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Interactive: France's new game plan to counter jihadism in Africa

France to bolster military presence in Africa

Treasury designates Hezbollah operatives in West Africa

The Treasury Department designated four Hezbollah operatives based in West Africa. The operatives are said to have helped Hezbollah in its recruitment and fundraising efforts, among other activities.

Blue helmet drones? UN prepares to send drones over Africa

'Darker Sides': The Vast Islamist Sanctuary of 'Sahelistan'

'Gates of Hell': Mali Conflict Opens New Front in War on Terror

Ivory Coast Leader: 'Germany Should Also Send Troops to Mali'

The Whiff of Conflict Grows in a Divided Mali

Plan to Combat Mali's Militants Finds Few Takers

China's arms exports flooding sub-Saharan Africa

UN refugee agency reports big rise in asylum claims

With eye on militants, Israel builds Africa ties

In West Africa, Some Heroes of the Ballot Box Have a Tenuous Grip on Power

Analysis: Pirates eye share of Gulf of Guinea riches