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Jordan Islamists denounce Egypt's brotherhood ban

Private donations give edge to Islamists in Syria, officials say

US weapons reaching Syrian rebels

As Syria deteriorates, neighbors fear bioweapons threat

Prime Minister Ensour said Jordan would take no part in a military intervention in Syria, and that Jordan supports a peaceful resolution to the Syrian conflict. He stated that Jordan's cooperation with the US has been limited to training Jordanian troops to confront operations that may involve chemical weapons. The terrorism trial of al Qaeda-linked cleric Abu Qatada begins next week.

Middle East - Christian figures to hold coordination talks over growing threat

Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees stranded on Jordanian border

Abu Qatada's Jordan trial to start within ten days

Syria crisis: Where key countries stand

Proliferation of armed groups in Syria points to long war

Information Minister Momani said that "Jordan will not be a launching pad for any military action against Syria," and called for a consolidated effort by the international community to find a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis. The Islamic Action Front, the Muslim Brotherhood's political arm in Jordan, denounced US plans for a military intervention in Syria. The head of Jordan's Salafi jihadists also criticized the plans, and vowed resistance from Islamist groups to any attempt at interference in Syria. More than 1,000 Jordanians are believed to be fighting with Islamist groups in Syria, with about 80 percent of them in the Al Nusrah Front, an al Qaeda affiliate.

What are the West's military options in Syria?

Jordan king urges Muslim clerics to fight Syria sectarian strife

Jordan Asks for Assistance in Securing Syrian Border

World leaders condemn Egypt violence; Islamists back showdown

US eyeing Syrian opposition alliances, chemical weapons moves

Border police arrested a group of Jordanians and other Arabs who were trying to smuggle a large quantity machine guns and ammunition into Jordan from Syria. A leading Muslim Brotherhood figure plans to run for mayor in Amman despite a recent MB decision to boycott municipal elections.

Syrian refugees stranded along Jordanian border; humanitarian crisis feared

Jordanian authorities denied bail to extremist cleric Abu Qatada, who was deported from the UK recently to face terror charges; no reason was given for the denial. He faces retrial after Jordan convicted him in absentia in 1999.

Officials will allow al Qaeda-linked extremist cleric Abu Qatada to preach and provide "religious guidance" to fellow inmates while in Muwaqqer prison, which offers library privileges, poetry, music, and pottery activities. Most of the prison's 1,100 inmates are serving time for Islamist terror convictions.