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Samantha Lewthwaite 'received British passport before going on run'

The interior minister fired 15 immigration officers for endangering national security by issuing ID documents to illegal aliens. He said some refugees from neighboring unstable countries have planned terror attacks from Kenyan refugee camps.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Lenku said the forensic report on the Westgate Mall attack will be out soon. Christian leaders in Mombasa protested after pastors were killed in Mombasa and in Kilifi. The pastor of the Mombasa church, which is situated very close to the controversial Masjid Musa, had received death threats. Rioting over the killing of a Mombasa imam on Oct. 4 by unknown assailants led to the burning of a Salvation Army worship center in Majengo on Oct. 11.

Al-Shabaab hate video 'threatens prominent British Muslims'

Investigators recovered four AK-47s and a human skull from the Westgate Mall site. Newly released CCTV footage shows attackers using their cell phones during the siege. Police are said to be holding three prime suspects, who are to be arraigned next week; over 60 suspects have been arrested, interrogated, and released. The US donated bomb disposal equipment to the Criminal Investigations Department.

Nairobi's chief criminal investigator said so far none of the key suspects in the Westgate Mall attack have been apprehended. Detectives are also looking for at least eight suspects thought to have been indirectly involved in the attack; four were seen on CCTV footage from the mall. Security forces monitored two elite high schools outside Nairobi after a threat was made to target the schools during prayer time. The families of two Westgate Mall terror suspects blamed extremist clerics for their sons' decision to join Shabaab. Leaked intelligence reportedly said "thousands" of Kenyan youth from Mombasa have joined the terror group. A youth was killed and his siblings injured when a grenade they were playing with exploded in Mandera.

'White Widow' Lewthwaite 'Key' In Al Shabaab

A Kenyan intelligence report describing a journal kept by wanted UK terrorist Samantha Lewthwaite states that the al Qaeda-affiliated Shabaab terror network extends to a large number of countries, including Somalia, Uganda, Burundi, Zambia, Tanzania, Mali, South Africa, Yemen, and Pakistan. Lewthwaite, who is said to be a "logistician" for Shabaab, remains at large. She is thought to be married to Fahmi Jamal Salim, another key operative in the group. Intelligence officials are said to be concerned that al Qaeda affiliates have gained access to Libyan chemical weapons, and that Shabaab may be planning chemical weapons attacks in Kenya.

Police are looking for a Somali resident now living in Norway who is suspected of planning the Westgate Mall attack; some of the planning is said to have taken place at Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp. Swaleh Abdalla Said appeared in court after being accused of involvement in planning the Westgate attack. A witness said Swaleh was recruited by Shabaab in 2004. Other suspects have also been arrested recently, including Shabaab member Said Nassir Haidar. So far none of the bodies of the attackers have been found in the rubble of the mall.

Kenya mall attackers' bodies still not found

Norwegian authorities looking for Westgate massacre suspect

The subject of the investigation is a Norwegian citizen of Somali origin who was allegedly involved in the planning and execution of the deadly attack at a Nairobi mall last month.

Extremist Group Gains Foothold Among Kenyans

Nairobi airport fire: FBI blames electrical fault

Police released photos of two suspects in the Westgate Mall attack, Abdikadir Haret Mohamed a.k.a. Mohamed Hussein, a Kenyan; and Adan Dheq a.k.a. Hussein Abdi Ali a.k.a. Abdulahi Dugon Subow, a Somali national. Rewards of Sh500,000 each were offered for information leading to the capture of the two men, who owned a car used by the attackers. Police also arrested a former wife of Abdikadir. Authorities are said to be planning to name other suspects also, including a woman. Kenyan intelligence has warned of a persistent al Qaeda threat.

Kenyan Riots Pivot on Religious Conflict

Terror in Westgate mall: the full story of the attacks that devastated Kenya

Thievery Comes After Carnage at Kenya Mall

Kenya names 4 jihadists involved in Westgate mall assault

The Kenyan military named four dead Westgate Mall attackers, including their al Qaeda-trained leader, Abu Baara al-Sudani. The three others are Omar Nabhan, a Kenyan Arab who had lived in Somalia; Khattab al-Kene, a Shabaab-linked Somali said to be "an associate of Ramzy from Mogadishu"; and a man identified only as Umayr. Kenyan authorities are said to be holding nine suspects and have said that five attackers were killed. Others may still be at large. Police searching for Shabaab militants raided a Somali-run hotel in Kitui town, but arrested no one. Police are said to be looking for a cleric, Sheikh Abubakar Shariff, a.k.a. Makaburi, suspected of supporting terrorism.

Terror in Westgate mall: the full story of the attacks that devastated Kenya