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Palestine drops bid to register new UNESCO heritage site

Defense Minister Ya'alon praised Egyptian efforts to stem smuggling attempts between Egypt and Gaza. Ya'alon also said that Israeli intervention in the Syrian civil war would be counterproductive. Authorities discovered two Palestinians trying to enter Israel via a tunnel under the security barrier in the West Bank. Israeli authorities fear such tunnels may be used to kidnap Israelis.

The Gaza border region: "A totally different sector"

Sweden mulls sending troops to Golan Heights

Israeli authorities arrested a Palestinian affiliated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad in possession of explosives. While in Poland, Prime Minister Netanyahu said Israel is prepared to do whatever is necessary to prevent a second Holocaust.

The head of the Mossad, Tamir Pardo, recently visited Turkey to meet with the country's intelligence officials. While in Poland, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the EU cannot be "indifferent" to the fact that Hezbollah murdered people on European soil. Israeli pilots at a base in the north of the country said they were training for a variety of threats that could emerge from Syria and Lebanon.

Israel accelerates cybersecurity know-how as early as 10th grade

Intelligence Minister Steinitz warned that Iran is quickly approaching the red line set by Prime Minister Netanyahu at the UN. Netanyahu said Israeli authorities have thwarted five suicide bombings as well as over 30 abduction attempts by Palestinian terror groups thus far this year.

The Palestinian "Popular Resistance" and Its Built-In Violence

Intelligence Minister Steinitz said Bashar al Assad may prevail in the ongoing civil war in Syria. Former Foreign Minister Lieberman slammed the EU for not yet designating Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Prime Minister Netanyahu said Palestinian preconditions for negotiations are "an insurmountable obstacle."

Prime Minister Netanyahu said Iran has increased its cyber efforts against Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah have also tried to conduct cyberattacks against Israel, Netanyahu said. The Navy recently concluded an exercise dealing with maritime terrorism.

US Helps Allies Trying to Battle Iranian Hackers

How Syria conflict affects its neighbours

Analysis: Golan fighting spells more Syria trouble for Israel

Israeli Defense Forces: Abduction attempts in 2013 already equal to 2012 total

Bulgaria wants faster foreign help in bus bomb investigation

Pillar of Defense versus Cast Lead, 6 months after

Defense Minister Ya'alon said that Russia will not supply Syria with S-300 anti-aircraft missiles before 2014. Ya'alon previously said Israel would "know what to do" if they arrived in Syria. Ya'alon also confirmed that Israel is operating a field hospital near the border with Syria.

Israel fast-tracks development of Arrow III defense system over Iran concerns

Israel thwarts Hamas terror plots involving Qatar-based terrorist