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Israel, Hezbollah signal their flare-up is over

Two Israeli soldiers, UN peacekeeper killed in Israel-Hezbollah violence

PLO faces US civil trial over terror attacks in Israel

Extremists Harming Islam, Leader of Hezbollah Says

Hezbollah admits 'major infiltrations' by foreign spy agencies

Palestinians Submit Papers to UN to Join International Criminal Court

With Schoolgirls Taken by Boko Haram Still Missing, US-Nigeria Ties Falter

Israel bombs Gaza for first time since summer assault

IS threat led to closure of Western embassies in Egypt

Israel accused of carrying out airstrikes near Syrian capital

Does France's Jewish population have reason to be afraid?

Turkey's Hamas 'bureau'

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Until July

Lebanese support ISIS airstrikes: survey

Israel reopens Al-Aqsa mosque compound: police

Jerusalem holy site closure 'declaration of war' - Abbas

In Golan, Imagined Risks Become All Too Real

Hezbollah squeezed out of Golan by Al Nusrah Front, Israel

Europe needs to coordinate its anti-jihadist measures

Al Nusrah Front and allied rebels seize most of Syria's Golan truce line