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Shabaab in Kenya's slums

Kenya shocked by Shabab terror

Kenya bus attack: Military 'kills 100 Shabab militants'

Shabaab gunmen killed 28 non-Muslims, including nine women, after ambushing a bus in Mandera near the border with Somalia. Shabaab claimed the attack, saying it was retaliation for government raids in Mombasa earlier this week. The Australian Navy intercepted a shipment of $155 million-worth of heroin off the East African coast on Nov. 17; Australian authorities said the interception was part of a multinational task force effort to disrupt terrorist funding derived from the drug trade in the Indian Ocean.

Kenyan police announced the arrest of 10 suspected Shabaab operatives at the Somali border on Nov. 12. Two of the suspects are women who authorities claim intended to conduct suicide attacks.

Kenyan Muslim cleric Salim Bakari Mwarangi shot dead in Mombasa

Suspected Somali Islamists abduct Kenyan traders

Kenya to stay course in quest to stabilize Somalia: President Kenyatta

A top Kenyan antiterrorism police official said two German men suspected of membership in Shabaab were being held after arriving in Nairobi from Somalia on Aug. 29. Members of the Mombasa Republican Committee rejected allegations by the chief of police that the group is linked to Shabaab.

President Kenyatta urged police chiefs from 13 African countries to share intelligence on terrorism, and to crack down on the illicit trade in wildlife products that helps to fund terrorism. The Special Police unit shot and killed three "thugs" in Nairobi's Gigiri neighborhood, a short distance from the US Embassy and UN complex, after trailing the suspected robbers, who had reportedly hijacked a truck full of gas canisters shortly before being intercepted; authorities also confiscated police radios, guns, and ammunition. Suspected Shabaab gunmen attacked a police station in Garissa on Aug. 18, injuring a woman and stealing two rifles.

Security is being stepped up in Lamu county after 20 heavily armed attackers blocked a road, forced riders out of their cars, and killed at least two of them. The suspected Shabaab attackers beheaded at least one of the victims and kidnapped others, and stole two cars.

East African rapid reaction force ready by December: officials

A leaked national intelligence report said that three Kenyans -- Sheikh Ahmed Iman Ali, Abdikadir Mohamed Abdikadir, and Abu Sandheere -- are suspected of masterminding Shabaab's September 2013 Westgate Mall attack. A think tank report warned that terrorism presents a threat to economic growth in at least eight of Kenya's counties.

Kenya police say trail gone cold in 'white widow' hunt

Police announced the recent arrest in Nairobi's Eastleigh suburb of suspected Shabaab operative Hassan Hanafi Haji, who is accused of killing Somali journalists as well as other attacks. The suspect, who claimed he was not Haji, had come from Somalia to Kenya for medical treament. A large group of attackers threw grenades at government offices in Mandera on Aug. 4; Shabaab is suspected in the attack. Two men were charged with recruiting for Shabaab. An arrest warrant was issued last week for a police officer investigating a case involving British terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite and a Kenyan accomplice. Since the case against Lewthwaite, who was charged in absentia, was filed on Jan. 4, 2012, it has been mentioned 28 times before different judges.

Suspected Shabaab gunmen in in the Mombasa suburb of Likoni opened fire on civilians, killing at least four people and injuring more than 10 others. Leaflets distributed by the gunmen claimed the attack was revenge "for our brothers who were killed in Mpeketoni." Security forces claimed to have destroyed three militant training camps and to be zeroing in on the Lamu killers in the Boni Forest, where the military has been conducting airstrikes and ground operations over the past week.

Suspected Shabaab militants ambushed a bus near Witu in Lamu county, killing at least five people, including a policeman, and wounding eight passengers, of whom four were policemen. The bus was traveling from a resort town.

Kenyans fleeing to prison for safety in Lamu

Residents and businesses are suffering from insecurity due to Shabaab attacks in the coastal province of Lamu; leaflets are circulating warning non-Muslims to leave. Foreign Secretary Mohammed said Kenya's travel advisory warning Kenyans about the UK's Heathrow airport due to the danger of al Qaeda terror attacks was not retaliatory; the UK had recently warned its citizens to avoid travel to Mombasa. Eastleigh residents complained of extortion by police making false arrests of alleged "Shabaab" suspects. Witnesses said that the 50 Shabaab gunmen who stormed two villages in Lamu on July 12 briefly took over a mosque, where they delivered a delivered a 30-minute sermon calling on worshipers to support their jihad.

Kenyan forces, including aircraft, searched the forests of Gorji and Belasange in Lamu county, looking for suspected Shabaab fighters who have attacked and raided villages and farms in the area. During a raid in the forests of Kilifi county, seven members of the secessionist MRC were arrested, and guns and weapons were confiscated; some 1,000 youths were arrested in a separate security operation. On July 11, gunmen in Mombasa murdered prominent businessman Mohamed Shahid Butt, who was to face trial next month on charges of financing the radicalization of Muslim youth.