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Jihadist networks share first photo of 'Nairobi mall attackers'

Kenyan forces end Shabaab's siege at mall

President Kenyatta said that five Shabaab fighters were killed and 11 more were captured. Sixty-two civilians and six Kenyan troops were killed during the attack on the Westgate Mall.

In Kenya, the fear of terrorism was a constant companion

Shabaab threatens 'big surprise' as siege at Kenyan mall continues

Kenya : How 'white widow' Samantha Lewthwaite has escaped anti-terror police traps all along

Kenya : Detectives put Westgate Shopping Mall tenants on spot as investigation takes new turn

Israeli officials confirm sending experts team to advise on Kenya standoff

Authorities arrested "more than 10" suspects, including four at the airport, who are thought linked to the Shabaab assault on a Nairobi mall. The death toll was revised to at least 62; the military said all floors of the mall have been cleared, but there were also reports that some gunmen remained. A Shabaab commander said the assault was well organized. Kenyan authorities believe foreign fighters were part of the assault team. Wanted British terrorist Samantha Lewthwaite is suspected of involvement in the attack.

Kenya Mall Carnage Shows Shabab Resilience

The death toll in the Shabaab attack on the Nairobi mall has risen to 68. Some 10 to 15 attackers are thought to be still holding hostages inside the mall as security forces surround the area. President Kenyatta said Kenya will not relent in the war on terror and also said Kenya's ethnic and cultural diversity is its strength. Shabaab resumed tweeting about the operation.

Shabaab suicide teams target civilians in assault on Kenyan mall

At least 59 people have been killed and over 150 wounded in the largest terrorist attack in Kenya since al Qaeda's 1998 bombing of the US Embassy. The Shabaab assault teams singled out non-Muslims for execution. The attack is similar to Lashkar-e-Taiba's assault on Mumbai in 2008.

Shabaab militants carried out a massacre at a Nairobi mall, shooting at least 39 civilians dead and taking hostages. The group claimed the ongoing attack, saying it was shifting the battleground to Kenya after Kenyan troops had fought Shabaab in Somalia. At least 150 people have been injured in the attack, including several Americans. The attackers, who included a woman, asked Muslims to leave the mall before the attack began.

Competing jihadist groups comment on reports of Hammami's death

British citizen Jermaine Grant, alleged to have links to Somalia's Shaabab, has been acquitted of charges related to robbery and raiding a police station. He will still face a separate trial in Mombasa regarding the possession of chemicals, batteries, and switches, which were allegedly for making explosives.

Authorities warn Shabaab may be planning attacks in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa to commemorate the assassination of a radical Muslim cleric. Sheik Aboud Rogo was killed on Aug. 27, 2012 when unidentified gunmen opened fire on his car.

Kenyan troops have killed several Shabaab militants among a group of about 20 near the border town of Hulugho; the remaining militants fled. A few days earlier, Shabaab forces raided a regional administration police camp in Garissa, killing four people and burning down the camp.

Shabaab claimed it killed five policemen during a raid on a police post in Galmagala. More than 40 Shabaab fighters attacked the police outpost. Officials said that four policemen were killed.

Killing Lions, Buying Bombs

Authorities are investigating the cause of a fire at Nairobi's international airport yesterday that resulted in the temporary shutdown of the airport and the destruction of much of the international arrivals terminal as well as the offices of the Kenya Airports Police Unit, the National Airport Services, and the Immigration and Customs department. A Belgian and two Frenchmen who are linked to al Qaeda and Shabaab are seeking to be released from jail; they are wanted by Belgian authorities and are associates of terror suspect Hassan Kafi, who is in Belgian custody.

The Dutch embassy warned Dutch citizens in Kenya that it had received indications of a possible terrorist attack on Thursday or Friday; a large shipment of explosives destined for Mombasa was intercepted earlier this week. Abubakar Shariff Ahmed a.k.a. Makaburi denied allegations in a recent UN report that he is providing "operational direction and guidance," despite being incarcerated, to terrorist groups, including Tanzania's Ansar Muslim Youth Centre and Kenya's Al Hijra, both said to be affiliated with the al Qaeda-linked Shabaab. Police are investigating the March 4th Movement, which is attempting to mobilize Kenyan youth in an Arab spring-type revolution.