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Authorities arrested an Israeli Arab who allegedly fought with members of the "global jihad" in Syria. Secretary of Defense Hagel will visit Turkey and Israel in the coming weeks to try to revive defense ties between the two countries. Defense Minister Ya'alon said Israeli intelligence bodies face "unprecedented challenges, which create both opportunities and dangers."

Prime Minister Netanyahu said he is "determined" to move forward with peace process. An explosion along the border between Israel and Gaza damaged an IDF vehicle. An Israeli Arab, who was recruited by Hezbollah in Denmark, was sentenced to seven years in prison for spying for the terror group by an Israeli court. The IAF deployed two Iron Dome batteries to the south of the country in response to recent rocket fire from Gaza.

Egyptian Violence Raises Anxiety Over Islamists' Rhetoric About Minorities

Prime Minister Netanyahu said Israel cannot rely on anyone, not even its closest ally, to deal with the Iranian nuclear program. Authorities arrested three Islamic Jihad terrorists near Hebron. The arrest of five members of a Hamas terror cell in March was released for publication.

US Reviews Military Options for Syria

Salafi jihadist supporters protest Hamas' arrest campaign

Supporters of Salafi jihadists in the Gaza Strip are increasing their protests against Hamas both online and in public. On Saturday, a small protest in Rafah was organized by supporters of Salafi jihadists currently imprisoned by Hamas.

Egypt's political, military leadership divided over support for Hamas

The Foreign Ministry revealed that 4% of the Palestinian Authority's budget goes to convicted terrorists in Israeli prisons. Israel denied a link to a ship carrying arms off the coast of Egypt under the Togolese flag that was seized by Egyptian authorities on April 4. Major General Sami Turjeman took over as the head of the IDF's Southern Command.

Salafi jihadists begin hunger strikes amid ongoing Hamas arrest campaign

The prime minister's national security adviser said UN observers in southern Lebanon have done a poor job tracking Hezbollah armament buildup. Israel called on the UN to condemn recent rocket fire from Gaza.

Israeli reporters covering Palestinians face threats

New IDF commander charged with preventing another intifada

Israeli government seeks to settle Bedouin issue

According to the Shin Bet's March report on terrorism, 14 rockets and mortars were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel in March. Secretary of State Kerry will visit Israel in the coming days. Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that if rockets continue to be fired from Gaza then Israel "will respond vigorously." An Iron Dome battery was placed in Eilat for fear of potential rocket attacks.

MSC in Jerusalem claims rocket fire, demands Hamas release jihadists

The Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem took responsibility for two separate rocket attacks against Israel. In addition, the group called on Hamas to release Salafi jihadists currently imprisoned in Gaza.

Salafi jihadist arrested in Gaza, MSC claims additional rocket fire

Defense Minister Ya'alon said Israel is prepared to act and has acted against the transfer of strategic weapons to Hezbollah from Syria. After an IDF jeep was struck by shots from Syria, the IDF struck the source. A mortar shell from Syria also landed in Israel. A military court convicted a Palestinian of the murder of two Israeli civilians in 2011.

What the Iraq war taught me about Syria

Imprisoned, Tortured, Killed: Human Trafficking Thrives on Sinai Peninsula

Israel won't succeed in confronting Mideast threats without revolutionizing the IDF