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A purportedly internal Israeli document says Iran is seeking minor concessions while preserving its ability to "rush forward to produce nuclear weapons." Authorities closed the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to visitors due to threats of rioting from Palestinian Muslims. Defense Minister Ya'alon said recent terror attacks in the West Bank should not raise fears of an impending Intifada. IDF officials accused the Palestinian Authority of "complete incompetence" after the recent killing of two IDF soldiers in the West Bank. The Head of IDF's Southern Command Sami Turgeman says Hamas "has the means and the know-how" to keep the Gaza Strip calm.

Israeli officials confirm sending experts team to advise on Kenya standoff

Qassem Suleimani, the Middle East's Most Powerful Operative

An Israeli soldier was shot and killed by a Palestinian sniper while on patrol in Hebron. A day after announcing the abduction and murder of an IDF soldier by a Palestinian in the West Bank, the Shin Bet said that thus far in 2013 at least 37 abduction attempts have been thwarted. An IDF patrol along the northern border came under fire from a source in Syria.

Netanyahu Is Said to View Iran Deal as a Possible Trap

Another Israeli soldier killed in West Bank

Authorities announced that an IDF soldier had been murdered by a Palestinian in the West Bank. The Foreign Ministry said three Israelis were rescued from the Shabaab attack on the Westgate mall.

A sneak peek at the IDF units who would be key in future Iran strike

Palestinian murders Israeli soldier in West Bank

A Shin Bet assessment warned that Israeli Arabs fighting in Syria are joining al Qaeda-linked groups and could be used to attack Israel. A resident of Majdal Shams is reported to have recently traveled to Syria to fight in the country's civil war. Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz warned that Iran is currently on pace to have nuclear "bomb capability" in six months.

The Mossad's secret war on the Syrian WMD machine.

Israeli Arab killed in Syria fought with Al Nusrah Front

The family of an Israeli Arab recently killed in Syria said it is likely their son was fighting with an al Qaeda group. A top Israeli general said that Assad "will stay on for years ... though he deserves to pass from this world, and the quicker that happens, the better." A former Israeli commander along the Egypt border warned that Sinai jihadist groups pose a growing threat to Israel and said Israel has become a greater focus for al Qaeda in the past five years.

In enemy care: Syrians treated in Israeli hospitals

Israeli Arab reportedly killed fighting regime forces in Syria

Israel's chemical and biological arsenal in the spotlight

Prime Minister Netanyahu is expected to meet with President Obama in Washington for talks that will likely center on Iran's nuclear program. The outgoing Israeli ambassador to the US said Israel has "always wanted Bashar Assad to go." At least 22 communities near the country's northern and southern borders will no longer receive army security following the completion of a situational assessment.

Secretary of State Kerry met with Israeli officials to discuss the latest developments related to Syria. Prime Minister Netanyahu said he hopes that the US-Russia deal on Syria's chemical weapons will result in their "complete destruction." Israel and the Palestinian Authority agreed to resume agricultural cooperation that has been frozen for 13 years.

A top Israeli intelligence official said Israel has been "absolutely certain" for many months that the Assad regime has been using chemical weapons in Syria. A new report suggests that Iran ceased its production of nuclear warheads in 2004.

Egypt army in major push to eradicate Sinai militants