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Civilian or Not? New Fight in Tallying the Dead From the Gaza Conflict

Israel accepted a Gaza ceasefire plan that will start with a preliminary 72-hour truce beginning tomorrow morning. Israeli officials will work out further details of the ceasefire over the next few days in Egypt. As of Aug. 1, at least 2,909 rockets had been fired at Israel from Gaza and 66 Israelis had been killed. In the first fatal attack in Jerusalem in three years, a Palestinian construction worker drove an earthmover into a bus, flipping it over and killing one Israeli and wounding five more. President Netanyahu's spokesman said Israel's military campaign to destroy the Gaza tunnels is coming to a close, but that the overall operation will not cease until Israel experiences an extended period of quiet and security.

Iran says it gave missile technology to Hamas

Airstrike Near UN School Kills 10 as Israel Shifts Troops in Gaza

Israel Rules Out Dialogue with Hamas on Gaza

Israel says has evidence 47% of Gaza dead were combatants

In Tunnel War, Israeli Playbook Offers Few Ideas

US Senate unanimously approves $225m funding for Israel's Iron Dome

Analysis: What the Gaza war means for Iran

As the war in Gaza continues, Iran's political, military, and religious calculations ascribe similar but not identical values to the ongoing conflict. The ways in which Iranian leaders codify events on the ground vary depending on their interests at home and abroad.

Mohammed Deif: Elusive Hamas Military Chief Defying Israel

Israel, Palestinian militant groups agree to three-day Gaza truce

Arab Leaders, Viewing Hamas as Worse Than Israel, Stay Silent

Bolivia Declares Israel a Terrorist State

Israelis support Netanyahu and Gaza war, despite rising deaths on both sides

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict spills into Europe with protests, anti-Jewish slogans

Of the 54 rockets launched by Gaza militants into Israel today, some targeting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, five were intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system. Israel continued its assault on the Gaza militants' tunnels, rockets, and other infrastructure in the 22-day-old conflict, in which 56 Israelis and 1,200 Palestinians have been killed. Israel has indicated willingness to enter a ceasefire under certain conditions.

Hamas Hopes for Hizbullah Assistance against Israel from South Lebanon

UNIFIL Says Lebanon Situation 'Very Critical,' Assures Calm Is 'Guaranteed'

Islamic State urges Turkish businessmen to return to Iraq

Gaza Conflict Seen as Providing Cover for Anti-Semitic Attacks in France