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Authorities announced that in recent weeks a number of terror attacks emanating from the West Bank have been thwarted. The Air Force is preparing to form its first squadron of Super Hercules C-130J transport aircraft, which it will receive from the United States.

Jewish ex-Argentina minister faces probe in bombing

Sinai: Implications of the Security Challenges for Egypt and Israel: Egyptian Discourse on the Social Networks, June 2013

Spying on Hezbollah

Israel deployed an Iron Dome missile defense battery to the northern city of Haifa. Authorities are worried that jihadists in the Sinai may take advantage of unrest during upcoming protests in Egypt to try to attack Israel. The outgoing commander of the Caracal Battalion warned that it is only a matter of time before jihadists from the Sinai attempt another attack against Israel.

Ex-Pentagon general target of leak investigation, sources say

Prime Minister Netanyahu said the IAF has operated in a "number of theaters" over the past year in secret operations. A senior cabinet minister said Netanyahu is ready to compromise and withdraw from over 90% of the West Bank if security concerns are met in a deal with the Palestinian leadership. Authorities announced the arrest of members of a PFLP terror cell responsible for recent shooting attacks on Israelis; the cell members may have received directions from Hezbollah.

Palestinian fighters warn of third intifada

According to a new poll, 59% of Israeli Arabs say a third intifada is justified. The IDF conducted a military exercise in the Golan Heights. Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan said he does not expect much of a change from Iran following the election of Hassan Rouhani. Israeli security officials said Israel does not share the Western view that Assad has the upper hand now in the Syrian civil war.

Jordan, Israel Weigh Gas Deal

Prime Minister Netanyahu is considering releasing a number of Palestinian prisoners and possibly starting a construction freeze in the West Bank to help restart talks with the Palestinians. Issam Hashem Mashahara, an Israeli-Arab, was convicted of conspiring with Hezbollah.

Officials: Obama's policy team trying to 'rein in' Kerry over pledges to allies, rivals

IDF's lessons from last Gaza conflict: Buy new tank carriers, train troops away from front lines

Israeli authorities including the IDF and Shin Bet, among others, completed a drill simulating a terror attack by global jihadists at multiple locations in Israel. In response to recent rocket fire by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, the IAF struck a number of terror sites in Gaza.

The IDF said the number of rock-throwing attacks by Palestinians in the West Bank has decreased significantly in recent weeks due to arrests. At least six rockets were fired toward southern Israel by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza. Israel displayed the David's Sling missile defense system publicly for the first time.

US Court Case Tests Israeli Resolve

Lebanon-based printer at center of Burgas probe

During a meeting with the EU's Catherine Ashton, Prime Minister Netanyahu said "it's hard to see how you cannot have a consensus on Hezbollah as a terrorist organization." Discussions among EU member states in recent weeks have failed to lead to a consensus on designating Hezbollah as a terror group. The IDF completed a major drill that simulated escalation on multiple fronts.

New Iranian President Tied to 1994 Bombing

Authorities announced the arrest of three former Palestinian Authority security force members for the 2011 shooting of an Israeli in Nablus. Defense Minister Ya'alon said the Iranian regime must be forced to decide between nuclear weapons and the regime.