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A source claimed that Father Paolo dall'Oglio, a priest who disappeared in Syria last year, is being held by the Islamic State along with two female Italian aid workers who were kidnapped in Aleppo on Aug. 1. Interior Minister Alfano said last week that 48 Italians are known to be fighting with the Islamic State, and about 10 of them are thought to have been killed abroad.

The Interior Ministry expelled Raoudi Albdelbar, a Moroccan imam who preached a sermon advocating the annihilation of Jews at mosque near Venice last month. Interior Minister Alfano said his decision was taken after investigation by counterterrorism police, and he warned of the consequences of hate preaching in Italy.

Foreign Minister Bonino said Italy suspects that "jihadist elements and members of al Qaeda" are among the thousands of migrants arriving by boat from Africa. Over 32,000 migrants have come to Italy and Malta already this year, many of them from Libya.

Police arrested a 21-year-old Moroccan blogger in the northern city of Brescia for plotting terrorist attacks and using the Internet to wage jihad by means of his blog, Sharia4Italy. The al Qaeda sympathizer had researched sites for attacks, gathered information about explosives and weapons, and expressed a desire to fight with the rebels in Syria.

Authorities announced the arrest of four Tunisians on April 30 from an Islamist terror cell in Puglia; the cell leader, Ben Hassen Hosni Hachemi, was arrested in Belgium. Two other cell members, a Tunisian and a Moroccan, are thought to have fled to Tunisia. The group recruited jihadists, trained on Mt. Etna, and planned to send operatives abroad as well as attack targets in Italy. The Foreign Minister said on May 9 there is "no sign" of an Italian journalist who vanished a month ago in Syria while reporting from Homs.

An Italian journalist recently freed by Syrian jihadist kidnappers said her captors, who included Algerians and Moroccans, had threatened to cut off her hands. Another freed journalist said the kidnappers apparently thought the journalists, who had been filming desecrated Christian churches in Syria, were spies.

Italy's defense minister said the country would be ready to intervene militarily in Syria in the event that the Assad regime was ousted. Humanitarian concerns would be the primary focus, he said.

Authorities in northeastern Italy arrested 13 Kurds with links to a Kurdistan Workers' Party cell suspected of extorting funds from other Kurds for insurgent activities. Investigators from Venice, Rome, Padua, Udine, Modena, and Pesaro had been tracking the cell.

Italian and British officials arrested a man in Sardinia and a woman in London who are suspected of planning to bomb a Milan synagogue. The man, a 20-year-old Moroccan, is thought to have been planning other attacks also.

Antiterrorism police broke up a Turkish Hezbollah cell in Terni, arresting nine people. The cell helped Palestinian and Kurdish migrants enter Italy illegally by using fake documents and false allegations of torture in their countries of origin. Turkish Hezbollah seeks to establish a theocracy in Turkey.

The conviction of Mohamed Ben Riadh Nasri, one of three Tunisian Guantanamo detainees transferred to Italy in late 2009, was overturned by an appeals court. He was freed along with one of the other Tunisians; the third former detainee remains in prison in Italy.

Italy deported Yamine Bouhrama to Algeria after his six-year-long prison sentence expired. Bouhrama was convicted of establishing an al Qaeda-linked terror cell in Italy.

The government deported convicted terrorist Lerbi Mohamed to his home country of Algeria. Mohamed, a document forger, belonged to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and was a member of cells in Naples and other areas in Italy.

In Rome today, a parcel bomb exploded at the Swiss embassy, seriously injuring an embassy employee, and hours later, a parcel bomb exploded at the Chilean embassy, slightly injuring an employee there. No group has claimed responsibility for the bombings. Authorities are looking into possible links with a rash of mail bombings in November at foreign embassies in Athens by suspected anarchists.

Police arrested 16 members of a suspected terrorism logistical support cell in the city of Naples. Most of the suspects were Algerians, Tunisians, and Moroccans; two Italians were also detained.

Italy's defense minister Ignazio La Russa said that Italy may withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2011. The western part of the country, where Italian troops are based, may be ready for turnover to Afghan security forces sooner than other areas, Russo said. Two days ago, four Italian soldiers were killed in an ambush in Farah province, bringing Italy's death toll in the Afghan conflict to 34 since 2004.

Police arrested a French man of Algerian origin who is suspected of being a member of al Qaeda. The man, who was arrested two weeks ago, had notes and "a kit for making bombs," according to reports.

Two Moroccan students have been deported from Italy after the Interior Ministry deemed them a threat to national security with possible ties to Islamists. The Moroccans are suspected of expressing their desire to kill the Pope. The men studied at a university in Perugia and were placed on a Casablanca-bound flight by masked police officers in Rome on April 29.

Counterterrorism police detained two Pakistanis, a father and a son, who are accused of financing the 2008 terror assault on Mumbai. The two Pakistanis used their money transfer business to send cash to individuals involved in the attacks.

Six members of an Algerian counterfeit cell that are suspected of funding terrorism have been arrested in Italy. The Algerian cell is accused of counterfeiting identity documents including those of Algerian professional footballers in order to finance terrorist activities abroad. A total of 17 warrants have been issued for members of the cell throughout Europe and North Africa, including in Algeria, Austria, the UK, France, Switzerland, and Spain.