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Authorities denied reports that a rocket from the Gaza Strip landed in southern Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu's office denied Israel was prepared to release 40 Palestinian prisoners in the hopes of persuading Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to negotiations. Amid upcoming budget cuts, Defense Minister Ya'alon said that "[b]attles of army against the army ... are becoming less and less relevant."

Israel confirmed it recently arrested for security reasons a Palestinian who allegedly disappeared in Egypt in June. Israel is bolstering its forces in the Golan as it has seen Hezbollah recently increasing intelligence operations in the area. The IAF plans to reduce the number of squadrons, due to budget cuts.

Saudi Arabia 'targeting Iran and Israel with ballistic missiles'

Did Israel strike in Syria again?

A court sentenced an Israeli-Arab to 30 months imprisonment for fighting alongside jihadists in Syria. In response to the explosion in the Hezbollah stronghold of Dahiyeh, Defense Minister Ya'alon said, "There are many explosions in the area." Ya'alon also rejected claims that Israel was behind a recent explosion at an arms deport in Latakia, Syria. Israel has urged the US not to cut off aid to Egypt. Justice Minister Livni traveled to Moscow to convince Russia not to provide Syria with S-300 anti-aircraft missiles. Authorities found the remains of one rocket recently fired by Ansar Jerusalem towards Eilat.

Speculation Swirls Regarding Possible Israeli Link to Syrian Army Base Explosion

Hamas shaken and cautious after Egyptian upheaval

Iran's Ayatollahs Blame Morsi's 'Pro-Israeli, Pro-US' Stance For Egypt Crisis

IDF on Sinai border: Security coordination with Egypt continues despite political upheaval

Ansar Jerusalem claims new rocket attack on Eilat

Israel Sees Prospect of a More Reliable Egypt and a Weaker Hamas

Israel relying on Egyptian army to counter Islamists

The Cold War Roots Of Islamist Terrorism

Islamist gunmen stage multiple attacks in Sinai

Palestinian jihadist group claims credit for Arizona wildfire

Hamas manufacturing rockets capable of reaching central Israel

Authorities announced the arrest of three Palestinians involved in drive-by shooting in March. The Shin Bet released its June report and noted that five rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu instructed his ministers to not comment publicly on events in Egypt.

Israel nervously watches Egyptian turmoil

AMIA prosecutor ordered not to present findings to US congress

Authorities detained a Palestinian woman armed with knives in Hebron who was preparing to conduct a terror attack. Defense Minister Ya'alon pledged "total war and zero tolerance" on "price-tag" perpetrators. The IAF conducted a drill in Bulgaria, which focused on operating against advance defense systems.