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Italy: Embassies 'secure from protests over anti-Islam film'

Italy: Mursi condemns anti-Islam film during Rome visit

Italy's defense minister said the country would be ready to intervene militarily in Syria in the event that the Assad regime was ousted. Humanitarian concerns would be the primary focus, he said.

Italy: Somali Olympic sprinter died at sea trying to reach Italian shores

Italy: Moroccan severely beats daughter in mall for refusing veil

World won't abandon Afghanistan: ISAF

Looking Toward Future, Army Plans to Relocate Overseas Stores

Italy: Freed aid worker Rossella Urru quizzed by prosecutors

Drones finally make it onto the global arms market for sale

Pakistan shuns physicist linked to 'God particle'

Italy: Ten suspects arrested over international anarchist attacks

US Plans to Arm Italy's Drones

Italian automaker Fiat halts sales to Iran

Italy: Intelligence key to thwarting a surge in terror attacks says minister

Islamists in Enemy Territory: The Missionary Zeal of Germany's Salafists

Authorities in northeastern Italy arrested 13 Kurds with links to a Kurdistan Workers' Party cell suspected of extorting funds from other Kurds for insurgent activities. Investigators from Venice, Rome, Padua, Udine, Modena, and Pesaro had been tracking the cell.

Jonathan: Nigeria takes share of blame for failed hostage rescue

Italian and British officials arrested a man in Sardinia and a woman in London who are suspected of planning to bomb a Milan synagogue. The man, a 20-year-old Moroccan, is thought to have been planning other attacks also.

Blood, Recriminations in Wake of Nigeria Mission

Antiterrorism police broke up a Turkish Hezbollah cell in Terni, arresting nine people. The cell helped Palestinian and Kurdish migrants enter Italy illegally by using fake documents and false allegations of torture in their countries of origin. Turkish Hezbollah seeks to establish a theocracy in Turkey.