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Norway - Hundreds of immigrant kids sent abroad to study

Radical Muslim youth took control of a mosque in Mombasa and renamed it Masjid Mujahideen; the youth are said to be from another Mombasa mosque that was renamed Masjid Shuhadaa (Martyrs' Mosque) in March. A Swedish man of Somali origin has been arrested on suspicion of recruiting for Shabaab. Interior Secretary Lenku said 101 suspected illegal aliens have been screened at a sports stadium, not 4,000, and that 82 were deported to Somalia.

Kenya - Will Police Swoop Improve Security?

Kenya sends back 'illegal' Somalis after Nairobi raids

Over the past four days, security forces have arrested over 3,000 illegal Somali residents in Nairobi; some 1,000 are being held in a sports stadium. Interior Secretary Lenku said 4,000 people have been detained across the country for fraudulent documents or on suspicion of criminal activity. Teachers at the Samad Islamic Institute in Eastleigh protested that alleged bomb-making materials found during a security sweep were actually honey and black seeds oil. On April 4, the US revised its travel warning on Kenya in light of recent attacks, and said security reasons prevent US Embassy personnel from traveling to areas of northeastern and coastal Kenya.

Terror Leader Suspected of Recruiting White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite to Al Qaeda Shot Dead

Some 6,100 police and soldiers looked for illegal immigrants and suspected Shabaab members as well as weapons and explosives in Nairobi's Eastleigh neighborhood; Somali leaders in Kenya opposed the sweeps. Hassan Mahati Omar, a Muslim cleric in Eastleigh, and his wife Fardosa Mohammed Abdi were found guilty of belonging to a Kenyan Shabaab cell and possessing two hand grenades. Mombasa police dispersed protesters after speakers at the Shuhadaa mosque (formerly Masjid Musa) urged Muslims to avenge the death of Shabaab-linked cleric Abubakar Shariff a.k.a. Makaburi by beheading non-Muslims. Leaflets promoting jihad were distributed in Mandera county.

Police stepped up patrols in Mombasa after the killing of radical cleric Abubaker Shariff Ahmed a.k.a. Makaburi, who was buried last night and and praised as a "martyr." Just a week ago, he won a damages from the government for unlawful detention of his property during an antiterrorism raid. In Nairobi's Eastleigh suburb, police defused an IED on a road near Moi airbase, and arrested a man and his wife who had two grenades. Officials said some Somali refugees will be repatriated, and security will be heightened at prisons as terrorists are planning attacks from them.

Abubakar Shariff Makaburi, a prominent Islamist accused of recruiting and raising funds for Shabaab, as well as advising the Kenyan Islamist group al Hijra, has reportedly been killed in a shooting outside Shimo la Tewa Prison in Shanzu near Mombasa. Police arrested over 627 suspects in Nairobi after six people were killed by bombs in Eastleigh yesterday; at least 200 of those arrested are believed to be Shabaab sympathizers. A militia attacked a bus on the road from Mandera to Nairobi, killing a passenger and wounding three others.

Police said two suspects arrested on March 11 with a car bomb near a Mombasa mall were in contact with Shabaab militants in Somalia linked to the Westgate Mall attack. Security forces said two terrorists killed in a March 28 shootout in Likoni were Shabaab returnees involved in a "holy war" in retaliation for Kenya's role in Somalia. Terrorists threw explosives at a food kiosk and a bus stop in Nairobi's Eastleigh neighborhood, killing at least six people and injuring 10 more. A grenade maker in a house near the Al Bushraa Islamic Centre in Eastleigh died in a premature detonation. A grenade was found in a Lamu church on Sunday. Deputy President Ruto authorized security forces to shoot terrorists and said churches and mosques must not be used for extremism. Police have begun vetting airport workers.

Intelligence officials are examining three mobile phones seized during a March 11 raid in the Mombasa suburb of Changamwe on suspected Shabaab members, including Abdiaziz Abdi, a Somali national thought to be the mastermind of a recently foiled terrorist attack. His phone indicated he had been communicating with contacts in Gedo, Somalia, prior to his arrest. Police arrested 77 people on drug abuse and loitering charges in Kwale, a coastal region south of Mombasa. The UN denounced the government's recent order for some 50,000 Somali refugees to move to two camps.

UN: Over one million displaced by South Sudan conflict

During a shootout in the Mombasa suburb of Likoni, police killed two suspects in last week's attack on a Likoni church. Authorities are seeking to transfer the trial of accused Shabaab member Sheikh Abubakar Shariff Abubakar a.k.a. Makaburi from Mombasa to Shimo La Tewa prison for security reasons. Somali community leaders in Kenya agreed to form a task force to help security officials identify terrorists.

Kenyans enhance vigilance as threats of terror attack rise

Digging Trenches: Al Shabaab in Kenya

Security forces aided by the FBI are trying to prevent rumored "dirty bomb" or car bomb attacks in Mombasa and Nairobi as well as disrupt a Shabaab plot said to involve Ugandan tanker trucks. Police in Mombasa were given shoot-to-kill orders. After the deadly attack on a Likoni church on March 23, the Interior Ministry ordered all urban-dwelling Somali refugees to move to the Dadaab or Kakuma camps; the order affects hundreds of thousands of refugees. A Muslim leader claimed that police had been warned about the Likoni attack but failed to take action.

Authorities arrested 59 suspects in the March 23 shooting at a Mombasa church in which five people were killed and at least 15 were wounded. Police in Nairobi said that security has been stepped up following the discovery of four empty boxes of ammunition in the basement of a Nairobi shopping mall yesterday.

Two or three suspected Shabaab gunmen stormed a church in Likoni, outside Mombasa, and fired at the congregation, killing the pastor and three worshipers and seriously injuring 10 others, including three children. Witnesses claimed that the gunmen shouted in a foreign language.

Terror suspects Abdiaziz Abdullah Abdi and Isaak Noor Ibrahim were arraigned on charges relating to a Shabaab plot to bomb buildings in Mombasa. Two other suspects, Mohammed Daayo, a Somali national, and Shadrack Nicholas, a Kenyan, were arrested in Mombasa on March 18. The alleged mastermind of the plot, said to have been arrested on March 18, reportedly "slipped through a police dragnet" into Tanzania, and is being sought by Interpol. Security officials from the UK as well as the FBI are assisting Kenyan forces with counterterror operations. Collusion between Kenyan security officers and terrorist suspects has caused authorities to move 145 inmates charged with terrorism to maximum security prisons.

Authorities in Mombasa, assisted by the FBI, have arrested two Somalis, Izak Noor and Abdiaziz Abdi, suspected of planning suicide bombings in Mombasa county. A third suspect was arrested today, and security has been heightened following a warning from Uganda that Shabaab was planning an attack involving oil tankers. Police also seized explosive devices from the suspects' car, and are trying to track down the car's owner. Kenyan intelligence has learned that Shabaab militants are operating at least six shops in downtown Nairobi.