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Iran Warns 6 Countries in Europe It Will Cut Off Oil

The conviction of Mohamed Ben Riadh Nasri, one of three Tunisian Guantanamo detainees transferred to Italy in late 2009, was overturned by an appeals court. He was freed along with one of the other Tunisians; the third former detainee remains in prison in Italy.

Italy and Libya move to re-establish old friendship

Italy: Mafia's €140 bln in sales makes crime Italy's biggest business

Iran currency plunges 10% as US strengthens sanctions

Italy: Muslims protest police 'cataloguing' at Treviso mosque

UK and US forces 'rescue pirate-held Italian ship'

Khamenei throws the gauntlet at the West

Young Afghan fighters eager to rejoin Taliban

Libya's deadliest weapons not yet corralled

Italy: Nigerian Christian claims she faces stoning if deported

Aircraft Carriers in Service Worldwide

Islamists blamed for killing General Abdel Fattah Younes as Libya's rebels face up to enemy within

Libyan rebels insist Gadhafi be tried for crimes, as NATO hits Tripoli

Italian government blocks investigation into missing arms cache

West prepares to hand rebels Gaddafi's billions

Italy deported Yamine Bouhrama to Algeria after his six-year-long prison sentence expired. Bouhrama was convicted of establishing an al Qaeda-linked terror cell in Italy.

Iran's illegal arms trade: 'Hypocritical and dangerous'

Italy: Muslims thank Italian bishops leader for backing Milan mosque

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