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US Mobilizes Allies to Widen Assault on ISIS

The Jordanian Armed Forces denied reports that Syrian jets had violated Jordanian airspace. A JAF source warned against the publication of "false news" that can result in harm to the national security.

Lebanon - Arsali and refugee relations tense

Disrupt ISIS's Cash Flow in Iraq

Jordanian Salafist leader Mohammad al Shalabi a.k.a. Abu Sayyaf has indicated his support for the Islamic State, and said efforts are being made to resolve the differences between the IS and the Al Nusrah Front. Over the past two weeks, Jordanian authorities have arrested 20 Jordanian Salafists in Amman and Zarqa who are suspected of supporting the IS. Tribal elders and families in Maan turned over four wanted "outlaws" to authorities. When asked for a statement on Iraq, a government spokesman said "Jordan welcomes any step that will enhance the stability of Iraq." Another government official warned that demographic changes are in store for Jordan due to the influx of 2.5 million non-Jordanians, of whom over 1.4 million are Syrian refugees.

Jordan denied Iraqi press reports that its territory is being used by US forces to target the Islamic State in Iraq. Over 15,000 Muslim Brotherhood supporters demonstrated in Amman against the Israeli campaign in Gaza; many of the protesters shouted "Death to Israel," and some wore the uniform of Hamas' military wing, the Al Qassam Brigades. The first UN aid convoy through the Ramtha border crossing, which was taken over by the Al Nusrah Front in September, entered Syria on Aug. 6.

Hamzah Mansour, head of the Islamic Action Front, and Zaki Bani Rsheid, the deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, praised Palestinian gains in Gaza. Islamists marched in support of Hamas at the Islamic University in Amman. A rights group criticized Jordan for reportedly denying entry to Palestinians escaping from Syria. On Aug. 2, Mohammed Shalabi Abu Sayyaf, leader of the Salafi jihadist movement in Jordan, said that cheering for the Islamic State in mosques in Jordan is "normal."

Imprisoned radical cleric Abu Qatada issued a 21-page statement calling the Islamic State's "caliphate" void and accusing IS emir Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi of heresy. Protests organized by the Muslim Brotherhood were held in Amman and Irbid, denouncing Israel's Gaza offensive.

UN grants aid convoys access to rebel-held areas in Syria

Maher Rahhal, the head of the Syrian rebel group Liwa al-Mujahideen Brigade, was shot dead in Amman by two Syrian suspects in an alleged "family feud." Authorities discussed how to calm tensions between police and residents in Maan, said to be a hotbed of Islamist activity. A government spokesman reiterated Jordan's intention not to host training for Syrian rebels.

Jordan is reluctant to host an expanded US program to train and equip Syrian rebels. On July 9, Jordanian soldiers fired at and wounded three Islamic State gunmen who were trying to cross into Jordan from Syria for medical treatment; jihadist sources say about 2,200 Jordanians are fighting in the ranks of Islamist rebels in Syria, mostly with the Islamic State. Officials said Arabs from Syria, Egypt, and Iraq make up about 2.4 million, or nearly a third, of Jordan's 9 million population. Jordan continues to denounce Israel's Gaza offensive.

Jihadis Tug at Edges of a Staunch American Ally

Western help, boosted cooperation behind security successes

Jordan Salafi leader warns of chaos

Obama's Blueprint for Fighting Terrorism Collides With Reality in Iraq

Influential Jordanian ideologue argues against Islamic State's caliphate

Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi fears that the Islamic State will use its recent land grab and claim of ruling over a caliphate to go after its jihadist rivals.

Could Jordan be at risk from ISIS violence?

The Syria disconnect in US Iraq policy

Over the past week, two rallies in support of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham were held in Maan, the first such public demonstrations for the group in Jordan. Salafi jihadist leader Mohammad Shalabi a.k.a. Abu Sayyaf reportedly convinced the ISIS demonstrators to tone down their activities. Al Qaeda and other jihadist groups have in the past been allowed to operate in Jordan, ostensibly so authorities can monitor and infiltrate them. Authorities recently said the country's borders are secure, and denied reports that ISIS had taken over the strategic Turaibil crossing into Iraq.

Abu Qatada acquitted of conspiracy in Jordan