. Police are investigating the March 4th Movement, which is attempting to mobilize Kenyan youth in an Arab spring-type revolution.

Police in central Nairobi discovered 403 rolls of ammonium nitrate disguised as books in a bus that was headed for the inland city of Voi. The driver of the bus was arrested and interrogated about the explosive cargo, which had been sent from Tanzania, and was destined for Mombasa.

Drones increasingly opposed: Poll

Exclusive - Kenyan peacekeepers aided illegal Somalia charcoal export

A grenade attack at a camp for displaced people in Mandera county killed at least 15 people and wounded 20 more. No group has claimed the attack, but the attackers are said to have come from Ethiopia. The Police Inspector General said intelligence reports suggested that local politicians were funding inter clan militias involved in the killings.

The Anti-Terrorism Unit tracked down and killed a suspect who is said to be behind a grenade attack in Nairobi that wounded four people. The Shabaab suspect was killed in the Eastleigh neighborhood. More than 500 Kenyans are thought to have waged jihad in Somali with Shabaab.

Seven people were wounded in a grenade attack at a church in Mombasa. Three more people were wounded in a bombing in the Eastleigh neighborhood, an area in Nairobi that is know to have Shabaab sympathizers.

The head of Kenya's antiterrorism police said Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo was arrested with five other men near the Somalian border in 2010 who were trying to train and fight with Shabaab. He was handed over to British authorities in Kenya. An unnamed Kenyan antiterrorism officer claimed, however, that Adebolajo had been questioned briefly but then released, and denied allegations that Adebolajo had been tortured. Shabaab killed two policemen and four civilians in attacks at two refugee camps near Garissa.

Suspected Shabaab member Felix Nyangaga Otuko and his Somali wife were shot dead by police after the couple threw four grenades at the police during a raid on their Nairobi apartment. Otuko is linked to two grenade attacks in Kenya in October 2011.

Kenya: Countering the Radicalization of Kenya's Youth

Kenyan court gives life sentences to 2 Iranians for terror plots

A Kenyan court sentenced Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammed and Sayed Mansour Mousavi, two suspected IRGC Quds Force members, to life in prison for plotting attacks against Western and Israeli targets in Nairobi. Muslim authorities in Garissa criticized police methods and searches in mosques as an operation to flush out Shabaab militants in the town entered its third week.

Two Iranians believed to be part of the IRGC's Quds Force were found guilty of planning attacks. The two men, who were allegedly plotting to attack Western and Israeli targets, were arrested in June 2012. They will be sentenced on May 6 and face up to 15 years in prison.

A masked gunman killed nine people at a hotel in Garissa, near the Somali border. Security officials said that al Qaeda (Shabaab or al Qaeda in East Africa) was behind the deadly attack.

The Mombasa trial of suspected terrorist Jermaine Grant is being moved to a high-security complex due to a new "security threat." Grant's accomplices Fouad Manswab and Samantha Lewthwaite are at large and reportedly planning an attempt to free him; authorities recently arrested two men allegedly linked to a plot to free Grant.

"Gunmen" killed seven people in the village of Malele near the Somalia border. A Kenya official claimed they were shot inside a mosque, but a witness said they were killed inside their homes.

A suicide bomber killed a Kenyan soldier in an attack in Wajir. Two policemen and a civlian were wounded in the blast, which took place near a bank.

Suspected Shabaab militants opened fire at a restaurant in Garissa, killing at least five people, including a senior prison officer, and wounding four more. An informer had helped plan the attack, according to witnesses. Security in northeastern Kenya has been heightened amid reports that Shabaab militants have crossed the border.