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Prime Minister Netanyahu called for international support for Jordan in the face of the Islamic State threat, and also for Kurdish autonomy. The Israeli military conducted airstrikes against 12 locations in the Gaza Strip, targeting rocket launchers, weapons manufacturing sites, and "terror activity" sites, in response to a sharp increase in rocket attacks from Gaza. The military continued searching for three Israeli teenagers kidnapped by Hamas. Israeli diplomats have reportedly told the US that Israel is prepared to help Jordan avoid being taken over by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham. Israeli drones are said to be flying over the Jordan-Syria border. The Cabinet is considering whether to ban the radical northern faction of the Islamic Movement in Israel, which has allegedly called for the abduction of Israeli soldiers.

Netanyahu Warns US Not to Work with Iran on Iraq Crisis

Israel Backs Measure to Limit Early Release for Jailed Palestinians

Analysis: Blowback from the Syrian jihad has begun

In well over a dozen countries, evidence has emerged that jihadists who trained or fought in Syria are engaging in terrorist activities in their home countries and elsewhere.

Israel hits back after fire from Gaza, Syria

Palestinian unity government of Fatah and Hamas sworn in

Israeli forces foiled a suicide bombing at a checkpoint south of Nablus, arresting a Palestinian man as he approached the Tapuah Junction with suspected pipe bombs hidden under his clothes. Shin Bet announced the arrest of senior Hamas operative Mahmoud Toama, who told interrogators that Hamas secretly supports the Islamic Movement in Israel and that eight representatives of the international Muslim Brotherhood sit on Hamas' Shura Council.

Hamas denies ISIS presence after Gaza jihadist killed in Syria

Pope Francis prays at Bethlehem wall, calls for Middle East peace

Israel-Egypt anti-terrorism cooperation at zenith

Legacy of Hamas-Fatah Killings Complicates Palestinian Unity Efforts

Israel adjusts to Syrian insurgents on Golan border

Tunisia's Minister of Tourism Questioned Over Israeli Visitor Policy

Boko Haram: An unconventional war with new challenges

Islamic Jihad Gains New Traction in Gaza

Hamas maintains links with Sinai jihadists, Israeli security sources say

Palestinian deal will not make Hamas change: veteran leader

Israeli intelligence: Assad concealing chemical capability

Yahya Ayyash Brigades claims new rocket attacks against Israel

Israeli unit against terror-financing fighting new enemies at a new speed